You Are My Glory – Episodes 1-4 Recap / Summary

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I am trying something new here…. I haven’t really done this in the past, but because I am just so over the moon about this drama I’ve decided to create like an episode recap / summary (in writing, no images though) for the episodes. Also, I’m a little new to this, so unnie is asking my readers to be a little patient with me ahaha – no bashing and trolls allowed on pinayunnies.

Disclaimer: This post is for people like me who are (1) impatient to know what happens next and (2) likes to read recaps before deciding to watch the drama. So of course, SPOILER ALERT! You’ve been warned!

Also, this was supposed to be a more detailed recap post, but I’ve decided to do some sort of a recap / summary post in bullet format instead – this unnie’s energy is low this time. And, as their names are too long to spell, I’ll be using abbreviations, which you will see the first time the character is mentioned.

Edit: This unnie made a last minute decision. I’ve noticed the details on the episode are getting longer. (A friend of mine also complained!) It might not be too good for a reader. So I’ve decided to publish 2 episodes per post. But I’m keeping Ep 1-4 on this post. Will be linking the next episodes at the end of this post. Gomawoo-yong!

Except for the picture below, there won’t be any screencaps on this post as I still encourage you to watch the drama.

Episode 1 Summary

  • Drama opens with a meeting of aerospace engineers. Here, we are introduced to our male lead Yu Tu (YT). It’s evident that he is not the talkative kind. He seems to be brooding / contemplative about something. After some satellite montage, we are introduced to our female lead Qiao Jingjing (QJJ) – a popular actress.
  • Ling-jie (LJ) tells QJJ that a high school classmate has been spreading a rumor that she has been rejected by the smartest guy in high school. Reason for rejection: The guy wants a smarter girl. Rumor has it that she was ugly and she may have gotten plastic surgery.
  • QJJ says the rumor is both true and false. It’s true she was rejected but it’s fake that she’s ugly. She also said the guy is cute and really smart.
  • QJJ sends the screenshot on Weixin (WeChat) of the rumor to her bestie Peipei (PP) – who immediately reacts that the rumor is not true. PP updates her that YT and Xia Qing (XQ, Yu Tu’s ex) broke up when they were in their 4th year in university and that they’ve only been together for around a year. PP asks if QJJ thinks YT ever regrets rejecting her. QJJ just replies, “Don’t be childish”. (Note: QJJ, PP, YT and XQ are from the same high school)
  • QJJ recalls her confession and YT’s rejection, and says to herself – the one you found didn’t stick till the end.
  • While at home, LJ tells QJJ she’s once again famous on Weibo for a recording of her playing and getting killed multiple times on the mobile game Honor of Kings. Poor QJJ trends as a fake gamer. Things are not looking good especially since she is the game’s endorser whose image is supposed to be a pro at the game.
  • With the endorsement nearing its renewal, and QJJ getting casted for the movie “Authenticity”, the solution is for our female lead to participate in a casual match during game’s World Champion Cup which will take place in a month’s time. If she’s not good enough then she will be removed as an endorser.
  • QJJ asks her manager to find someone to be her Honor of Kings coach. She would be using the next month to improve her gaming skills.
  • LJ has found a coach for QJJ – her (house) husband, Ah Guo (AG). AG is a “King” level player on the game and LJ says it was because of him that she was inspired to get the Honor of Kings endorsement. Also, AG was chosen to avoid any would-be rumors. 
  • QJJ starts her training with AG (cue montage of the game, a little too difficult to capture in writing tho). Our characters are transported to the game but are not wearing any of the game’s costume. AG explains the game. When QJJ tells him she wants to win the game, he is a little concerned and tells her it’s better to play a support character.
  • QJJ tries to play the game with AG, but ends up losing every time. (She’s using an alternative account so that no one would know it’s her). LJ checks on the training’s progress with Xiao Zhu (XZ, QJJ’s assistant). XZ says, it’s “Full of Surprises”. AG’s a gets frustrated with the training but is still encouraging our lead.
  • QJJ is back home after training. She logs on to the game using one of her alternate QQ accounts. She chooses the username: Cotton (Note: This is based on the translation, from Hui3r.wordpress, it’s translated to Hand Can Pick Cotton). She tries choosing a 5 by 5 match and sees a friend on the list: YT. She then recalls memories of her trying to add him on QQ but not receiving any reply. She was only successful in adding him as a friend with the alternate QQ account who made friends with YT on a Galaxy forum.
  • YT has added QJJ by mistake on a 5 by 5 match. His other teammates ask who she is and complain that she is new and unranked. QJJ doesn’t leave the game and is determined to screw the game to make it fair. 
  • From AG’s advice, QJJ chooses a support character Cai Wenji and follows the marksman (YT). Raba sings a cute song here. Of course QJJ gets killed in the game but because YT is a very good marksman, the team wins the game. However, luck is not on QJJ side in the next game and was asked by one of the team members to turn on her voice chat so he can guide her. In the second game YT scores a lot of kills which led to a teammate complaining him stealing kills – YT just says, it’s easy. (End of Episode 1)

