Bad Boy – Big Bang

I gotta love this BIG BANG album! I don’t know but I am welcoming the change they made toward their music. I guess its something new from all the Kpop sound I’ve been hearing over and over again.

So they have released their video Bad Boy yesterday.

The song is quite good. The beat is very western and not commonly done by a Korean idol group unless you’re like a hip hop group or something. It sounded like an Leesang-ish kind of song, but it sounded different too because G-dragon and TOP were rapping. But I’m absolutely glad that an idol group could do a song like this and not be a part of the usual bandwagon. But comparing this to Blue, I like Blue better.

Again, Big Bangs concept for the videos are amazing. Showing a scene you don’t normally see on videos. And i was jumping with glee to see them dance in their MV again! Oh boy, you don’t see them dance too much. And I think its a pity they don’t show off their dancing skills because I know from watching them over the years that they can dance! I want to see Big Bang dance more! And the fashion! Loved it!! Completely!! This is what I love about them because they are not afraid to break away from the usual idol group/boy band fashion. It doesn’t look tacky. It looks fashionable and wearable — think Paris and New York.. wear what you want for all I care!

There were two things that I wasn’t pleased in the video though. The first was G-Dragon’s fake long hair! It was a little funny to me the way it kept swaying. I think he’d do well without the hair. Couldn’t understand why they had to put that though. I mean the fashion was brilliant.. but that hair is hideous! G-D would look absolutely perfect without it. And the other one is — they should be careful of the models they use. I mean I know for a fact that Taeyang is pretty short (compared to other idols that is). But they only emphasized how short he was by using a model that’s slightly taller if not the same height as him. I know Western girls are tall, but find someone shorter than him (even when she is wearing heels) to not make the obvious clear! Ok that’s a Taeyang fan girl talking there.

But nonetheless, this album is probably one of the best that Big Bang has done so far! I’m truly happy with it!

Oh and thank you YG for bringing Big Bang to the variety show scene! kk I’m definitely looking forward to their Running Man adventure!!

**credits: BIGBANG@yt


Author: chipskjaa

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