You Are My Glory – Episodes 7-8 Recap / Summary

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These are the recaps for Episodes 7 and 8. Episode 7 is the episode where we see our heroine sending Jade Rabbit’s quote to our hero. I love how this drama’s script is loyal/true to the book. As a fan of the book, I love how the situations and the characters are brought to life in this drama. In Episode 8 our leads have officially become friends!

As usual, links to the previous episode’s recaps are down below. Episode 9 and 10 will be in another post.

Character Guide:

Yu TuYTXiao HuXH
Qiao JingjingQJJDa MengDM
Xiao ZhuXZShen JingSJ
PeipeiPPGuan ZaiGZ
Liang JieLJDirector LiDL
Duan WuDWAh GuoAG
Zhai LiangPanicked

Episode 7 Summary

  • YT has dinner with 4 other colleagues on Double 11 (Single’s Day). Xiao Hu (XH) comments that it’s the same set of friends. Da Meng (DM) chimes in that next year not all of them will be there because YT will be working in the investment circle. DM also adds that Shen Jing (SJ) will be divorcing Guan Zai (GZ). They talk about SJ giving up a high-paying job in the US for GZ. Also, since YT has been on leave GZ has been doing overtime, so SJ and GZ don’t see each other, and so SJ is mad. YT asks, “didn’t they hired two other people?”. But DM says, “what is the use of other people when they are not YT?”. Other colleagues chastise DM and tell him he might be just jealous because he is still single.
  • YT heads home and while waiting for the subway, conflicted. He’s facing a subway to Gudai Road. He did not join the others for karaoke. We see in a flashback DM asks him if he is really going to leave. YT answers pretty much. His colleagues are sad but they wish him well and toast to him. Back at the subway, in the background, we hear the announcement that the subway to Space City is leaving. (For those who’ve read the book, the symbolism of both Aerospace City and Luizaiji (business district) are on separate direction, so YT must decide which direction. In this case subway, he must choose)
  • QJJ is at home and whines that YT is out while she is at home playing. She takes a screenshot of her game stats and posts them on Weibo. Her fans comment and QJJ is happy with her loyal fans.
  • QJJ gets a call from YT. YT is asking why she is playing Wang Zhaojun again. She counters if YT is spying on her. YT answers, he just took a look. YT asks if she wants to hang out with him. QJJ asks where he is? QJJ hurries out and meets YT downstairs. Our leads go to the movies.
  • YT and QJJ are choosing a movie. YT suggests one but QJJ declines because she is not in good terms with the movie’s lead. YT says, “ok, I don’t know anything about your circle”. YT suggests another movie. QJJ says that movie is good but the male lead recently broke up with her bestie so she won’t betray her friend and support it. YT gives up and let’s her choose. QJJ finds an animated movie that is on rerun and suggests they watch it.
  • QJJ orders the tickets and asks YT for his handprint to pay for the tickets. Cue slow motion scene of their hands touching. Our leads look at each other. YT ends the moment by telling QJJ that they have to hurry as they only have 15 minutes. (This slow motion body language scenes are really prominent in the drama. I’m guessing the directors way of emphasizing something to the audience).
  • QJJ and YT are in the mall. YT tells QJJ that they should split up and not to look back because they were being followed. YT tells QJJ to get the tickets first. She tells QJJ to leave the tickets on the table under the magazine and go inside the theater. We see someone get the ticket. (Of course, it’s YT but you just don’t see him)
  • Inside the theater, QJJ is waiting for YT to come in. She was about to text him when she heard someone say, “Excuse me, is the seat taken?”. It’s YT. (They pretend they don’t know each other). As YT passes QJJ, he brushes on her legs. (Again, the director makes slow motion emphasis with body language. Couldn’t really tell if I am a fan of this though.).
  • Both leads watch Coco. (This was not the movie in the book, but I think them choosing this is reflective of YT situation). The scene that they’ve included in the drama was when Coco’s mom broke his guitar and prohibited him to play music. QJJ is suddenly worried about YT if the movie would be affected with it.
  • The movie ends and the audience leaves. (Remember Me is playing in the background – they must have paid a lot for copyrights!) QJJ and YT for everyone to leave. YT tells QJJ he will send her home.
  • Our leads walked beside the river. QJJ opens the conversation by saying that she has not seen the movie before so she did not know the plot. YT says it’s nice and the lead was a dreamer. QJJ asks YT why he wanted to give up his dreams. Was it because of his family? She asks why would his family object when she remembers he had an uncle working in Aerospace. YT curiously looks at her – as if asking how does she know about it. QJJ says it’s PP (PP saves her again!). YT says he knows that PP is a big gossip.
  • YT says, his parents approved later on. However, some time ago, his parents came to Shanghai without telling him. It was his aunt who called him asking how his mother was and if it was benign. And that was when YT learned that they went to consult a doctor. In a flashback scene we see YT visiting his parents. In the voice over, we hear YT say that his parents stayed in a budget hotel for a night. He saw them eating noodles and cookies.