Episode 2 Summary

  • We are introduced to YT’s teammates: Zhai Liang (id: I’m So Panicked, will be referred to as Panicked from hereon) – YT’s friend and temporary housemate and 2 other players, Slime Package (Slime) and Dragon King 2001 (Dragon). (Note: I’m using’s translation, since the subs did not specify it)
  • The team finds out that Cotton (QJJ) is a woman. QJJ on the other hand is a bit flustered if YT will recognize her voice. To avoid suspicion, QJJ reverts Panicked’s attention to the game. Gaming continues with QJJ losing again. Panicked complains and tells YT to be responsible for her. YT says of course. With YT back on the helm, the team wins again.
  • QJJ sends a screenshot of having two kills to LJ – LJ tells her to go to sleep.
  • The next day, QJJ tells XZ to purchase good looking skins in the game. She gives 2 of each to Panicked, Slime and Dragon King. She doesn’t give any to YT. Giving skins seem to be a success as the 3 continue to bring her during the games.
  • Since QJJ has no ranking, the team is unable to bring her in ranking matches. Panicked proposed to YT that if he wins two 5×5 matches with only him and QJJ, he will do all the chores. Of course, YT and QJJ win the matches and Panicked has no choice but to do the chores for a week.
  • QJJ is berating her almost 30 year-old self for being impressed with YT in the game. To console herself, she imagines him to be bald or obese.
  • The next day QJJ continues to practice but rushes home when she sees YT online on the game. But on the way home, she’s disappointed that he suddenly went offline.
  • Cut to the scene where we see YT dressed formally and is visiting his friend Ren Wang’s (RW) office. RW is working in finance. RW tells him that he met Slime who mentions he plans to quit the Aerospace Research Institute. YT confirms this. RW tells him that if he resigns, he is welcome to join his company.
  • YT gets a call from Slime and mentions that he has gotten an offer from DF but he turned it down because they want him to work in Beijing. Slime tells him he will see him in the game.
  • YT gets a text to check the high school chatroom that someone has uploaded something about him and QJJ. Meanwhile QJJ is at home waiting for YT to go online on the game. QJJ gets a call from PP about the rumors on the high school chatroom. PP tells her that YT clarified all the rumors and scolded people. Next we see the full confession montage, and the reason why YT declined. YT wanted someone who will work hard together with him.
  • (Drama alert!) YT is on his balcony thinking about his future. Panicked joins him and tells him that he has terminated his rental (he is moving to another city) and will stay in YT’s apartment for some time. He asks YT since his new work would be in another side of town if he is going to sell his house. YT just says we’ll see how it goes. Panicked asks YT if he has told his parents about his plans to change jobs, YT says no. Panicked compares the aerospace vs the finance job and says that YT is silly to have chosen the aerospace company because it earns so little and that he has put his intelligence to waste. He also comments that YT’s decision of breaking up with XQ was not a good one. YT just tells him to worry about himself. Panicked tells him he has different goals – he wants to make money. He comments everyone knows live streamers but no one knows YT who has launched several satellites in orbit.
  • Panicked suggests to YT to go to Beijing to rekindle his romance with XQ since he has been single for a long time, YT says No.
  • We get a flashback scene of YT and his Aerospace superior talking. He tells YT that since he has not taken a vacation in a long time, he will give him a leave to think about his decision. When he comes back and YT still wants to quit, he will agree.
  • Another drama montage of YT contemplating this time on the sofa while drinking beer. He then opens the Honor of Kings game on his phone and gets skins from QJJ which he returns.
  • LJ calls QJJ to tell her that they have a family activity. QJJ says she will practice at home.
  • QJJ asks YT to be her coach in the game – but she is not sure how to convince him. She pretends to have signed up to enter the Honor of Kings tournament in her company. YT tells her to find another coach as he might quit the game soon and he has planned to stop some time ago. QJJ begs Jade Rabbit (YT) and the episode ends with YT thinking about it. (End of Episode 2)

