Battleship Island – A Review

It’s no secret that I am a fan of Song Joongki. I was totally hooked on him the moment I saw him on a drama called Triple. He has since become my favorite Korean actor.

Although I haven’t gone Joongki gaga in the last 4 years – I’ve been keeping tabs about him. I knew he got out from the army. That he starred in Descendants of the Sun and that he was marrying Song Hyegyo (yes, like any fan I was crushed at first but now I don’t want anyone else to marry him but Song Hyegyo!)

So when I heard he had a new movie – I was psyched! And when I heard it was going to be shown internationally – in the Philippines especially – I went crazy!!! You see, Korean movies aren’t really released in cinemas in my country. So having Battleship Island in movie theaters is such a treat for Filipino hallyu fans.

And that’s what me and my friends did yesterday – we watched Battleship Island (군함도).

I couldn’t get over how good the movie was and so I decided to rave about it and perhaps entice some hallyu fans to watch it.

The Trailer


As the movie is new as of writing this blog entry, I’ve decided not to include the story as it will create spoilers. But this movie is the story about the Korean laborers who were working in Hashima Island – Battleship Island – and their attempt to escape from the island. The movie was set in 1945 as World War 2 was coming to a close.

The movie stars Hwang Jungmin, Kim Suan (the same little girl from Train to Busan), So Jisub, Lee Jonghyun and Song Joongki.

Why I Liked the Movie?

I didn’t really expect much from this movie especially because it was a historical one and truthfully I am not a big fan of war movies. War movies are exceptionally painful and sometimes a little gory to watch. And yes, this movie had all the violence, blood and action you would expect in those movies.

But I did like this movie because the scenes had me convinced of the struggles of the laborers. The acting in this movie was top notch! Kim Su-an stole the show once more for me. She did that in Train to Busan and did it again here. This girl has a great career ahead for her. My second favorite character was Hwang Jungmin’s Kang-ok. His portrayal of a dad who would do anything for her daughter just tears my heart apart.

I also liked the action scenes and the effects. I was cringing the whole time. It was bloody and gory but these effects had me on the edges of my seat the whole time. The action scenes were real enough for me to cover my eyes at time. Spilled guts, amputated bodies, dead bodies – looked true to me. The set and the casts costumes transported me to another era – very different from today. The colors schemes of the scene were perfect for the dialogue. I loved how the contrast was between the dirty dark tones during the laborers scenes and the clean bright tones when the Japanese were on.

I was wide awake in the cinema during the whole 2 hour plus run of the movie. Even my “sleepy, tired, overworked” friend who sat beside me didn’t fall into slumber.


Although the movie was wonderfully executed, I think they could have done something better.
I am no expert – I am just a movie buff and these to would have made the movie better:

1. Story and Character Development
While acting was topnotch, there were some parts that I felt was rushed. Like the introduction of characters. True there were a lot of them, but it would have explained the movie better. Also, there were characters who appeared but I wasn’t sure who they were or why they were there.
Case in point: Joongki’s introduction (wait when did he arrive on the island?), Lee Jong Hyun’s and So Jisub’s characters (their story was nice but it wasn’t well developed)

2. A waste of So Jisub’s talent
So Jisub is to me a great actor – but movie, what happened?  Something was not right about the way he portrayed the Seoul ganster. I don’t know why, but though this movie is a drama, and we know So Jisub is good at dramas, it was a bit lackluster. An ingredient or two was missing.

3. The Japanese
I realize a lot of people might get angry at this comment – but I think the portrayal of the Japanese might be dramatic / exaggerated for me. It’s true that some of them really had twisted minds during the world war. But there were times when the acting was a bit over the top. It didn’t seem realistic – as with the other elements of the movie. I kind of get that it was so movie goers can better understand the emotions of the coal laborers, but it was too much for me.

Overall, this movie was a good watch. I did get my money’s worth and to top it off it had Song Joongki.
I do encourage you to see it – especially all Pinoy hallyu fans. If we you watch, it will open up opportunities for having more Korean movies shown in the Philippines. And on that note, thank you Viva Films for giving us the opportunity to see Battleship! Cheers to more Asian movies shown in the future! You rock!!!

If you’ve seen the movie, let us know what you think!

