You Are My Glory – Episodes 5-6 Recap / Summary

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As I mentioned, I’ve cut the previous recap / summary to 4 episodes because the post was becoming too long. There are a lot more details in the episodes and I did not want to miss them when doing these recaps. I find them important especially because this drama has painstakingly tried its best to be true to the novel.

This post will be the recap for Episodes 5 and 6. For the link to the previous ep, click here.

Character Guide:

Yu TuYTXiao QingXQ
Qiao JingjingQJJSu ZhiSZ
Xiao ZhuXZQu MingQM
Zhai LiangPanickedRen WangRW
PeipeiPPShao baoSlime
Liang JieLJ

Episode 5 Summary

  • YT and XQ meet in a restaurant. XQ points out QJJ billboard to YT. XQ asks YT if QJJ would find them laughable now because they were the smartest back then but now they can’t catch up to her. YT says – No (literally: Not likely). XQ says he’s too confident. YT doesn’t reply and just drinks his coffee.
  • As XQ needs to leave YT offers to take her to the subway, but XQ declines saying she has not taken the subway for a long time. XQ confirms with YT if he knows her intentions (that is to get back together). XQ asks since his ambitions are strong, is love not important to him? YT counters to stop mocking him to which XQ answers, she’s not mocking just expressing her thoughts. XQ just tells him not delay people’s lives and leaves.
  • YT goes back to QJJ home which shocks QJJ as it hasn’t even taken an hour. She wonders to herself if the meeting didn’t go well. YT tells her they can continue training. YT looks at QJJ’s results and says she’s improved.
  • QJJ, Panicked and YT form a 3×3 team. Panicked asks QJJ if she wants him to be her teacher as YT has been coming home late and that something is going on with him. Then there’s a slow motion scene of YT turning off the voice chat on the game. We get treated to the sound of QJJ’s heartbeat. YT tells her to focus. (Dear reader’s remember this is a drama, tropey scenes are abound!)
  • Someone rang the doorbell and both leads assume it’s XZ. YT gets the door but is shocked to see a man. We learn that he is Su Zhi (SZ), QJJ ex boyfriend. QJJ goes to the door thinking it’s XZ. SZ says he saw the light on and so he came up. SZ excuses himself.
  • YT asks QJJ if she needs to explain to to SZ. But QJJ says what’s there to explain when they broke up 2 years ago. QJJ comments he’s too pretentious. XZ enters the house and QJJ complains to her how come SZ can come up. XZ explains he still has the pin code. It was originally changed but QJJ keeps forgetting so they changed it to the old one. QJJ tells her to change it to 1316 her best results so she won’t forget it (As a fan of the novel, I’m so happy the littlest detail like this is in the drama).
  • Our leads eat dinner. QJJ comments it’s a weird day as their exes both show up at the same time. QJJ tells YT about SZ. They’ve been together for over half a year and then SZ suddenly told her that his family does not like people who work in the entertainment industry so he wanted her to retire before he introduced her to them. So QJJ tells him her family doesn’t like people who work in business as they get bankrupt so easily, “so resign first otherwise my family won’t approve.”. YT smiles as says he’s heard of him as he is quite popular in the financial world. QJJ: “So you must be aware he is narcissistic?”
  • QJJ asks YT why he and XQ broke up. She says she heard about him from PP. YT explains that after graduation, he left Beijing to take up his masters and doctorate degrees in Aerospace Engineering so they broke up.
  • QJJ tells YT she was surprised he took up Finance as his major. YT says it was because his parents didn’t approve of Aerospace, but as he was young, he though he could do both. QJJ counters, but he did in fact do both – he is really the genius of their class. Then QJJ asks, why he was on a vacation – “is it because of research?”. YT hesitantly says he’s planning to give up on the galaxy. (I love how this director pays the littlest attention to body language – you will see this when you watch the drama).