  • QJJ asks how is his mother now? YT answers she’s fine and it was a false alarm. YT continues, he cannot help but wonder if he can give his mom the best medical treatment or is he has time to take care of them. He should be able to but he won’t (because of this work). QJJ asks what he will do next. YT responds with work in investment banking maybe but he has to start all over again. He continues, he was conceited when he was a kid but until now he has achieved nothing.
  • QJJ stops walking and just stares at YT for some time. YT tells her they have to go as it’s late. And they continue to walk home.
  • YT is back home and is contemplating on the terrace. We get a flashback and see what happened to YT and his parents. YT’s mom says they tried to call him but his phone was off. And then when he called back the check up was done and they wanted to tell him the results. His mom adds that he was doing his duty and him knowing about it would make him anxious. His mother reassures him that his father is here so there is nothing to worry about. YT gets their luggage but her mom tells him there is no need to move since it was all good and his place was a little far. YT’s mom reassures that the doctor told her it’s fine and they were heading home tomorrow.
  • We see another flashback, this time we see YT bringing food for his parents. He overhears his parents talking about him being to busy. His dad comments how come they had a high achiever son and that sometimes he wishes he could just find a job in their hometown or work in finance. This way YT will have more time. YT’s mom counters that they should support him. On the other side of the wall we see YT deeply affected with what he hears.
  • Now we are back in YT’s house, YT still deep in thoughts. He gets a message from QJJ. She sends the quote from Jade Rabbit’s weibo: You’re already a rabbit who has seen the stars.
  • QJJ sends a voice message: How could you say you did not accomplish anything? Even if you give up your previous career and start over, your past accomplishments are still there. Although I didn’t know what you did before but it must be valuable. Even if you are not doing it anymore, you don’t have to deny the past. At least you strived for your ideals. It’s better to compromise than to never try. To me, at least it was not a mistake. Jiayou, Jade Rabbit God!
  • YT thanks her and tells her to go to bed as they will be doing ranked matches tomorrow. YT remains on his balcony looking at the quote QJJ sent him.
  • The next day, LJ calls QJJ that Director Li (DL) has returned from overseas and invites them to meet with him the next day at 3PM. Also, she clarifies with QJJ if she went to the cinema on Single’s Day. QJJ is surprised they caught her. LJ tells her a gorgeous girl like her should find love instead of going to the movies alone. QJJ complains that Singles Day is not Valentines Day. LJ tells QJJ she’s only concerned about her. Her fans are currently roasting her why she’s single.
  • QJJ checks the post about Singles Day. She zooms in and sees YT being like a spy. She saves the picture to her phone. LJ’s comments make QJJ think maybe she needs to start a new relationship, but only if he is as handsome as Baili Shouyue (character in the game). QJJ then imagines the character doing somersaults infront of her.
  • QJJ and YT are playing. QJJ asks YT is he let her win on purpose? YT confirms, but QJJ doesn’t believe it so YT counters then why is she asking? YT says when did he ever let her win? If she can’t win against him so he would have been a failure. QJJ says that’s right, you taught me how to play Baili Shouyue. In the end, YT wins while QJJ is defeated.
  • QJJ runs to the multimedia room to watch a pro-match. QJJ says if she wasn’t an actress she’s like to be a host who sings and play games. YT teases – you play games? QJJ says, of course, I couldn’t play games because I was acting, but if I was a host I can work hard. As a host she can also teach make up, how to dress and do yoga. QJJ praises herself for being versatile.
  • YT compliments her that she now has a good understanding of pro-matches. The pro match starts. QJJ tells YT the he can also play esports and be viral like the other pro players. But YT tells her that esports have an age limit. He asks if he knows how old the players were? YT tells her the one playing is only 18. QJJ is shocked as the player is 11 years older than her. YT says, you mean 12? QJJ counters she’s only 29 and her birthday is next month.
  • QJJ suggests to YT to watch the semi-finals live. YT asks if QJJ isn’t afraid people would see her. In the middle of suggesting a bet, the projector suddenly crashes. YT says it might have short-circuited. YT asks for the tool box, QJJ looks for it (with XZ on the phone). QJJ asks YT if he can fix the projector, he says he could try.
  • LJ sends a text message QJJ to get ready because the meeting was rescheduled and she is on the way to her house with the makeup artist and stylist. QJJ does not read the message as she is busy looking at YT.
  • YT is fixing the projector and says that the power board has to be replaced. QJJ comments aerospace people to be great. YT says it’s just the basics since aerospace is systems engineering.
  • QJJ gets a call from LJ to tell her about DL’s change of itinerary and he was returning to Beijing tonight. So they will meet that afternoon. LJ says the team is downstairs and they are coming up. We see QJJ shocked. (End of Episode 7)

Episode 8 (New!)

