Who are we?

Hello! 안녕하세요!

On the 1st of January 2010, chipkjaa was sitting in front of her PC at home doing absolutely nothing. Out of nowhere she decided that it was time to create a blog! As her fascination that time was about Asian entertainment (Chinese, Korean and Japanese), she started creating posts about this crazy hobby. She would write anything to feed her Asian fever! Her goal: to spread Asian Fever to the world!



Who are Pinayunnies?

Fast forward to 9 years later. She met other unnies who was bitten by the same Asian fever as she was. Yep we aren’t in our teens anymore but we are still passionate about our love for Asian entertainment. And because these unnies wanted to share passion to the world, Chipskjaa encouraged them to share and write on the blog when they had time. (But mostly it’s her adding posts!)

We hope you enjoy this blog! If you would like us to write about something, do let us know 🙂

update: I’m tweeting!! – follow me on twitter! –



*** by the way.. we do not own the dog! but it’s way too cute!

54 comments on “Who are we?

  1. hello there i found your site when i searched some information about hana tdango korean version and it is nice that i found some information about f4 tnx!

    ummm can i ask if where can i download the theme songs of hana yori dango here in internet for free??

    plsss do reply me here in my yahoo mail! sittie_suleik@yahoo.com

    thank you and god bless you!!



  2. Hiiii –

    Just wanted to say nice blog! and I’m totally psyched to see new music blogs being created! So I just wanted to see if you wanted to exchange links?

    Happy posting!!!


  3. hello there, i was just searching for Boys before flowers pic and then i found your site. cool site. im also like you.. looove korean, taiwanese, japanese drama. hope we can be friends=) and hey nice blog


  4. Hey, I’m a daily reader of your blog. I started viewing your blog eversince May. I searched for Kim hyun Joong on yahoo and it lead me to this site. Good posting! I wld want to be friends with you (:


  5. I just found your blog and I have to say I just be came a fan. I look forward to reading your future posts! Keep it hot & Foxi .

    StaY KrisP, FresH &’ ReaL KleaN!



    • thanks keahi!
      i love everything asian! 😀
      and i promise to update this blog as much i can!
      continue visiting!


  6. hello…

    I am impressed on how you keep your blog updated! you encourage me! I hope that I can read more about Kim Bum and the others….thanks a lot!

    I just started to be addicted with Korean dramas, but I am really fond of Jdramas and animes…

    can I get some scoops from you so that I can start posting on my blog again? 😀


  7. Hi, I’m new to all..tha blogging, actually it’s my first. And I’m also new to kdramas. My first one was My Lovely Sam Soon and I loved it!!!! I so related to it, you know the getting older and no boyfriend. I’m turning 37 this year and the overweight yet curvy issue.
    I loved your blog, found interesting news…so I’ll be vising often.


  8. chipskjaa,

    love your korean stuff. i just started a blog and i’m looking for people to follow. congrats, you made the list. good blog. 🙂


  9. Hi!
    I just stumbled on your blog. I’m pinay too! But I live in Canada. So, reading your blog has been so refreshing for me because I’m so far away from all the Asian pop culture.
    Hope you can check out my blog too if you have time.


    • hi j! everyones going crazy about kpop in the philippines now.. thanks to suju and the other kpop artists who came.. ^^


  10. how can I download the full tagalog version of meteor garden, princess hours, and some other korean novelas. thanks a lot hope you could help with this.

    God bless!



    • hi irynne… i’m not sure how to dl the tagalog versions online.. what we did before was to record it when it was shown on tv.. but nowadays, i just watch the kdrama with english subtitle, it’s better for me 🙂
      but i think if you visit divisoria, you can see what you need ^_^


  11. THIS IS FOR JOE CHENG / MICHEAL JIANG of STARTED WITH A KISS/ hi micheal jiang / joe cheng. i love you so much! i’m one of your biggest fan. i hope i can reach out closely to you my one and only! im a filipina from philippines. 21 of age, you can call me LARA LEE, hope you can add me in FACEBOOK.. pls responsed.. muah ♥ =)


  12. this blog site of yours was really helpful and entertaining. its just like reading an entertainment magazine. kudos, chipskjaa! 🙂


    • thanks! actually in asia we can’t really access dramafever.. though in north america, these sites are for free..
      viki.com is good too, but some videos don’t work sometimes or are restricted 🙂


  13. hello neng… i a filipina at the age of 49… i myself too is a fan of Korean novela, i came accross your blog because i am searching for the links where i can download the song in A Gentleman’s dignity marriage proposal. All the links i’ve gone through were failed, can you send me on my email address the link where i can have it, actually i found one but it has dialouge not a full song… can you help me?. I don”t have an account here in wordpress…. so can you send me it on my email address… thanks a lot… FIGHTING!!!


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