One Spring Day – 2AM (MV)

Yay! their officially back with a new track. I don’t know about you but I am happy to see 2AM back with a new song.


The new track is called One Spring Day.

The MV

One thing I really look forward when I know 2AM makes a come back is the story of their MV. I love how it always tells a story and not just a group singing the song showing their faces only.. though they did this in the past, but their concepts for their recent MVs have been different.

Most the stories in their MVs are sad, but I think to complement this song, they had to make one that is not so sad (well maybe a little bit). The MV is a bit confusing at first. But if you look at the title and if you finish the video, you would understand it. My take on the story is that there is a man revisiting different times of his relationship with the girl. It shows the happy and the sad parts of their relationships. He opens one door for each important moment of that relationship. But the catch is, he is just revisiting it and he can’t go back to the past because the girl is gone already — I think she is dead, because there are 2 scenes showing the girl that vision is blurred. Most of the time in Korean MVs, this scene means the someone is dead.. so I’m gonna make that guess. In the end, as they are all memories, he leaves and goes on with this life.

I am quite happy with this video. But not as impressed as I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me. I think that would still be the best video of 2AM in my opinion. However for this song, I like this video very much. It’s always fun watching videos of 2AM. I must be too sentimental and romantic for liking these videos!

PS… i love how innocent looking they are in white! Jo Kwon especially in his Harry Potter inspired glasses!

The Song

My first thoughts when I heard this song is that there was something vaguely familiar of the tune! I couldn’t quite place it at first, and then I later realized, it was the piano sequence in the verse. If you’re a fan of DBSK, you would remember their last Japanese song sang as 5 members Stand By U. Listen to it and you would know what I mean.. it sounds familiar doesn’t it?

I know though that Stand By U and One Spring Day are both different songs. But I think it’s because of that, I am not getting the song too much. Maybe my expectations  were too high especially because I really liked I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me a lot!!! This song is good, but not as good as the last one. With the latter I had the “Oh my god I love it” reaction after I first heard it. With this, I guess it would take some time getting used to and some time to forget how similar it sounds to Stand By U (which I love by the way, so I need time to process this). But don’t worry the song is not bad at all!!

What I did realize though with this song is that 2AM is reinventing their sound again. I think that’s maybe what I like about their music because if you listen to their albums in the past and in the present, their songs are all different. To me most K-ballad groups all have the same kind of music which I find boring at times. But with 2AM I am never bored of their songs because each time it’s different. I always want to listen to their new song.

Final Verdict: I need to listen to this song again and again to forget that it sounds like another song I love. It’s not my favorite 2AM song though. But this song is a change from their past tracks. I love the MV! 🙂

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Blast from the Past: 2008 MKMF DBSK Performance

Ok.. so I know this is a bit old, but I wanted to share some old stuff on my blog. Some may react like 4 years ago was not old, but in the land of Kpop and with the emerging Kpop fans and debuting groups, 2008 was a long time ago.

And today, I can’t stop watching this video from MKMF (MAMA now) in 2008. It’s the performance of DBSK when they were still 5.

I can’t help it but I find myself watching this video during the past days. I don’t know why. Maybe because it was because I remember how crazy I was with DBSK back in 2008.

I started being a Kpop addict in 2008 all because of DBSK. And it was that time when videos were difficult to find and Kpop fans around the world were only a few. I remember how difficult it was to find subbed videos and how bad the quality of the videos were back then. DBSK introduced me to the world that is known as Kpop.

Back then, there was no Beast, Infinite or Teen Top. They were still training to be the pop idols that they are now. It was just DBSK, Super Junior, Big Bang and SS501. They were the big names for the boy bands. While it was Wonder Girls, SNSD and Kara who rules as girl groups.

It was difficult to be a Kpop fan before but I really enjoyed it. And I have DBSK to thank for that craziness that still continues until this day.

I could only wish though for them to become 5 again. 10 year reunion maybe??? Oh well, I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

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Uncommitted – Junsu (Xia) — with lyrics

Finally Junsu has released a slow song. I have been waiting for this! And boy oh boy was I surprised when the ballad is all in English!

It’s Junsu‘s Uncommitted.

The Video

I actually saw the video when it was released last week, but I never had the time to write about it. When I saw it, my first impression was that they are trying to show Junsu’s sexy side not the cute side we were used to seeing back then. But though I am still not over the cute Xia face, I think it’s good that they are trying to sell the mature side of him.. like a statement that he is all grown up now.

