Sexy Love – T-ARA (MV)

Finally making some longer posts. Will be busy again for some time. It’s almost the end of term here and I have to do final. I can see myself checking papers real soon! But will post as often as I can.

Anyway, this is a post for T-ara‘s Sexy Love.

First things first, I know there has been and still is some controversy surrounding this group, but I don’t hate them nor do I hate Hwayoung. I listen to T-ara because of their music, so I don’t really care much about the controversies as long as they still make good music. That’s more important to me!

The Video

There have been other videos that have been released for this song, including the drama version. Although that version was one of the best they made, I’m not really into long drama versions. I just like the action thing that they did. And to insert a little comment, Eunjung has really matured as an actress, it’s a shame she didn’t do Five Fingers.  Anyway, because I like dance versions better (tehee), I posted that on top.

I kind of like this video for the robot concept. Though I’m not much of a fan for robots and dolls being placed in music videos but I think the girls did a pretty good job acting as if they were robots. The movements were well played as well as well edited. Also, I like the harlequin / circus theme they had in some parts of the video. The blend of the puppet as well as the robot concept seems to work fine with me. I think that’s why I was sold with the dance version.

The dance – I’ve seen my share of the robot dances and I think it worked fine. Actually scratch that, for this song, I like the robot dance better than their dance in the chorus. Haha.. it was a little  off to do the robot dance and then do that sexy-ish dance in the chorus. The robot dance looked cooler! 🙂

The Song

When I first heard it, I loved it on the spot. To me for T-ara’s songs, there have been hits and misses. The biggest hit for me still is I Go Crazy Because of You. That’s still the best tract for me followed by TTL (though it’s a duet with Supernova). The biggest miss was Ya Ya Ya. That song was really not my style. But this song reminded me of the old T-ara songs, the ones that they did pre- Why Are You Being Like This? era. This song reminds me so much of Bo Peep Bo Peep with a little bit of Like the First Time and a dose of I Go Crazy Because of You. That combination works fine with me.

The thing that I didn’t like though is that auto-tune rap! Kpop stop with the auto-tune already! It’s a pity you’re not letting the girl’s real voice be heard. I am not much of a fan with auto-tune as you can see. Why? Because a lot of Kpop songs from long ago did not have auto-tune and the song worked out just fine! I know it’s a trend now, but stop it already!

Also, the girls still have to work out with their pronunciation. English coach anyone? The title of the track is written completely in English so I think it’s only fitting they should practice saying this properly! But nevertheless I love it!

Final Verdict: I don’t care what haters say, I love this song but I prefer the Robot Dance video than all the other MVs.

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Introducing the Hanbok Fusion

It’s almost time for Seollal (Korean New Year) once again and sooner we would be seeing some of our favorite Kpop artists and Kdrama actors and actresses to send their greetings to their fans.. and so I thought I would post something about the Hanbok Fusion.

If you are a Hallyu fan, you would probably know what a Hanbok is. It is the Korean traditional costumes. We see it all the time in the Saeguk (historical) dramas. The Hanbok is a very colorful dress that comes in different designs and colors. Most often these dresses are won for special occasions like wedding, birthdays and traditional stuff. However, that doesn’t stop the hanbok from becoming modernized. Thus I give you the Fusion Hanbok.

Fusion Hanbok is like taking the traditional Hanbok and giving a new twist to it so it can be worn for other occasions like an office party, or a modern wedding, or at an awards show. You may have noticed some Kpop girl groups wear them before (like Secret).

Some of the designs include having the hanbok style cut like a cocktail dress, and some have the same hanbok style as well as the length minus the sleeves. These style added a touch of the contemporary style.

I’m posting up my favorites on this posts…

Which one would you wear?

Sandra Oh Wearing a Hanbok at the 14th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards 

John Galiano‘s Hanbok inspired gown presented at the 2011 Christian Dior Couture Fashion Show — I LOVE IT!!!!

I love the pastel colors in this modern Hanbok.. I would love to have one of this!

How the Hanbok would look like in the 1920’s….

Now let’s not forget the Kpop stars who look good with Fusion Hanbok… these are the ones I like… oh and I loved the Hanbok’s Secret wore (picture on top).. especially Zinger’s!

Zinger (Secret) – Love the Color!!

 Seungyeon (Kara) – I love love this.. it’s something you could wear to a party!