**credits: New Trailer Buzz @yt

-chipskjaa (“,)

Sungha Jung’s Philippine Tour

Sungha Jung is coming to the Philippines!

Better yet, he is coming to my City!!!! Yay! Hurray!!!

sungha jung concert

Anyway, if you aren’t familiar with him, he is a Korean finger guitarist. I have wrote several entries about him and his videos. I am very impressed with how he plays his guitar and I have been a fan since I saw his videos since he was about 12 playing his guitar. He has grown and his music too has evolved.

I would really really love to see this concert! The venue is just like 15 minutes maybe 10 by taxi from my house.. But first I need to find someone to go with me who is as impressed with him as I am. Did that make sense? haha… Who wants to go to the concert??

Anyway, check this poster for the ticket prices. Boy am I glad it’s not as expensive as watching all the other Kpop groups perform! 🙂


**check ticketworld to buy your tickets!


Love Recipe – Clazziquai Project (MV and Lyrics)

I’ve been swamped with work lately! I’ve been stressed to the nth level.. but thank god for the new Clazziquai Project album! I have been listening to it on repeat for a few weeks now and it always takes away some of the stress. 🙂


So I wanted to share the title track of their album Blessed. It’s called Love Recipe (not to be confused with Gummy’s Love Recipe).

The Video

I have always been a fan of videos like this. I loved it since I saw it the first time. I like that they made the video in a restaurant and in a sweet shop/deli. I love the different frames and the camera angles. It was shot perfectly. I also love that they didn’t focus only on food but they also showed people in love, not just the romantic kind but all kinds of love. It’s very artistic and deep. This is my kind of video and I’m glad Clazziquai made something different from all the other Kpop vids we are used to seeing.

Two buts though… (1) all these food is making me hungry! (hahaha), (2) where is dj Clazzi! (actually from Eat Your Kimchi’s interview with them, he was in Canada). 😛

The Song

I have been waiting a long time for their comeback! I have always been a Clazziquai fan since I heard “She Is” and “Be My Love” from the OST of My Lovely Samsoon. And I have not stopped liking them because their music is very different from traditional Kpop.

If you have listened to their previous albums, you would realize that this song is reminiscent of their first album. Though they are known for releasing electronica songs, Clazziquai has done a few songs of the same genre as Love Recipe. I kind of like them singing this jazzy/bossanova sound. As always, Clazziquai is not afraid to experiment with their music and they always release tracks that are fresh and original. Alex and Horan’s voice as usual go perfect together. Actually to me their blending is probably one of the best in the industry. It’s PERFECT!!!!

This group has long been a favorite of mine and I could say a lot of praises about them, but I have to write this blog so I’ll sop here.

Final Verdict: They amazed me with another song again! I love this song and I can listen to it the whole day!!! I love them!!

And now for the lyrics:

Love Recipe – Romanized

Soljikhage malhamyeon dalkomhan geon sireosseo.
Niga jo-ahan ddeugeoun keopi, nareunhan bido
Geujeo hamkke isseotji. Geujeo niga jo-aseo
Ije eoneusae keopi hyanggi-e gogae dolline

Niga namgin meseji uri utneun sajindeul
Naege allyeojun nal wihan neoui bimil recipe
Niga namgin geotdeuri ijen naui jeonbuya
Jigeum baro neoege hal mari isseo baby

Love nae gyeoten ontong neoppuniya
Love bissorimajeo nuni busyeo
Love nae pyojeong-kkaji neoreul dalmaga
Jamdeuneun shiganmajeo akkawo

Love jogeum deo moksoril deullyeojwo
Love jogeum deo ganjikal su itge
Love niga itneun i sesangi jo-a
O, ijeya neoreul balgyeonhaesseuni

Soljikhage maramyeon ddeugeoun geon sireosseo
Saranghandago maranamana dasi ddeonago
Neon jogeum dallasseo dasi saenggakhaebwasseo
Jigeum baro neo-ege hal mari isseo baby

Love nae anen ontong neoppuniya
Love jinan nunmuljocha nuni busyeo
Love nae nunbitkkaji neoreul dalmaga
Neoreul moreun shigani akkawo