The video actually works for me. Although, I wanted to tell all those girls to get their hands off him! haha.. anyway, that’s the crazy fan talking and not me writing! This video works because it shows in that he is a player and he likes to party ergo he doesn’t want to settle down ergo the message of the song. I think the part where he was arguing with the girl signals the message of the song.

The Song

I like the song, especially the tune. It has a very western feel to it. Not very common in Korean ballads / slow songs. If it wasn’t him singing, I would have thought that this song was from a foreign artist.

But what brings me back to reality is the English! I know he is Korean, but if you plan to release a song in English, you have to make sure the words are understandable to someone who speaks/understands English. I understand perfect English but some of the parts.. let’s just say I’m not sure what I was hearing.  Although, Junsu’s English pronunciation skills have improved a lot… well that is if you compared it to how he sang in the past. But frankly, he still needs a bit more practice. There were parts in the song where the stress wasn’t right so I wasn’t sure what it was.

I think if CJES wants JYJ to breakthrough in the US, they would have to do what the Wonder Girls did, learn the language and the culture.

Anyway, if you were wondering what the lyrics is for this song here it is:

She said I couldn’t be committed
She said I’m too much of a player
Come on

Ey, ey

It was all a dream
Reality was far from
the safe picture she painted for me
She told me I was the one and I believed
until the dream dissipated so suddenly

I don’t know why she was so compelled to leave
Something was messin’ with her psychology
I’m confused, she’s sayin’ something’s wrong with me,
But how can I fix something I cannot see?

She said, “You’re not ready
Baby, you’re not ready for the real thing”
She told me that I’d be
unfaithful and I cannot believe

She said you can’t be committed
I said baby I don’t really get it
She said you’re not the right type
only good for one night,
you never stay committed to me

How could this be, she’s telling me
I will never let her be my everything
She said I’m a player and I’ll never change
I feel that I’m ready to leave the game.

She said she could’ve never trusted a player like me
but baby that was part of my history
she’s telling me breaking hearts is a part of me
it’s like it’s in my system and it would never leave

She said, “You’re not ready
Baby, you’re not ready for the real thing”
She told me that I’d be
unfaithful and I cannot believe

She said you can’t be committed
I said baby I don’t really get it
She said you’re not the right type
only good for one night,
you never stay committed to me

She said you can’t be committed
I said baby I don’t really get it
She said you’re not the right type
only good for one night,
you never stay committed to me

I’m committed

Uncommitted, I’ll never admit it
and then i’ll never get it but somehow she could be right
Uncommitted, I’ll never admit it
and then i’ll never get it but somehow she could be right

She said you can’t be committed
I said baby I don’t really get it
She said you’re not the right type
only good for one night,
you never stay committed to me

She said you can’t be committed
I said baby I don’t really get it
She said you’re not the right type
only good for one night,
you never stay committed to me

Final Verdict: The video fits this very good song.. however as this song was sung all in English, they could have done better with the pronunciation.

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When I learned that Xiah Junsu was going to release a his solo album I was thrilled to the max! And I think it’s about time!

And he has released his song Tarantellegra.

As his fan since he was DBSK, I am so happy!! My Kpop addiction started my DBSK craziness and Junsu was my favorite back then (recall mode: drooling over his biceps in Mirotic). To me he has the best vocals in the group (and I think the critics would agree too) and the best dancer! Though some would say Yunho is the best, but Xiah for me was more graceful and fluid, Yunho’s was a bit more powerful to my liking and too serious. So as a fan I’m thrilled for his album.

As for the song, I didn’t really get it at first. Honestly I was a bit hesitant to make this post, but I give credit to my Junsu fandom. When I saw the title of the song I was like.. where did I hear this.. and yes, it’s Harry Potter! No wonder it sounded so familiar! It was the dancing feet spell Draco Malfoy used against Harry when they dueled. (sorry I like Harry Potter too much!). And this is what the music is supposed to be. I’m not very keen on it at first but after listening to it a few times it was getting to me. So now it sounds good — it’s a dance track. Now I wish he would really promote a slow song!

Honestly… I am not a fan of the video. I know the message is supposed to be about in a spell.. but it was too dark and I don’t know I feel like something was not right. Sorry Junsu, though I like you, I think this video was awful! (my opinion guys so don’t bash!) I especially don’t like the part when they dyed your hair orange and they let you wear that ridiculous outfit with two girls dancing beside you! OMG!!! Omona… memories of the Ayy Girl MV are creeping in..