  • YT is back home brooding his predicament. Panicked comes in and asks how his meeting with XQ went. YT just tells him since he has too much free time it’s better to go to Shenzhen earlier and not to speak nonsense to QJJ.
  • Panicked tells him that they have a classmate Qu Ming who is inviting them to dinner and it’s also his send off party. YT didn’t want to attend but Panicked convinces him.
  • Cut to the dinner scene with YT and his classmates. Classmates are shocked to see YT come to dinner. Qu Ming (QM) says he’s glad YT showed up else they’d think he was ignoring them. Someone asks if XQ was coming and why she was not here yet. QM calls XQ, but XQ says she can’t make it. XQ apologizes in the group chat. Panicked whispers to YT to complain that this was not a send off party but a dinner as an excuse to meet XQ.
  • QM orders Lafitte 1990. Then he goes on to embarrass YT saying that he met RW and says that he applied for a job at his company. He asks YT if he was planning to change jobs and if he does, it’s just like starting over again and the salary will be like fresh graduates.
  • The scene cuts to XZ calling QJJ. She is buying food for QJJ in the restaurant where YT and his friends are eating. XZ reports that YT is being mocked by a classmate. We see QJJ troubled.
  • Qu Ming continues to mock YT. Panicked gets angry and scolds him. YT signals to him to stop.
    YT: Will you only live until 30? Why are you in a hurry? We have a long way to go. Let’s see what happens.
    QM: I forgot, you’re a great scientist. Of course you’re looking down on people like us in Finance.
    YT: Don’t include others.
  • Panicked tells those who are present not to slander YT, as he does not look down on them and they cannot be narrow minded. The other classmates chime in that aren’t they here today for Panicked’s send off. But Panicked grumbles that this is not a send off for him as QM has other motives. (Sorry will not be detailing the conversation.)
  • A waiter enters the room and presents YT with the wine Ms. Qiao (QJJ) has stored. We see that the wine is labeled Romanee-Conti wine (which is one of the most expensive in the world). They also bring complimentary hors d’oeuvres from the owner. YT’s classmates ask if he has been in the restaurant before and they are shocked about the wine too. QM is embarrassed. YT leaves bringing the wine with him. Panicked tells QM to eat the food, it’s free.
  • From the restaurant, YT goes to the QJJ’s house with the wine. QJJ is surprised. YT says he can’t bear to drink the wine with them and brought it back. QJJ asks him if he feels satisfied with the revenge. YT says like having a successful rocket launch.
  • QJJ invites YT for a drink saying even if it’s worth a few hundreds, they can’t waste it. YT reconfirms – “only a few hundreds?”. QJJ tells him she is not stupid to treat people she doesn’t know such expensive stuff. She explains she knows the owner as she filmed there before and she remembers an empty bottle.
  • QJJ prepares the perfect spot and ambiance, flowers, candlelight and all – it takes her 20 minutes (Oh yes, our dear YT timed it). YT pours the wine and toasts for letting him drink a Romanee-Conti wine that costs a few bucks. QJJ toast to thank YT for teaching her how to play.
  • We see YT brood about his life choices and his dreams. QJJ notices this, and tries to tell him stories about her gaming to divert his attention. This all happens while the sentimental opening theme song is played on the background.
  • YT is on his way home. He gets a barrage of messages from Panicked asking who is Ms. Qiao. YT answers, “My former classmate. We’re just getting to know each other.” (End of Episode 5)
    Our dear me – Yu Tu is finally developing feelings for our Jingjing.