Love jogeum deo ne yaegil deullyeojwo
Love jogeum deo neoreul al su itge
Love niga itneun i sesangi jo-a
O ijeya neoreul balgyeonhaesseuni

Let me, let me Love
Nae anen ontong neoppuniya
Love jinan nunmuljocha nuni busyeo
Love nae nunbitkkaji neoreul dalmaga
Neoreul moreun shigani akkawo

Love jogeum deo ne yaegil deullyeojwo
Love jogeum deo neoreul al su itge
Love niga itneun i sesangi jo-a
O ijeya neoreul balgyeonhaesseuni
Love love love

Love Recipe Translation

Honestly speaking, I didn’t like sweet things.
The hot coffee that you like, the languid rain
I was just with those things. Because I just liked you
But at some point, I turn my head at the smell of coffee

The message you left, the photos of us smiling
Your secret recipe that you only told me
Everything you left is now my everything
I have something to tell you right now baby

Love, by my side, it’s only you
Love, even the rain sound is dazzling
Love, even my face resembles yours,
time is too precious to even sleep

Love, let me hear your voice a little more
Love, so I can cherish it a bit more
Love, I like the world that you’re in
Oh, because now I finally discovered you

Honestly speaking, I didn’t like hot things
Even if I said I love you, they all left
But you were different, I thought again
I have something to tell you right now baby

Love, inside of me, it’s only you
Love, even the past tears are dazzling
Love, even my eyes resemble yours
All the times spent not knowing

Love, let me hear your story a bit more
Love, so I can get to know you a bit more
Love, I like the world that you’re in
Oh because now I finally discovered you

Let me, let me Love
Inside of me, it’s only you
Love, even the past tears are dazzling
Love, even my eyes resemble yours
All the times spent not knowing

Love, let me hear your story a bit more
Love, so I can get to know you a bit more
Love, I like the world that you’re in
Oh because now I finally discovered you
Love love love

Love Recipe – Hangeul

솔직하게 말하면 달콤한 건 싫었어.
니가 좋아한 뜨거운 커피, 나른한 비도
그저 함께 있었지.그저 니가 좋아서
이제 어느새 커피 향기에 고개 돌리네

니가 남긴 메세지 우리 웃는 사진들
내게 알려준 날 위한 너의 비밀 recipe
니가 남긴 것들이 이젠 나의 전부야
지금 바로 너에게 할 말이 있어 baby

Love 내 곁엔 온통 너뿐이야
Love 빗소리마저 눈이 부셔
Love 내 표정까지 너를 닮아가
잠드는 시간마저 아까워

Love 조금 더 목소릴 들려줘
Love 조금 더 간직할 수 있게
Love 니가 있는 이 세상이 좋아
오, 이제야 너를 발견했으니

솔직하게 말하면 뜨거운 건 싫었어
사랑한다고 말하나마나 다시 떠나고
넌 조금 달랐어 다시 생각해봤어
지금 바로 너에게 할 말이 있어 baby

Love 내 안엔 온통 너뿐이야
Love 지난 눈물조차 눈이 부셔
Love 내 눈빛까지 너를 닮아가
너를 모른 시간이 아까워

Love 조금 더 네 얘길 들려줘
Love 조금 더 너를 알 수 있게
Love 니가 있는 이 세상이 좋아
오 이제야 너를 발견했으니

Let me, let me Love
내 안엔 온통 너뿐이야
Love 지난 눈물조차 눈이 부셔
Love 내 눈빛까지 너를 닮아가
너를 모른 시간이 아까워

Love 조금 더 네 얘길 들려줘
Love 조금 더 너를 알 수 있게
Love 니가 있는 이 세상이 좋아
오 이제야 너를 발견했으니
Love love love

**credits: AlphaBunny (romanization) + daum (hangeul) + pop!gasa (translation) +

**note: I had to edit some parts of the romanized words (example, i use shigani instead of sigani for 시간이)  because i have a way of writing my romanization, but most of it was by AlphaBunny..


Minhyuk (CNBLUE) Cam!!!!

Pardon me for this post will be written like a fan girl!

While I was browsing videos earlier, I happened to see this video and I can’t help but squeal with glee! It’s not everyday you get to see this! hahaha


It’s Minhyuk‘s Cam from when CNBLUE was playing I’m Sorry.