The only consolation I had with this video is how awesome you were dancing! And I think the dance was quite powerful. Oh and did anyone notice that his back-up dancers were not Korean? Anyway, though it’s a powerful MV, I just didn’t like it.

I would very much like to see him perform this on the broadcast shows, but I’m not sure if that is going to happen! Sad… it would be nice to have him promote a slow ballad too.

Verdict for this: It’s better to hear the song! But watch the MV to support him.

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More than a Handful of Korean Songs (links for DL)

I have not posted in awhile… So busy with all the exams I have to make! Ugh!!! But just a few more days and it’s vacation time!! wohoo! ~~~

This post was meant to be a Valentine post but I got caught up with things.. But I’m posting it now.

In this post, you will find a colloection of songs that I really truly liked up till now. I wanted to share these songs so people can appreciate more of Kpop / Korean music and learn that it’s not just about the idols. There are lots of them whom you have not heard of yet. Also, I wanted people to know that usually there are some good songs in the albums of famous artist that are not their main songs, but should receive some recognition…

I hope you like them!

Click on the name of the song for the links 🙂

Touche Mon Amour – Winterplay
I’m Going Crazy – MC Mong ft. M.A.C
Good Person – Super Junior
Happy Together – Super Junior
Love in the Ice (Korean version) – DBSK
Flowepot – Alex
Love Mode – Clazziquai ft. Tablo
A Love Story – Gavy NJ
Timeless – Jang Ri In ft. Junsu (JYJ)
Listen To You – Kyuhyun (Super Junior) from the OST of Pasta
Only I Don’t Know About Love – Namolla Family
I Love You – Position
I Love You – Tim
South Island – Hachi and TJ
Let Me Love You – Yurisangja

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Oh and you probably won’t be reading this part.. but here is why I like these songs:

Touche Mon Amour – Winterplay >>> This genre of Korean music is not very popular yet. I love the jazz feel to it. It feels like I am not listening to a Korean song! I love the saxophone solo!! kk but what’s not to love about Winterplay. If you are tired of Kpop idol groups and you want to try something new, try listening to them! By the way, Winterplay is from the same company as Clazziquai. Their fron Fluxus. If you’ve grown tired of idols and want some refreshin Korean songs, check out their artist. I recommend Bye Bye Sea (Annyeong Bada).
I’m Going Crazy – MC Mong ft. M.A.C >>> I have to admit I am an MC Mong fan. I loved his music. I loved his variety show talents. I was kind of sad when he had to depart from the Kpop scene. But this is one of my favorites from his song. You should see the video too! It’s kind of funny and try to spot his manager on the video! LOL! 🙂
Good Person – Super Junior >>> This list cannot not have Super Junior. Anyway, contrary to their popular songs (yes I do like them), I tend to like the less popular ones better. Well maybe except for It’s You. This song is included in this list because its  remake from an old Kpop song by Toy (Yoo Hee Yeol from Sketchbook). I liked this song when Toy did it and I loved it when Super Junior made it. This is what I listen to over and over again from their 4th album! Oh and this song they got to sing, even Eunhyuk!! kk