Episode 6 Summary

  • It’s morning and YT asks QJJ what she wants for breakfast. She replies, “anything and thanks YT”.
  • QJJ is talking to XZ while brewing coffee. XZ asks QJJ if she notices something different about YT as he now voluntarily buys her breakfast since the day she bought him wine. QJJ says it’s expected. QJJ ends the call and continues to brew coffee (By the way, it seems like our Jingjing does not know how to brew coffee).
  • YT tells QJJ that the calories in today’s breakfast are within her calorie limits. QJJ compliments him saying he learns fast. She tells him that she’s brewed coffee for him and to get it from the kitchen. YT gets the coffee and laments that it’s unfair that he has to get the coffee himself. QJJ counters she brewed it and even drew something (she means coffee art). YT says she does not know what she drew but he appreciates it. QJJ asks if he can’t see the rabbit she drew when it’s obvious? YT just says, he was wondering why she drew parabolic lines. QJJ with a dejected face grumbles YT is not artistic.
  • YT asks QJJ which heroes does she like playing so far? QJJ says Wang Zhaojun, Angela, Donghuang Taiyi, Cai Wenji, Yu Ji, and Luban No. 7 are all good. But her favorites are Zhuge Liang and Li Bai. (These characters appear on the table for reference.) YT says she can’t use heroes with high mobility – so bye bye Zhuge Liang and Li Bai. YT also tells her to avoid Jungler heroes and the position that fits her is mid and bottom. So she can choose Marksman, Mage and support characters. YT describes the characters she could play. (Not detailing them here but if you watch the drama, you will see characters)
  • For the marksman, YT asks QJJ if she likes Yu Ji. QJJ says yes, her 3 skills are useful. Her 2nd skill allows her to run for her life. YT (in a sarcastic tone) compliments, “you sure learn fast”. QJJ says she has faith in YT. QJJ complains that the characters YT chose for her are not cool enough. YT says, if you want a flashy marksman, then you can choose Baili Shouyue.
  • QJJ practices with Baili Shouyue but she can’t seem to play him properly. QJJ complain to YT but YT says it’s just a bad game. QJJ continues to complain about YT’s harsh comments and that it has reached her office thanks to XZ spreading it. YT says he is just being objective and laughs. QJJ tells him to quit laughing.
  • YT tells QJJ she lacks map awareness in the game. She always asks the questions: Where should I go? What should I do? Should I use my ultimate skill? So from now on, QJJ’s training will be half day practicing and half day watching pro-games.
  • YT asks for a pen and paper and creates notes for QJJ. (I like the song here, it reminds me of Kdrama OSTs it’s called Fall Into Love by Curley and Mika)
  • YT tells QJJ to watch pro games at night. If she can guess the player’s next move, then she passes the test. QJJ says she kind of hates him now because he is merciless, demanding and too serious. She continues, if YT taught her Math in high school she could have gotten into Tsinghua. YT asks what her Gaokao score was. QJJ says, it’s definitely lower than his. QJJ imagines if she was able to go to Tsinghua, she would be one of those smart actresses and her fans would be over the moon.
  • YT calls it a day. QJJ tells him she’s taking a day off tomorrow as she has an event in Jiangsu for Double 11 (Singles Day). QJJ invites YT to watch her sing, but it might be a little late. YT tells her to send him a message before she goes on. QJJ asks if he was a VIP? YT tells her to respect her teacher.
  • QJJ gathers the notes YT made and compiles it. She creates a cover page and draws a little rabbit on it. (Yu Tu also sounds like Jade Rabbit)
  • The next day, Panicked is shocked to see YT home and asks where he has been going recently. YT tells him he goes out to be a tutor. Panicked invites YT to head to Guangzhou to hang out with Dragon King for 2 days. YT declines as he is busy.
  • RW invites YT to dinner with the premise of having some aerospace questions. YT agrees. YT reaches out to grab a Satellite Communications book. He dusts the book and reads it feeling sentimental.
  • We see QJJ waiting for her turn for her performance. LJ tells her to practice but QJJ tells her she wants to take a break and asks XZ for her phone. She wants to watch the Honor of Kings live game.