Yes I am a Minhyuk fan girl! Hahaha I really really like this kid! (swoon!!!) We don’t really get to see him up front because he plays the drums so most of the time he stays at the back and the other three boys are in front. But I’m really happy they posted a video like this. It’s kind of like a fan service for those shipping him especially because we don’t see a lot of him. And because of this I am one happy fan! 🙂

I don’t what is it with me and drummers but I always have preferred always drummers over the lead vocals or the guitarists. I think maybe because to me they are a bit mysterious so I like them. And I’ve always like the drums/percussions over guitars — so no wonder I was drawn to him. From this cam we see that he does play the drums well (I daresay! I think BOICEs will agree too!). My heart is fluttering seeing him twirl those drumstick. (sorry if I made you throw up.. I did say I was going to write this like a fan girl!) I’m really a very very satisfied fan! Oh you boys know how to make your fans happy! hurray for good marketing! 😛

I hope they’d be more videos like this so we can drool over him! Don’t you agree girls!

**credits: cnblue@yt + as tagged


F4 (Jerry, Vic, Ken and Vanness) reunites for Chinese New Year

Xin Nian Kuai Le! Well actually that greeting came a bit late! Haha.. but I still wanted to say it! Happy Seollal!

I have been so excited for the past few weeks when I read that the original F4 (Jerry Yan, Vic Zhou, Ken Chu and Vanness Wu)  were reuniting for a show for Chinese New Year.

f4 reunion

I knew that the show was pre-recorded and I have seen some fancams already but I actually waited for the video of the broadcast to be available before making this post. And today, I finally found a video!

Meteor Rain 流星雨

First Time 第一时间

I am not sure if a lot of the new Asian fans would recognize them, but to me they were the reason why I succumbed to the Asian invasion. Before them, I only knew of boy bands who were from Europe or North America. Didn’t really cared that much about Asian boys. Until there was F4!!!

I could still remember how crazy I was over them. Not only me, this craziness swept the Philippines and it opened doors to having more Taiwanese, Japanese and Korean dramas being show in the country. But they were always the first. They were the original Flower Boys! Before everyone knew Go Jun Pyo, everyone was talking about Dao Ming Si! Before Boys Over Flowers (Korean) and Hana Yori Dango (Japanese) there was Meteor Garden.

Now, as I see them together again, I can’t help grinning from ear to ear! OMG!!  I know they have become mature now (I don’t want to use old!!), but it doesn’t stop me from liking them still. I have honestly waited for this reunion to happen. I have read that they have wanted to have one for the last 3 years but because of their schedules, they couldn’t do it. But this year they did and thank heavens they did! And goodness me, they are still so handsome! Zai zai ai ni! (pardon this crazy fan!).

This really really made my day! Wish they would do something like this again!

Note: I have to say thanks to for posting this. My Chinese is not as good as my Korean so I couldn’t find the videos. To see the original post, please click here.

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Sweet Dream – MFBTY (MV)

So it’s a Saturday and I have nothing to do today. And I was a bit bored, so I decided to post some again.

Though I haven’t posted anything, I am still a bit updated with Korean music. But with the recent rise in the number of Kpop groups, I don’t know who is who! Seriously… they are just so many of them now… and their songs are just the same.

But recently I find myself listening to a lot more than just Kpop. I’ve been listening to a lot more than just Kpop, but I think I really enjoy the K-indie music as well as K-hiphop. And this song has been on my playlist. It’s from MFBTY (My Fans Better Than Yours), a project group of Tiger JK, Yoon Mirae (Tasha/T) and Bizzy. It’s called Sweet Dream.

The Video

I actually heard the song before I saw the video. So when I saw the video I was like.. What the heck happened! Hahaha. I have actually been a fan of Drunken Tiger and Yoon Mirae for quite sometime now. And this is the first time I’ve seen them do this kind of stuff in their videos. It was like seeing their alter egos in the video. Did I enjoy it? Ya.. in a twisted kind of way. Maybe I enjoyed it because it was fun to watch them here. Because it’s very different from their image. It shows that they aren’t afraid how they looked like or if it does something to their current image!