  • It’s 1:40 PM. QJJ gets a call from LJ telling her that DL’s plans have changed and they have to meet him this afternoon at 3:30. LJ with the makeup artist and stylist are downstairs to help her prepare. QJJ gets worried. LJ suddenly realizes she forgot YT is there. LJ tells QJJ to figure something out because they were in the elevator.
  • YT suggests to tell them he is here to fix appliances, but QJJ tells him his too handsome. YT agrees that’s right. QJJ makes a face (I don’t know how to perfectly describe it so here’s the screen shot).
  • YT second suggestion if for QJJ to close the door to the room when she leaves. QJJ says that the team is outsourced, but LJ really wants to meet him. Then we hear the doorbell ring. YT urges QJJ to go.
  • QJJ opens her front door and we see LJ and 2 other ladies enter. QJJ tells them to set up near the balcony as the lighting is good. As the 2 other ladies set-up, LJ asks QJJ where she hid YT. LJ tells her she is curious how handsome YT was based on what XZ said. LJ says she will go say hi in secret, but QJJ disagrees and tells LJ he will only be shy.
  • YT in the multimedia room is shopping for parts for the projector. QJJ sends him a message that she’ll go now and to wait for her to comeback. YT says ok.
  • QJJ and LJ arrive at the location for the meeting. LJ tells her that another actor Duan Wu (DW) and his manager will also be at the meeting. She continues that DL’s way of getting to know his actors is by chatting with them to make sure that the role is suitable for that actor. LJ tells QJJ to be natural. They are met at the door by the Producer Ms. Sha.
  • In the garden, we see DL, DW and DW’s manager having tea. QJJ says to DL it’s nice to meet her again. Ms. Sha asks if they’ve met already. DL says, yes, we met at a film festival one or two years ago. DW on the other hand also says to QJJ that they haven’t met in 2 years. DL confirms if they know each other. DW says he guested with QJJ in a variety show before. He just debuted and QJJ helped him there.
  • Everyone settles down and DL explains the reason for the sudden meeting. We see DW’s manager acting a little hostile to QJJ. DL tells them to have chat over tea.
  • We are taken back to QJJ apartment. YT gets a chat from Panicked asking where he is and that he is back. YT replies, he is guarding houses. Panicked says I don’t see you. (Wrong house Panicked!) YT just smiles and says to himself QJJ feels at ease leaving him alone in her house.
  • Cut back to the scene with DL, DL says he is keeping the movie details confidential. DW mentions that he saw two game machines when he entered the house and he was wondering if it’s related to the movie. DL just comments that DW is perceptive. DW’s manager then chimes in that now she understands why the temporary title is “Authenticity” – Game and Reality, Authentic and Fake. DL contradicts that it’s not that simple. DL stops explaining midway and tells them to stop fishing for information. LJ saves the situation and says we’ll stop guessing and we will look forward to the movie. DW’s manager is dejected.
  • YT (in QJJ’s house) gets a call from QJJ telling him she got the part. But the most important thing is DL said she’s too thin (Remember our goddess is dieting – so this news is more important to her!) QJJ says if he was still in her house, YT can come down and they can have dinner for free because it’s the birthday of LJ’s husband. QJJ will bring him to LJ’s house as a surprise.
  • In LJ’s house, AG is happy his wife is cooking for him. (AG is a house husband). QJJ arrive with XZ and YT in tow. AG opens the door and is shocked to see QJJ. LJ tells them to leave as she does not want a third wheel during their quality time. LJ however gives up when QJJ hands her jewelry and asks them to come in. LJ finally meets YT. YT feels sorry that he came empty handed, but LJ he doesn’t need to prepare anything. LJ compliments YT that he’s handsome.
  • AG excitedly opens the gift from QJJ but is shocked that it’s woman’s necklace. QJJ reasons that it’s his birthday but he is helping him save money by buying a gift for his wife.
  • LJ has set her eyes on YT asking him if he is interested to join the entertainment circle. YT declines politely no matter how LJ convinces him. AG initiates to have hotpot for everyone. LJ tells XZ to invite all the others from the studio.
  • Everyone is at the table having hot pot. The girls from the office, are whispering who YT was, LJ tells them to mind their image. QJJ says to LJ, don’t worry, YT is used to it since junior high school. YT confused asks Junior High? QJJ confirms they went to the same junior high and their schools were merged, he was Class 1 and she was Class 9. QJJ can’t believe that YT does not know.
  • XZ tells QJJ to eat less. But LJ tells her QJJ can eat because DL requested. They announce to everyone at the party that QJJ pretty much got the role and they are just waiting to sign the contract.
  • LJ tells everyone that while meeting DL today, they encountered a situation. DW’s manager was giving them a hard time. We see a flashback of what happened. DW’s manager comments that QJJ must be the best players among those who are meeting with DL as she is also an endorser of the Honor of Kings game. DW’s manager challenges QJJ on the spot. QJJ asks her what her rank was. DW says it’s Platinum. QJJ says if she plays with her, it might increase the difficulty. QJJ asks for the manager’s phone to help her play one game.