Happy Together – Super Junior >>> One of my favorites in their third album. Its a refreshing sound with a very light melody but gives you a peek that these boys can sing too.. I love that it can be a theme for friends as well as for lovers. I love it when they say “Yeongwonhi Happy Together” 🙂
Love in the Ice (Korean version) – DBSK >>> This was included in the Mirotic album of DBSK back when there were 5 members. The original version of this song was actually done in Japanese but they made a Korean one for this album with the lyrics in Korean written by Changmin. This song is a very powerful one and it really lets us hear how good this group was when it came to singing in melody! It would give me goosebumps when I heard them perform this song live! Oh and Junsu dear Junsu, how can you not love him when he’s singing such a powerful part in this song!!
Flowepot (Hwabun) – Alex >>> I have three Korean songs I love the most and I can sing quite well. Hwabun (Flowerpot) is one of them. I loved this since I heard it on Coffee Prince and I loved it even more when I heard Alex sing it! He sang it on the first season of We Got Married for Shinae. His voice really fits it. I super love this song!
Love Mode – Clazziquai ft. Tablo >>> Before my fascination for Kpop idol groups came my fascination for Clazziquai. I love this kind of music and I love how they fit Alex and Horan’s voices into a DJ Clazzi song. I especially love it when they do their blending which is very evident in this song. This song may not be very popular but I love it also because Tablo did the rap in English! I miss Clazziquai and I want to hear their songs again!!
A Love Story – Gavy NJ >>> The first song I heard from Gavy NJ and from then on I’ve never stopped listening to them. I’m always waiting for their songs. I think they are one of those groups who are not given as much attention as they should have. These three girls can sing! This song is one of my most favorites (with Hwabun). I love how they can belt the high notes of their songs.
Timeless – Jang Ri In ft. Junsu (JYJ) >>> Jang Ri In’s first single with Junsu (JYJ). I have to admit I liked it first because of Junsu and because the video had Siwon. But the more I listen to this song the more I’m loving their powerful voices blending together. Most DBSK fans would know of this song, but a lot of new fans should know about this too!
Listen To You – Kyuhyun (Super Junior) from the OST of Pasta >>> I love the drama Pasta and I love that Kyuhyun (Super Junior) did this song! This voice is absolutely perfect for it. I mean I wasn’t really a fan of his until I heard him sing in the Super Junior concert! His voice is truly the best. Not too high, not too low but he can belt a high not if he has too! Very very good!
Only I Don’t Know About Love – Namolla Family >>> Love love love Namolla Family. Well they aren’t very popular oversear but their songs are quite good and very comfortable to listen too! This is my favorite song from them. I like the song because it’s a mix of pop but as well as rap.. but not in an idol kind of way, in a relaxed way.. a song you could listen to on a lazy Sunday afternoon which will get you singing..
I Love You – Position >>> Back then sad Korean music videos were a popular trend. This was one of them. And I still like this song until now. 🙂 It’s a remake from a classic Japanese song. If you are a DBSK fan, look for clips or mp3s of Changmin singing this ~~ then you’ll understand why I like it!
I Love You – Tim >>> Tim oh Tim! kkk so I am Tim’s fan. But this balladeer has a very nice voice and he was one of the original Kpop artists I really liked back when I was just getting to know about Kpop. I loved it when he sang “geudel saranghamnida…” This is by the way his first song.
South Island – Hachi and TJ >>> Ppoppo hago shipseo! kk I remember this line from We Got Married. Before all the new couples I was addicted to We Got Married when it first came out in 2008. Wow I can’t imagine that was almost 4 years ago!! Though I wasn’t really a fan of AlShin couple (that’s Alex and Shinae), I liked that songs were often associated with them. And this was one of the songs. Back in 2008 it was difficult to find sources for Kpop stuff, but thanks to my student she gave me this song and I love love it until now. I like this song also because of the island feel to it. I’ve always loved Hawaiian reggae so thus my fast attachment to the song.
Let Me Love You – Yurisangja >>> I loved this duo since I first heard their song To My Bride. And this is one of my favorites from them. It is a little popular as a lot of idols have made some covers of this but nothing beats the original performers. The songs of Yurisangja for me still sound good and I love how they can make wonderful acoustic melodies even if the song was from an idol group.



A Very SMTOWN Christmas!

It’s been a long time since SMTOWN has made a Christmas album. I think maybe it’s been over 2 years since they did a Christmas album. They did have a summer one about a year ago or was it two. I’m talking about the album the featured Seaside.

Anyway, for the holidays, fans of SMTOWN are delighted because they have released a Christmas album featuring the song Santa U Are The One. The song was sung by Super Junior with Henry and Zhoumi.

First things first.. I’m truly happy that they are reaching out to the world using English as the language for most of the songs for the Christmas album. It’s something Kpop artists don’t usually do for Christmas. I’m sure a lot of ELFs are glad to hear the boys sing in English. I have to say, it’s quite understandable! It’s a good sign because that means SMent is investing in language instructors. And all the songs which were sang in English in the album are pretty good sounding, but the pronunciation, well they need to work it out.. Guess practice makes perfect!

I also have seen that a lot of fans have been pretty upset because it’s only Super Junior singing on the video. Well actually this song is what Super Junior sang for the album. The other groups have their own songs too. But as to why SM used their songs and not the songs of the other groups, i don’t know, but i’m guessing its because if you think about it, the boys have a wide fan base not only on Korea but around the world — and I mean a lot if you combine all the Elfs in the world (fans registered to a fan club and fans who are not registered to one). So for brand recognition (I’m speaking from a businessman’s point of view), a lot of people recognize them.  Yes, they are a bit biased for this, but they have to appease their stock holders too so more would invest in the company.. and the more people invest, the more awesome a company becomes, the better the artists becomes. And also, it’s a possibility that the other groups have their own schedules and they can’t fit in making the music video. And who knows next year, it would be f(x) or SNSD or Shinee or DBSK singing the song. So let’s not bash about it and enjoy the song and have a little of that Christmas spirit.