The video is full of surreal things. You really don’t expect that to happen in reality.  Maybe they were trying to say a lot of possible things can happen in our dreams – which I bet a lot of us had experienced one time or another. And then when we wake up we know it was just a dream. But I have to say, the robot Tiger dream was scary!

The Song

I loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (notice the number of exclamation points!) When I heard this song the first time I just played Melon 100 chart. I honestly thought it wasn’t a Korean artist who sang it. But when I saw the album cover had Yoon Mirae I couldn’t believe it.. then I hear Tiger JK rap. I am so amazed by this song. Amazed because the beat was electronic-club with a mix of hip hop. It was like listening to a Black Eyed Peas song only in a different language!

I honestly enjoy Korean electronica music. Though this genre is not so popular yet and is (to me) still of an Indie status. But I love this kind of music and it’s certainly something different from Kpop. I am so happy that MFBTY produced this song because it lets people know that there is more than just Kpop in the Korean music industry.

I do hope that they will be making more of this sound even though they are just a project group. Korea needs more electronica!

Final Verdict: You’d never believe it was from a Korean artist until you hear the rap. If you like electronic/hip-hop you’d love this song. I can’t wait to hear more of MFBTY songs!

credits: JUNGLEMFBTY@yt


Of Hiatus and the Joongki Fever

Hello!!! OMG!! I so miss writing on this blog.. I can’t believe it’s been weeks since I last wrote on my blog. I do enjoy writing but the new semester has started and I do have to pay attention with my job sometimes 🙂

Hehe.. but over the time I’ve been missing, there was one thing — or should I say person — who was keeping me company! It’s him!

Haha.. if you have been lurking in this blog for a long time, you will know that I like this man soo much! And it would not be a wonder why I got caught up with the Song Joongki fever!

I swear this guy is getting popular everyday! hahaha.. especially now with Nice Guy and Wolf Boy showing at the same time. Joongki is every where!! Haha.. He is not just Yeorim anymore! I am so happy everyone is recognizing his talents finally and not just that pretty boy image. This is finally his big break in the industry.

The only thing probably that I have indulge myself in these few weeks was watching episodes of Nice Guy. I swear this drama is killing me! I am more a fan of romcoms but this melodrama hit the right spot! But sorry no spoilers, will be writing about it in another post — when the drama is finished. But I think I could say I started to watch it for Joongki but now I’m watching it because is a worthy drama. Ahh why are you ending next week 😦

Anyhow… because I have caught with the Joongki bug, I am spamming pics of him when he had a photoshoot in the Philippines. I actually forgot I had these photos and I never posted them on my blog.. Anyway, I’m back to post as much as I can. Ending hiatus with the Joongki fever!! Kya ~~~ so handsome!!!

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Ready, Set, Go – Aziatix (MV)

Posting this because the artwork in the video was done beautifully!!

It’s Aziatix Ready, Set, Go.

Honestly I didn’t know about this song and I have not heard about it. As this was uploaded on youtube in July, I am guessing this video was for the Olympics. But I this year I was not too much interested with the Olympics — ergo I have never seen this song or heard this video. Posting it because I like the artwork on the video so much!

I haven’t been listening to Aziatix these days. I think too many Kpop songs and too little time. But I am very happy about this video. I wish I could do an artwork like this. The artwork tells a lot about unity. It must have been a painstaking task to do this artwork! A big applause to the one who made it and the one who had the concept for it! It worked for me!!

I’m not much of a fan for this Aziatix song, I think there are better songs. Although, I love the part where they inserted a modern version of Arirang. That’s the best part of the song. of the e best part But this video is one of the best ones they have made!

Enjoy the artwork!

**credits: TheAziatix@yt


I Will Show You 보여줄게 – Ailee (MV)

Yay! I’ve been waiting for this!! 🙂 I was really anticipating another song from Ailee and now she is back with her new track I Will Show You 보여줄게.

The Song

For this post, I’ll talk about the song first.

OMG!!! I love this girl and I love her songs. Actually I’ve been a fan since she was still doing her covers on youtube! This girl is very very talented. And actually I am not disappointed in the song. I don’t know why I am liking girl power songs. Like the title says, it’s a song about a girl telling the guy (who I assume broke up with her) I’ll show you I can’t live without you! Yay for girl power!