Episode 3 Summary

  • QJJ asks YT to be her coach but YT declines saying he will quit playing the game soon. Not discouraged, QJJ begs for him to give advise until he quits the game, to which YT agrees. QJJ is happy and immediately asks to start their lessons.
  • YT tells her to use Wang Zhaojun but QJJ is scared because she has not tried this character before. YT reassures her that it’s alright for a newbie to use this character and advises her to change the abilities. (explanation is too long for the summary – cutting it down)
  • Panicked joins in the conversation and asks about the competition. Slime comments YT is a good coach and even coached Panicked before.
  • Gaming continues and their rivals also uses Wang Zhaojun. QJJ comments it feels worse than having an outfit clash (lols). QJJ once again gets killed several times but their team still wins with YT as the mvp of the game.
  • QJJ watches a video of how she gets defeated and notices that YT is quite aggressive in the game. She now understands that she lost because she’s not “devious” enough.
  • QJJ is improving even getting a triple kill in the game. But realized it was because YT let her win. She asked him why on QQ (messaging app) and he says, “it’s ok you deserve it as I’ve earned enough”. QJJ changes her QQ name from hand picked stars to Hand-picked Cotton and thanks YT.
  • LJ is at the office asking where QJJ is, but the staff tells her that she hasn’t been in the office for 2 days. LJ is upset and goes to QJJ’s house to check on her. She’s surprised to find her practicing at home. LJ is satisfied with her progress in the game.
  • LJ asked how she improved in the game when AG hasn’t taught her to use a Wang Zhaojun. QJJ says she’s been taught by another expert – an online friend. LJ asks if he is reliable, to which QJJ replies not to worry he doesn’t even know who she is.
  • QJJ notices that YT plays the game everyday and wonders if he is on a holiday. She asks PP what YT is doing (what’s his job). PP tells her he’s working in the Aerospace industry.
  • PP sends a screenshot about a classmate asking for YT’s help because the air purifier he bought, which was designed by YT’s aerospace team, is broken. In the chat we see YT asking the classmate where they live so he can come over. They both live in Shanghai.
  • Cut to a flashback of YT and QJJ in high school. QJJ is listening while YT and classmate talks about YT’s dream of going to the moon and Mars. QJJ: “It turns out he hasn’t given up on his dream. QJJ asks PP to give her the air purifier advert.”
  • QJJ is getting ready to release her inner acting skills. While playing in the game she tells everyone her air purifier broke down. YT says it might be the adapter, but QJJ says it’s not it. Panicked convinces YT to check it as he is a troubleshooting expert. YT at first did not agree but after a lot of coaxing, he gives in an goes to Pudong district where QJJ lives.
  • QJJ runs over to XZ and tells her to hurry and unpack the air purifier. Cue montage of QJJ dressing up and putting on make up. She tell XZ to destroy the air purifier.
  • We see YT going out on the subway and passing QJJ billboards. He doesn’t really mind these billboards. He arrives at QJJ house and was met by XZ. XZ was shocked to see how handsome (damn you Yangyang!) he is. YT asks if she was Cotton, but XZ says, not I’m her assistant then she leads YT to QJJ house.
  • QJJ came down. Both leads see each other for the first time in 10 years (PS. this scene was tropy for me QJJ turning dramatically to face YT – ahaha no one really does that IRL, but oh well it’s a drama). YT realizes who she is. QJJ says, she came down so YT won’t think she is a snob. Both exchange greetings – It’s been awhile (or Long time no see – 好久不见 Haojiu bujian)
  • YT says let’s look at the air purifier, but QJJ suggests to take a walk. She explains she could not bear to destroy the air purifier. YT just says its cold and QJJ says wait for me I’ll change.
  • YT checks QQ to verify both QJJ accounts (we see her original one Twinkle Twinkle and her alt account for Cotton). Both have different QQ numbers. (Note: if I remember correctly, on QQ each account had a unique ID number which differentiated you and which you use to login with). YT looks like he is wondering if both accounts are the same. He waits for QJJ to go down.
  • YT and QJJ walk by the riverside with QJJ wearing a mask. She tells YT she does not feel safe walking with him. YT says, “shouldn’t I be the one feeling that way?”. But QJJ says when she walks with XZ, no one looks at them. QJJ gives him a mask to avoid being photographed.
  • YT asked him why she played games, QJJ retorts, weren’t you the one who invited me by mistake. YT asks why was she on his friend list in QQ. QJJ (thinking to herself): Should I explain my alt?. But QJJ, the good actress that she is just says, do you have amnesia, are you also going to ask me why I asked you here?
  • QJJ asks him to check her Weibo. YT sees that QJJ has posted a pic of her and the air purifier – basically free advertising YT’s team. YT asks why she is doing this, QJJ just replies, she wants to support the motherland’s aerospace industry to which YT thanks her for.
  • YT chides her for deceiving/tricking to him (about the coaching), but QJJ says she did not lie and tells him of the predicament she is in and asks him to teach her in person. YT tells her he doesn’t really play professionally.
    YT: Do you trust me?
    QJJ: You’re my classmate.
  • Flashback of QJJ asking YT to teach her Math in high school.
  • YT agrees to teaching QJJ. They head back to QJJ to start YT’s lessons. (End of Episode 3)