  • Back at dinner, someone comments if they still want to work with them – especially when DW just recently became popular, how can be arrogant. QJJ says it has nothing to do with DW as he later on explained on WeChat. DW said, his company has plans to change his manager so she might have heard about it, so she purposely gave both DW and QJJ a hard time. Someone asks QJJ what did she do. QJJ answers, so she got her phone did a game and won mvp. QJJ asks YT what he thinks. YT can’t help but smile and give her food. (I just had to screen cap this Yang Yang reaction).
  • AG complains that he was the one who initiated her in the game, how come she changed teachers. AG challenges YT to a one on one game. They play, AG uses Diao Chan while YT play Baili Shouyue. YT of course wins. AG asks for another round, this time using different characters. AG is defeated. They play for the third time, but YT wins again. AG blames his defeat on the fact that he did not have lunch.
  • QJJ teases YT and gives him beef saying “This beef of friendship smells so good” (My Chinese is not good, but I am guessing this line sounds a homonym for a phrase and was used for teasing). YT tells her not to say that and that she is so naughty. LJ tells YT that he is the only one who can deal with her now. Everyone toasts Happy birthday to AG.
  • While others are playing games in the living room, AG and YT are in the dining area discussing about finance. AG asks YT what his job was. YT replies that next month he will be working in an investment bank. We see QJJ in a room nearby eavesdropping on their conversation while feeding a rabbit with LJ’s daughter. QJJ looks a bit disappointed with this answer. AG goes to the living room leaving YT alone with his thoughts.
  • QJJ looks for YT and finds him in the balcony. Under the moonlight, QJJ confirms with YT if he has really decided to work in an investment bank. YT says yes. After some awkward silence, QJJ says she has always admired YT since senior high because he always had high scores. Back then she thought he would be an incredible scientist and she would be honored to be his classmate. YT says I’ll probably disappoint you. QJJ counters he won’t disappoint her as working in investment banking is good too. No matter what YT does will be incredible.
  • YT recounts someone once said he was selfish. He has the ability to provide a better life for his family but yet he is being selfish by letting his family sacrifice for his dream. QJJ tells him: Then you should tell that person, I’m sorry, this is the only thing I am capable of. Think about it you can’t be the best at everything. If you excel in one thing, then you’re actually very outstanding already, right? Will anyone say that you’re selfish? I’m sure the person said you were selfish because you had so many outstanding capabilities. How can he blame you for being outstanding?
  • QJJ says she can’t believe they are talking about things like this. YT agrees and what’s weirder is him teaching her how to play games. QJJ jokes, it was because I tricked you right? YT teases her about QJJ playing only 80 of the 100 heroes in the game.
  • QJJ asks him when he will be starting working in the investment bank. YT says in the middle of next month. So YT will be teaching QJJ until the match. QJJ asks YT if they were friends now. YT answers her, Of course. QJJ is happy.
  • It’s another day, and QJJ is planning her strategy to gain weight in 10 days. But 5 days in, she gains her target weight. LJ scolds her, but QJJ says she can control the weight. LJ checks on her current rank in the game, QJJ replies she’s Diamond 1 rank and she’ll be Ace soon.
  • YT is telling QJJ game strategies but QJJ is distracted. QJJ is upset about her weight. She tells YT that if before 5:30 PM she can’t reach Ace rank, they would still go out to eat, but starting tomorrow they can’t do it anymore. YT appears confused and just tells her to watch a replay of a match. Training continues.
  • QJJ has an hour and 30 minutes to increase her rank. She continues to play while YT watches. Finally, QJJ advances her rank to Ace. She’s confused why her rank advances when she though it was difficult to get to the next rank. YT just laughs and comments Timi (the company of the game) wants their endorser to eat more. QJJ is downcast. YT asks where they were going to eat?
  • QJJ and YT head to Ye Olde Station Restaurant. QJJ is shocked why the line is long as she does not remember it being popular. XZ says, they recently got a Michelin rating but they made a reservation so they don’t have to wait. XZ tells them to go inside and that she’ll come back for them later. To avoid getting photographed, QJJ heads in first to the booked room. YT follows, but he sees someone in the line. YT goes to the room tells QJJ he wants to ask a favor. (End of Episode 8)

See you tomorrow another post for the next episode! And thank you for joining YT and QJJ’s journey so far 🙂

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