Kim Jeong Hoon enlists for the Army

So Goong is my most loved kdrama. It took sometime for me to watch another drama after I finished it.

If you watched the drama I believe you would remember the guy who played Yul (the original prince). That actor is Kim Jeong Hoon. He was a former member of the duo group UN. He also starred in the drama Witch Yoo Hee (Witch Amusement).

I read awhile back that he was entering the army sometime this month. I almost forgot that it was today.. until I read the news on Kbites. According to kbites, Kim Jeong Hoon gets enlisted for his military service on the 28th in front of 800 fans at replacement unit in GyeongGiDo.

I’m posting some photos of him… he looks a little differents probably because of the hair. I’m used to seeing him with the hairstyle he had in Goong.

kim jeong hoon

kim jeong hoon2

kim jeong hoon

kim jeong hoon4

We will be seeing him again in 2 years.. sigh.. ^^

**credits kbites and as tagged (in photos)


Author: chipskjaa

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10 thoughts

    1. really??
      what i read about is that he “married” a girl — the girl who does speed english in star golden bell before but they are not actually married…


  1. He is not married to that girl in star golden baell. If you wanted a previous episodes, it was just a game. She just likes him out of all the other singer and actors. So chipskjaa was right =D


  2. ok!don’t do it again!coz you have no idea that what happend to my heart when i read that!he is not merried?oh thank goodness!i feel i just died this last minuts!


  3. hello guys im an ranian girl &i love him very much becuse of him im genne kungbuhada korean language.i love him i love him i love him i love him


  4. mmm..~~guys,,, i wanna ask somethin’…
    where can i find updated news about jeong hoon oppa??
    it’s quite hard for me to find the website..
    i will be thankful if someone help me…


    1. i think its hard to find recent news about him coz he just got enlisted in the army… but you could check or soompi forums…


  5. oh….! so sad!! i really love him though!!!! i was so sad when i heard about this….! and i was super shocked when i heard that he was married!!! but when i heard that he was NOT MARRIED oh! thank goodness i feel very relaxed!!! he’s so handsome!!! ummm…? guys do you have any updates about kim jeong hoon and yeun eun hye??? i love them!!!


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