One Spring Day – 2AM (MV)

Yay! their officially back with a new track. I don’t know about you but I am happy to see 2AM back with a new song.


The new track is called One Spring Day.

The MV

One thing I really look forward when I know 2AM makes a come back is the story of their MV. I love how it always tells a story and not just a group singing the song showing their faces only.. though they did this in the past, but their concepts for their recent MVs have been different.

Most the stories in their MVs are sad, but I think to complement this song, they had to make one that is not so sad (well maybe a little bit). The MV is a bit confusing at first. But if you look at the title and if you finish the video, you would understand it. My take on the story is that there is a man revisiting different times of his relationship with the girl. It shows the happy and the sad parts of their relationships. He opens one door for each important moment of that relationship. But the catch is, he is just revisiting it and he can’t go back to the past because the girl is gone already — I think she is dead, because there are 2 scenes showing the girl that vision is blurred. Most of the time in Korean MVs, this scene means the someone is dead.. so I’m gonna make that guess. In the end, as they are all memories, he leaves and goes on with this life.

I am quite happy with this video. But not as impressed as I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me. I think that would still be the best video of 2AM in my opinion. However for this song, I like this video very much. It’s always fun watching videos of 2AM. I must be too sentimental and romantic for liking these videos!

PS… i love how innocent looking they are in white! Jo Kwon especially in his Harry Potter inspired glasses!

The Song

My first thoughts when I heard this song is that there was something vaguely familiar of the tune! I couldn’t quite place it at first, and then I later realized, it was the piano sequence in the verse. If you’re a fan of DBSK, you would remember their last Japanese song sang as 5 members Stand By U. Listen to it and you would know what I mean.. it sounds familiar doesn’t it?

I know though that Stand By U and One Spring Day are both different songs. But I think it’s because of that, I am not getting the song too much. Maybe my expectations  were too high especially because I really liked I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me a lot!!! This song is good, but not as good as the last one. With the latter I had the “Oh my god I love it” reaction after I first heard it. With this, I guess it would take some time getting used to and some time to forget how similar it sounds to Stand By U (which I love by the way, so I need time to process this). But don’t worry the song is not bad at all!!

What I did realize though with this song is that 2AM is reinventing their sound again. I think that’s maybe what I like about their music because if you listen to their albums in the past and in the present, their songs are all different. To me most K-ballad groups all have the same kind of music which I find boring at times. But with 2AM I am never bored of their songs because each time it’s different. I always want to listen to their new song.

Final Verdict: I need to listen to this song again and again to forget that it sounds like another song I love. It’s not my favorite 2AM song though. But this song is a change from their past tracks. I love the MV! 🙂

**credits: ibighit@yt + as tagged


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