Nostalgic Dances of the 90’s – Streetboys and UMD

I was supposed to be looking another video for a post I was making, but instead I had the itch to post about the Nostalgic dances of the 90’s.

To me it’s nostalgic because that was the childhood that I had. I am a 90’s kid. So if grew up in the Philippines (like I did), you probably grew up listening to American music and dancing to the Western dance hits of the 90’s. At that time, there wasn’t any Kpop or Cpop songs. I remember however that there were some Jpop songs, especially those by Pizzicato Five, that became popular here.

At that time, dance was very very popular! Especially pop dances.. and there were about 3 dance groups that ruled – the Manoeuvers, the Universal Motion Dancers (aka UMD) and the Streetboys.




The video I am posting is of them dancing.. (no Maneuvers though..)

You see at that time, each dance group choreographed songs and it became their songs, thus no other group can make another choreography.

UMD was one of the first dance groups to become extremely popular. They were very popular because of their butterfly dance for the song Always by Erasure (circa 1994). I remember they had a movie and then an album called Dancing with the Motion, something like that. Then there was Manoeuvers, they were the dancers of a Sunday show called ASAP on one of the big TV networks in the country. They made the song Sweet Soul Revue popular (I’m posting this one next!). There was another Japanese song but I could not remember what it was though. They were popular because they were the back up dancers of Gary Valenciano, a popular singer in the Philippines. Then of course there was the Streetboys. Can I scream?? kk Is my bias toward them too obvious?? They are actually my favorite among the three. Long before Philippine dance crews were doing the Bboy moves, they were the pioneers of Bboy-ing in the Philippines. I remember their popular move was worm style exhibition (I honestly don’t know what it’s called). And I especially remember how to dance Mmmbop (yes the Hanson‘s Mmmbop) because of them. Nostalgia…

What made this nostalgic for me is that I remember dancing to the choreography in elementary school. And I remember everyone danced to it. When I saw the dances it felt like I was back to that time. How I miss it, the time when no one cared about the future, all we cared for was play play play!

But we grow up πŸ™‚

**credits: flyingkidz and fhay17@yt


Author: chipskjaa

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8 thoughts

    1. very true! i actually miss those times and like i said in the post its nostalgic especially for someone who grew up watching them..


  1. agree ako sayo pare:)nakakamis ang ganon na time..kasi iba na hilig ng mga kabataan ngayon..dancer din ako tulad mo..streetboys follower:)napapasin ko ngayon kapag dance contest sa amin.iilann nlng ang magkatunggali..di katulad noon..ang daming naaadik sa sayaw


  2. upload kayo ng movie ng umd…..plzzzz…i miss there movie, kahit sa tv hndi pinAPALAbas kaya…nkakamiss,,kahit dito nalang sa site ninyo


  3. The other Japanese pop song, along with Sweet Soul Revue, that became popular here is Feel Like Dance by Globe.


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