TXT the newest brand ambassadors for PH Telco Smart Communications


Hybe Labels’ boy group and BTS label mates, Tomorrow by Together (TXT), are the new brand ambassadors of Smart Communications Inc., a Philippines based wireless communications and digital service provider. 

Smart announced on July 27 that all five members – Yeonjun, Soobin, Beomgyu, Taehyun, and Huening Kai – will be the faces of their BUILD YOUR OWN GIGA service, which allows prepaid consumers to customize their data plans. 

As a group with the same label as BTS, cut from the same cloth, you’d know they are good. With an instagram following of more than 8 million from fans all over the world, to which they call MOA (Moment of Alwaysness), they are out to show the world great music and energy. 

Photo from SmartCommunications

As a MOA unnie, I am very happy that they finally have a PH endorsement. Which meant we will get to see them on Philippine TV commercials and for sure there will be posters of them everywhere. We will finally get a hold of TXT merchs that we can hopefully afford!

chipskjaa: Good move Smart Telco! You are indeed smart nyahahaha. Finally the PH gets some of them Kpop love! This – is – what – Kpop – fans – have – been – waiting – for.

How do you feel about the boys saying: “Simple, SMART Ako!“?

Make sure to follow Smart online via their official Facebook (Smart Communications Inc.) Twitter (@LiveSmart) and Instagram (livesmart) pages for updates on this.

#OneDreamWithSMART #SmartTXT #OneDream #투모로우바이투게더 #투바투 #TXT #TOMORROW_X_TOGETHER

– Hana Jesse-yo ┏(-_-)┛


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