Episode 4 Summary

  • YT and QJJ head back to QJJ’s home. They talk about strategies in the game. There were some that QJJ did not understand so YT questions who taught her to play the game when she does not know the basics. Since it’s late YT heads home and they will see each other the next day. QJJ tells him to go to her house at 9am because it’s not easy for her to go out.
  • When QJJ returns home, she tells XZ that one of her teenage dreams have come true. The genius will be teaching her math (alluding to when QJJ in high school asks YT to teach her math).
  • YT reaches home. Panicked reports to QJJ that he’s reached home. QJJ asks why it took time. YT says he missed the train and had to take the subway. Panicked asks YT if he fixed the purifier. QJJ says it’s fixed. QJJ asks if Panicked lives with YT and Panicked answers YT is a college classmate and he’s just staying with YT for some time before he moves to another city.
  • Panicked asks QJJ if she was shocked to see YT – and if YT was handsome. QJJ just answers – Not Bad ( I think so-so / just alright is the best translation for this). Panicked laughs at QJJ high standards, but his amusement is cut short as QJJ steals his kill in the game.
  • Panicked approaches YT and sees him watching a pro match on the game. He asks him when did he start watching pro games. YT being secretive just answers he started on a whim. Panicked then asks if QJJ is pretty. Before YT answers, we get a flashback of him stopping by one of QJJ ads on the subway. YT answers you can see her face everywhere. Panicked retorts, “Isn’t he harsh?”. To which YT says “I’m honest”. Panicked also tells YT that QJJ thinks his looks are mediocre. (Translation on drama is: “She’s an average looking girl.” But I remember in the novel it was you can see her face everywhere, so I decided to retain that which makes more sense when YT says he’s honest)
  • When Panicked leaves, we see YT remembering the scene when he asks QJJ if he trusts him and QJJ answering that he is her classmate. He smiles at recalling this. (This unnie died when she saw Yangyang smiling in this scene) (Hana Jesse-yo: I’ll probably die too if I see that in real life! *shrieks*)
  • The next day, QJJ tells YT to buy breakfast. When YT arrived, both leads are a little awkward at the door. QJJ comments YT bought a lot, YT says he already ate and that there’s a lot because he did not know what she wanted to eat. QJJ says then that they don’t need XZ to send lunch – she explains that because she can’t go out, XZ brings lunch and dinner. When YT hears about dinner, he clarifies his work hours, which QJJ says he will work until 9 PM. YT says it’s ok as long as her hands are fine.
  • Training starts. YT asks her to watch a pro match. YT asks what she thinks about it. QJJ says they don’t die as often as they do. YT says it’s because they are aware of damages. He explains that a support role can be a commander at times.
  • YT let’s QJJ play with his account. QJJ ends being killed several times. YT explains that she plays good in the Gold Rank but not good enough when she pays with Diamond players as difficulty increases. QJJ asks what to do? YT tells her to improve her strength in the next month. QJJ looks a little sad – but she says she can do it! They do 1×1 matches. YT describes the characters their respective skills in the game (Too technical so am not detailing all of them here)