The thing I like about this song is the transition from the slow beat to a fast one. I don’t know why I like songs like these, maybe its these! But maybe it’s because of Davichi’s 8282! Ha.. But actually, to me this song doesn’t sound too much of a Korean pop song. I think it sounds more like Gloria Gaynor’s I Will Survive. It has a western touch to it. I think maybe it’s because those are the influences Ailee has with her music.

I have always liked Ailee’s voice and this song showcases her talents, that she can belt a ballad as well as do a fast song. She did prove that when she showed her versatility on Immortal Song 2. I just love this girl!! And I think she could make it big internationally especially because she can speak English.

The MV

When I saw the teaser, I was like OMG it’s G.O! Sorry Ailee, I love you but G.O caught my attention first! But this is Ailee’s song not MBLAQ so I’ll stop talking about G.O. He plays the love interest in the MV.

So the story of the MV is quite simple. It’s something you will most likely see for a song like this. No need to explain really! Haha.. But Ailee was really pretty  with the transformation! I’m so envious of how good she looks with that minidress!  This video is screaming how pretty this girl is!

But what’s up with the ending! I thought you were telling the guy you will show him! Why did you get back with him! Girl you need to keep your head high and not get back with him! ok ok so I am complaining. Oh well maybe her purpose for showing him was to win him back.. but but… ok i’ll stop.

Final Verdict: I love how Ailee showed her versatility in this song! I can’t wait for the broadcasts!

**credits: LOENENT@yt


I Don’t Need A Man 남자 없이 잘 살아 – Miss A (MV)

Miss A has released the MV of their new song I Don’t Need A Man (남자 없이 잘 살아).

The Video

This is a very different video from Miss A. If you’ve seen all their past videos you would know what I am talking about. This video shows more of the hip hop side of Miss A.

The video is a bit confusing for me at first. I had to rewatch it to appreciate it. But I kind of like it. The best part for me was the beginning. I love that this video is all about a woman singing that she is independent. I feel like we need more of this in the Kpopland. Honestly, nowadays there are too many songs that are too cute for my  liking and it’s usually singing about getting a guy or breaking up with a guy. It’s too much!

The video does remind me a bit of Destiny’s Child’s Independent Women. But I think not plagiarizing way, because after all that video was a different one. I guess it’s just the message of the song! Haha.. The black, white and red colors in the song worked for me. But I’m not really fond of the costumes that they wore in this video. Maybe I am just used to seeing Miss A wearing something different. The dance is not as powerful as their old dances. I maybe it’s because the beat of the song is different and slower compared to their previous releases.

What I do love it how Miss A can change their concept and fit perfectly to the concepts of their song. They never had that difficulty I think. From Bad Girl Good Girl, Breathe, Goodbye Baby and Touch — all these songs have a different persona of each member. I kind of like this bit from Miss A. Their concepts are cool and not wacky or too over the top! In this video, it’s the hip-hop Miss A.. And I think I would have to get used of this new concept!

The Song

This is a surprise because this song sounds less of a pop song and more of a hip hop mixed with rnb track — very different from previous Miss A songs. It’s also slower compared to other Miss A songs. But what’s great about it is that it displays Miss A’s versatility with music. But as of writing, I’m still getting used to this new track. But it’s getting to me slowly.

I love Miss A MVs because they always have an English caption released with it. So it’s easy to understand and there is no need to wait for translations. I love the lyrics of the song! Like I said above, we need more of these kind of songs in Kpopland!!! I’m too tired of listening to girls catching a guy’s attention or crying of a broken heart! I love that it says I don’t need a man! Cheers for Miss A for releasing this song! I also love the bit where they say “jinja” and “cheongmal” in the chorus! Catchy!

What’s not to love about Min rapping in the song! I know Jia always does the rap parts, but I love it that Min is rapping in this song too! Sorry I have a bit of bias for her (can’t you tell?) but I think she’s very talented and I especially her bubbly personality!

Final Verdict: This is a new Miss A sound and I’m still getting used to it! But I do love the lyrics of the song! Hurray for Independent Women!!

**credits: missA@yt