Missing You ~ Time to Love – Tamaki Nami ft Kwangsoo, Jihyuk and Geonil

Even before T-ara became very popular in Korea, I liked them already. They have been labeled last year as the most improved girl group but to me, their vocals were quite good since I heard them sing Time To Love.

Yes, for those who do not know Time to Love (TTL) was one of the first tracks that they sang (together with the group Supernova. It was even followed with a second single titled Time to Listen (TTL2).

But I am not posting up that song (though later in this post I including the original version). Instead I found the Japanese version of this song. Yes the Japanese version. Now T-ara fans don’t go criticizing her and accusing Tamaki Nami of stealing the song. I think she wouldn’t be releasing this online if she plagiarized it right?

Anyway this is Tamaki Nami‘s version of TTL.. and it’s called Miss You ~ Time to Love.

In my opinion, it sure is different from the one T-ara did. But I have to say the rap is great! I enjoy Japanese music as much as I do Korean music… and I feel the only difference is that of the vocals.  Soyeon’s voice is much stronger than her voice, but nonetheless, both sound the same. There is however a difference in the dance, kk. As much as I love Japanese music, but most of the time, their choreography doesn’t really impress me too much, that is compared to the Korean counterpart. But watching the PV did not stop me from enjoying the song…

And so for comparison, and the unfamiliar, below are the TTL videos of T-ara and Supernova. Which one do you think is better? The Japanese version or the Korean version??

Time To Love (TTL)

Time to Listen (TTL2)


**credits: tiararthe1, LOENENT and KPOPMV010 @yt


Author: chipskjaa

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