  • During the break QJJ tells herself to stay strong. When she approaches YT, she sees him watching the game that caused all her problems. She blocks YT screen and tells him not to watch. YT just tells her to get ready to play again.
  • XZ arrives with dinner. QJJ says she wants to eat meat but XZ says, yes there is but only for YT – “chicken breast for you”. QJJ gives a dejected look. We see the difference in YT and QJJ dinners (QJJ is on a diet). YT offers some of his food to her but she declines because she put on weight recently.
  • QJJ complains about her level and the bonuses she gets, how come YT gets more. YT just shows her that his ranking is low too. Training sessions for 1×1 matches continue for QJJ and YT. When QJJ complains one time, YT lets her hit him but in the end YT still wins. Discouraged, QJJ shows YT her not so glamorous game stats. YT says you can only beat other players. QJJ complains to herself that YT is being narcissistic. YT tells QJJ to play more with other players and if she dies she can give him her phone. YT teaches her new tactics in the game.
  • YT leaves for the day. QJJ thanks and said goodbye. XZ comes up and is shocked that all the dishes have been cleaned. QJJ just says, “I can’t let him think I’m lazy”.
  • In the next days practice, QJJ and YT play 3×3 games. They can each have AI teammates. QJJ still gets killed in the games. QJJ asks if instead of getting AI teammates, can YT and her be on the same team and be matched with others? YT agrees and they join a game.
  • While in a game YT gets a call from Xia Qing (XQ, ex-girlfriend) YT declines the call. QJJ asks if he won’t answer it. YT tells her to continue the game. In the end they win the game.
  • YT says he needs to make a phone call. QJJ agrees, but we see he is a bit sad. After YT makes the call he tells QJJ he needs to go out for a bit. QJJ asks if XQ was in Shanghai. YT tells her she should be in Beijing. QJJ waves goodbye with a smile. When alone, QJJ says to herself, she (XQ) should be in Beijing, but there are things we won’t know for sure. And she wonders if YT will stop giving her lessons.
  • In a restaurant, XQ and YT meet in a restaurant for coffee. XQ asks YT what is he doing in Lujiazui (business district in Shanghai). YT says he has work here. XQ says she thought he had an interview.
  • XQ tells him that she had dinner with Dragon King in Huangzhou. He told her of YT’s plans to resign from his aerospace company. YT confirms. XQ asks why? We learn that YT broke up with her to pursue aerospace. XQ tells YT he hopes he will not give up because it means she did not mean anything to him. YT reminds her that before they had a relationship, she knew what his goals were. XQ says a quote: The most foolish fantasy is the misconception that you could change a person.
  • YT asks XQ if she is still in QE, XQ answers she’s changed jobs and is now a marketing director. Her salary is better than fresh graduates but there’s a lot more work to do. YT says, she’s always been outstanding. XQ counters, she’s tired, as a woman why whould I work my bones off?
  • XQ asks YT about his offer from DF and if he needs help. YT says, no thank, he turned down the offer.
  • XQ: Look it’s Qiao Jingjing. And we get a close up of YT face. (End of Episode 4)


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