  • YT is having dinner with RW. RW invites him to join his team as an analyst who is well versed in aerospace industry. He tells YT to tell him when he makes up his mind and not to be pressured as tonight is just a friendly dinner.
  • YT receives a QQ message from QJJ asking if he’s there. She invites him to play as she’s bored. He replies he would need 30 minutes as he having dinner with RW.
  • RW comments he is still a ladies man. When he left his office the last time, a lot of pretty girls were asking about him. RW asks about his private life as he recently learned from Slime that YT is still single. He asks how come he still single? RW invites YT for drinks after dinner but YT declines as he has plans.
  • QJJ is playing while waiting for her turn to sing. QJJ checks on YT as 30 minutes have passed. YT, who was walking home, stops on a bench and starts to play with QJJ.
  • QJJ tells him to play marksman. They play a 5×5 game. QJJ is playing Niumo. One of their teammates, Magical Bug, complains about that Marco’s (YT) girlfriend plays worse than his girlfriend. QJJ is irritated and says, It’s not as if you play as good as my boyfriend. YT is shocked. QJJ texts YT not to mind the comment as she has to win the argument which makes YT smile.
  • Magical Bug invites both QJJ and YT to the next game. The 5th member of their group grumbles because he decided to stay home and play games because it’s singles day and yet he is grouped with 2 couples. He says good night and quits the game. But QJJ tells him that today is just the 10th and single’s day is tomorrow. So the single guy continues to play the game with them. In the end they win the game.
  • Magical Bug invites them to a 5×5 game using the Marco Polo character (which was YT’s character in the last game and he was MVP). QJJ complains, does he want to show off that he can use the character better? Magical Bug asks QJJ if her boyfriend is a coward because he rejected the invitation. QJJ tells him to wait and sends a message to YT. YT tells him QJJ to invite her. YT joins the game and uses Li Bai (Magical’s character in the previous game). XZ comments this is war!
  • Magical asks YT if he is provoking him. YT just says he doesn’t use this character often and wants to try it out. Magical’s girlfriend cheers on him. QJJ also cheers on YT – YT smiles. The last teammate notices that there are 2 couples. QJJ tells him not to be discouraged, he says, it’s ok I have my cat.
  • YT is playing outside. He is killing enemies in the game and has gotten a Penta Kill (5 kills). XZ and LJ get excited with YT’s penta-kill. On the other hand, Magical is dejected but his girlfriend tells him, he is the best. QJJ cheers on YT which earns another smile from YT. The game ends with them getting victory.
  • YT messages QJJ that she’s too naughty – but then suddenly YT recalls the message. Too late though as QJJ has seen it.
  • QJJ is performing and YT watches it while waiting for the subway. (Raba is so pretty here!)
  • It’s another training day. QJJ and YT are watching and reviewing the game they had with Magical. QJJ looks at him and wonders why he recalled the message yesterday. QJJ is silently complaining to herself that it’s Singles Day and yet she’s still training. She at least wants to play a cool hero, Niumo is too ugly.
  • QJJ was shocked when YT suddenly quizzes her about the game they were watching. QJJ then suggests to watch it in the Multimedia room. YT compliments her on her fast reflexes when looking for an excuse. YT ends their training day early as he needs to go have dinner with his aerospace colleagues. QJJ comments YT has a lot of gatherings, YT only says isn’t it normal, also it’s Singles Day. YT realizes QJJ is also single, so he says his colleagues want to ask him about something.
  • YT leaves telling her to practice Niumo and Zhang Fei. QJJ complains she has to practice while YT is having fun. At the door:
    QJJ: How nice would it be if I can hang out with you?
    YT: You sure you would come with me if I said yes?

    Oops, both leads realize what they’ve said, and both were silent and awkward for a few seconds. QJJ saves the conversation by saying Have fun and Goodbye. YT says See you tomorrow. (End of Episode 6)

Episode 6 is done! Episode 7 will be up tomorrow ๐Ÿ™‚
Oh here’s a little gift for Yang Yang fans… This shot from L’Officiel Homes China is the perfect representation of Yu Tu and Yang Yang!

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