But isn’t it nice to see all SMTOWN personalities in one video. I mean for me, I always enjoy all their SMTOWN videos even from before. I think its fun to watch!

Again, let’s not bash too much on the video and who sang which song.. let’s just have a very Merry Christmas!!!

**credits: SMTOWN@yt


Junsu (JYJ) on Scent of a Woman

I have been watching 3 dramas recently – Heartstrings, Myungwol the Spy and Scent of a Woman. It has been the talk of the town that Junsu (JYJ) is going to make a cameo appearance on Scent of a Woman and he did that last week!

Junsu played a singer whom Kim Sunah‘s character really adored. Because she wanted to watch his fan meeting, she sent several entries using different names of people to increase her chances of getting picked for the fan meeting. And she did get picked and eventually landed a date with him because of the entry that she sent… Here is the video from the episode (watch it before it gets removed).

Do I smell a drama with Junsu starring in it? I mean it could be a possibility, since Jaejoong and Yoochun have already done several dramas. Maybe Junsu’s up next..

This cameo appearance really had me laughing, because at one time during the dinner, they couldn’t help but use Junsu’s duck butt as a joke!! Oh Junsu! kk I miss that! We also got to hear him sing Intoxication and see him dance it of course. And he also sings You Are So Beautiful which is part of the OST of Scent of a Woman. OMG if this happens to me I would really be on cloud nine.. kk dream on!

Anyway… if you were a fan of Kim Sunah in My Name is Kim Sam Soon (oh my favorite Samsooni), I would recommend this drama. And Lee Dongwook (the guy from My Girl) stars in it too. 🙂

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Junsu’s version of Hyun Bin’s That Man (Geu Namja)

OMG I can’t believe it! This is post 501… I’ve written and posted lots of entries to this blog after 2 years and a half. I know I don’t have too much time to post as much as I did in the first year I started this blog, but I still am hesitant to end and not post anything. I guess it has become a part of me.. But Kamsahamnida, Xie xie, Arigatou, Salamat, Thank you for to all who visited the blog! ^_^

For post 501, I thing its but fitting to make a post which has some connection to how I became addicted to Asian music… because of Dong Bang Shin Ki’s Xiah Junsu. (i think he is adorable… sigh!) — or should I say JYJ’s Junsu

I bet a lot of people have watched Secret Garden! It was a hit!! And I have to say it was a very unique story… and so maybe that’s why it’s a hit. Who would ever forget Hyun Bin‘s purple track suit!!! And who doesn’t love Gil Ra Im!!!

Also another popular thing we would not forget about Secret Gardens’ soundtrack! Especially the song That Man (Geu Namja). Even Hyun Bin has his own version of the song (the original one was sung by Baek Jiyoung).

Recently, JYJ’s Junsu did a cover of the That Man. And my god do I miss him singin ballads.


As always, his voice is really beautiful. I could not truly explain it! Hyun Bin’s version was also beautiful, but both their voices are very different so I can’t say which I like best. But one thing I do know is that I miss Junsu’s ballad songs! I wish he would sing more ballads especially OSTs I’m pretty sure it would really really sound awesome!

If only……

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Before U Go – DBSK (Full Version)

So apparently the first video we saw of Before you go by DBSK was just a short version. Earlier today, SM Entertainment has released the full version of the video.

I kind of miss watching video stories and this just hits the spot. SM does not usually have video stories with their music videos… I think I’ve only seen 2 video stories, and all of them are songs by Jang Ri In (both of which stars Siwon, Hankyung and Lee Yoon Hee). So I am elated to see another one of those. We already know what happened but this video makes us understand more… Always keep the faith… **credits: sment@yt (“,)

Before You Go – DBSK (MV)

I totally dig this new DBSK song! It’s called Before You Go (이것만은 알고 가)

It’s very different from Why(Keep Your Head Down). And this kind of suits my tastes.

Most people see DBSK as a dance group, but to me they are one of my favorite ballad groups. They are one of the boybands who can really harmonize themselves to sing beautiful music. So I liked this song the first time I heard it.

The only downside of this song is that 3 of  voices are missing. But Changmin and Uknow did a pretty good job with harmonizing the song.

This song is something to look forward to on the music programs.

**credits: sment@yt