Korean Drama to Watch – Move to Heaven

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I am Hana Jesse-yo, your new unnie! Usually a Bangtan ARMY, sometimes an avid k-drama and k-pop (a multi-stan!) enthusiast, always a fluffy ball of sunshine!
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This is my first time giving out my review here with something that I am very passionate about – K-DRAMA!

My very first k-drama review is for a talk-of-the-town drama ever since it dropped this 2021. You all know what I am talking about, right? Of course it is Move to Heaven (무브 투 헤븐: 나는 유품정리사입니다).

Move to Heaven is a 10-episode drama about a detail-oriented young man named Han Geuru, who has an Asperger’s syndrome, making it difficult for him to relate to others socially. After his dad died, he took over their trauma cleaning business called Move to Heaven together with his ex-con uncle Cho Sanggu. Each episode unravels untold and heartwarming stories of the departed through the things they left behind.

The Characters:

Lee Je Hoon as Cho Sanggu 조상구

(from Tomorrow with You, Where Stars Land, Taxi Driver, Architecture 101)

Tang Joon Sang as Han Geuru 한그루

(from Crash Landing on You, Racket Boys)

Hong Seung Hee as Yoon Namu 윤나무

(from Navillera)

So why should you be watching it?

If you’ve seen it, let me know your thoughts. Let’s SPAZZZ together!
If you haven’t yet, you should! And let me just show you a some of reasons why you should.

1. Definitely a CRY FEST!

If you are someone like me who likes to feed her sadness with sadness, then Move to Heaven is the drama for you. I, for the most embarrassing part, cried from the first episode down to the last. The first episode is really emotional and instead of stopping, you can’t help but ready your tear ducts and tissues for the next one. TMI, I cried buckets. T_T

2. Lee Je Hoon

No words, just head full of Lee Je Hoon. I mean, it is Lee Je Hoon. If you’ve ever seen at least one of his dramas then you would know how good the drama is going to get. He never disappoints. He is the love of my life!
(chipskjaa: Umm, how many love of your lives are there? 😛 )

This might be a little spoiler but I just have to say it. I got so sad because for most of his life, he had this immovable resentment for his brother and then when he got to know the truth, his brother was not there to listen to him on how sorry he is for never hearing him out.

3. The relationships in the drama

Uncle – Nephew relationship – I really love how the uncle and nephew developed a relationship where they care for each other without even saying it when it started from a very awkward and selfish stage.

Friendships – I love how Geuru’s best friend, Yoon Namu, is always there for him despite her mom’s opposition to being friends with him. She was always there to support Geuru and he knows him more than anyone. Actually, everyone who knows Geuru is very considerate of him and I love how everyone has a story to tell about him.

LGBT relationship – I just love how this drama is not afraid of showing a boy-to-boy relationship and the complication that comes with it in a patriarchal society.

Husband and wife – If I would be very biased, I should tell you guys that the episode with the husband and wife who died together was the most heart-wrenching episode for me.

Father and Child – I sobbed at how Geuru’s father’s (played by Ji Jinhee from Designated Survivor:60 Days) episode is shown. Life was not that all good for him but it doesn’t mean he was not able to raise Geuru well. And how after even dying, he was always there for Geuru with every step of the way.

4. It tackles a very sensitive topic: Resentment

Aside from grief, resentment was very much the topic of the drama. For most of the episodes, you, as a viewer will feel resentment towards the characters of the story. The characters as well shows their resentment effectively. I just feel like it was a very realistic take on how each person deals with resentment. Some act on it, some just let it be. And then the drama centers on how our trauma cleaners uncover the resentment of the person who died and how they act upon it.

5. Tang Joon Sang

I once read that he got the role not through an audition but because of his profile picture. That is quite interesting! I have never heard of him before and I didn’t realize he was one of the North Korean soldiers from Crash Landing on You. I must say he is a force to be reckoned with. He made Han Geuru the best character there ever was. Period! If he doesn’t get any award for this, I will ready my gears to fight! 😂 I can’t wait to watch Racket Boys because his character there is very different from Han Geuru. I’d like to see how versatile he can get.

“Although you can’t see someone, it doesn’t mean they’re not with you.
As long as you remember, they are not gone.”

– Move to Heaven –

After reading this and you decide to watch Move to Heaven, I recommend to ready your tissues and Gatorade. Stay hydrated, fam! Enjoy! 🙂


– Hana Jesse-yo ┏(-_-)┛


Author: Hana Jesse-yo

Aries. Dreamer. Dissonant. Stoked. Usually a Bangtan ARMY, sometimes an avid k-drama and k-pop (a multi-stan!) enthusiast, always a fluffy ball of sunshine!

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