Eunjung (T-ara)

Jessica (SNSD)

I super love fusion hanboks! I wish I had one… I think this is all because of seeing Yoon Eun Hye’s clothes in Goong! kk

But if you would like to have your own fusion hanbok, you can visit this site:

They make hanbok.. but i’m not sure about the quality though. I haven’t ordered from them, but their designs are quite good, especially the cocktail styled hanboks.

Now I want my hanbok!~~~ kk

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Missing You ~ Time to Love – Tamaki Nami ft Kwangsoo, Jihyuk and Geonil

Even before T-ara became very popular in Korea, I liked them already. They have been labeled last year as the most improved girl group but to me, their vocals were quite good since I heard them sing Time To Love.

Yes, for those who do not know Time to Love (TTL) was one of the first tracks that they sang (together with the group Supernova. It was even followed with a second single titled Time to Listen (TTL2).

But I am not posting up that song (though later in this post I including the original version). Instead I found the Japanese version of this song. Yes the Japanese version. Now T-ara fans don’t go criticizing her and accusing Tamaki Nami of stealing the song. I think she wouldn’t be releasing this online if she plagiarized it right?

Anyway this is Tamaki Nami‘s version of TTL.. and it’s called Miss You ~ Time to Love.

In my opinion, it sure is different from the one T-ara did. But I have to say the rap is great! I enjoy Japanese music as much as I do Korean music… and I feel the only difference is that of the vocals.  Soyeon’s voice is much stronger than her voice, but nonetheless, both sound the same. There is however a difference in the dance, kk. As much as I love Japanese music, but most of the time, their choreography doesn’t really impress me too much, that is compared to the Korean counterpart. But watching the PV did not stop me from enjoying the song…

And so for comparison, and the unfamiliar, below are the TTL videos of T-ara and Supernova. Which one do you think is better? The Japanese version or the Korean version??

Time To Love (TTL)

Time to Listen (TTL2)


**credits: tiararthe1, LOENENT and KPOPMV010 @yt


Dream High Flash Mob

I love to watch Flash Mobs!

Though I know all of it was planned beforehand but it’s very exciting to watch.

Today as I watched the last episode of Dream High.. I was so excited to see the flash mob dance.

I’m not even finish watching it but I needed to make the post! kk I love flash mobs! kk

Spot Miss A if you can! another cameo! love this drama really!!

Though I am a little sad that this drama is ending. It’s the one (during this season) that I’ve really watched without missing an episode. Sigh.. well everything happy has it’s end… 🙂

I wish there was a second season.. but one with a story you can compare to this!

**credits: emperornuneo2@yt


T-ara Compilation

I have to control my Super Junior mania this week… so I am posting something else on my blog!

T-Ara (티아라) is a new girl band that I like… well their first single if I remember correctly was a ballad… but I just forgot what the title of the song was.. but I liked them when they had a collaboration with Supernova for TTL.. and since that collaboration, these girls have climbed up to stardom…

I decided to do a compilation of their songs… just so you can get to know who they are and so you will be familiar with their songs.. but I think most people pretty much know who they are already…

I go crazy because of you 너 때문에 미쳐

I will start with this one.. for someone who is familiar with the American pop scene, you might say that the song sound like a Britney Spears song… when I heard this the first time, I had that impression. But the song grew on me and I think it’s really nice to hear.. I just pretend not to know Britney kk. But overall the song is really catchy.. so is the dance.. they looked sexy!

Bo Peep Bo Peep

If you watched any of the Korean variety shows last year maybe around December, you will see this song often played and danced! Most K-artist really like to dance the hip/butt movement.. sorry I don’t know what it’s called. They also love the hand gesture when the bo-peep bo-peep bo-peep part of the song is sang.. cute song but not one of my t-ara faves.

처음처럼Like The First Time

I didn’t know they were the ones who sang this song not until one of my friends had it on her ringtone! So I asked her who are they and she introduced me to them because she liked them! The video is cute.. and the song is well, I’m not sure how to describe it but it sounds different. You can dance to the song but its more of the sensual and intimate dance.

거짓말 (Lies)

There are a lot of versions of this song, there is even a ballad one. But I love how all of the versions and I am not tired listening to it all. This is their single after the release of the TTL series. And yes, do not confuse it with the Big Bang song 😀

I will not be describing these 2 songs anymore..

TTL (Time to Love)

TTL 2 (Time to Love 2)

As of writing they had a new mv out… i heard the song already but, these songs here will do for now.. maybe six videos/songs is …

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