Muli – Bamboo

Here is another OPM track I want to share. It’s called Muli by Bamboo.

Bamboo is one of the many popular rock bands in the Philippines. But I especially like them because of their lyrics and how they sound. You know it’s their song when you hear one :). They are known for writing songs with a note about patriotism to the country.

This song tells about a person wanting to see his/her loved ones again. Muli means Again. The person says, there is nothing like his loved one and it would be nice to see and be with the other person again.  The song also sends out a message to all he has loved, both living and those who have gone to the after life, that until know you are in his heart.

It’s a kind of melodrama song, but i like it. The video is unique one also. It stars one of the teen idols from back in the 1990s (Gio Alvarez). I used to have a huge crush on him! kk The story in the video is nice if you know what I mean.

Song lyrics:

Muli (Tagalog)

Walang katulad mo, walang kasing-lakas ng tama mo.
Salamat sa iyo aking guro’t gabay.
Dahil sa iyo, ang buhay ko’y nagka-saysay.
Sa malas kong ito, minsan sinwerte din ako.
Nang makilala ang taong tulad mo.

Pasensya na, sana maintindihan mo.
Gusto lang kitang makasamang… muli.

Sa likod ng skwela, sa tindahan ni Nanang.
Daloy ng pag-ibig do’n kong unang natikman.
Sa ‘daming alaala, sana tandaan ninyo.
Ang problema ng isa, problema ng grupo.

Pasensya na, sana maintindihan mo.
Gusto lang kitang makasamang… muli.

Para sa lahat ng minahal ko ng tunay.
Andito’t lumisan, sa puso ko’y buhay pa rin kayo.
Buhay kayo, sa puso ko’y buhay pa rin kayo.

I’m not very good at translating, this is the rough translation of the song 🙂 .. so don’t blame me 😛

Muli (Rough Translation)

There’s no one like you, No one ever impressed me like you did
Thanks to you, my guide and my teacher
Because of you, my life has meaning
Though I’m a jinx, sometimes I get lucky
(I got lucky) when I met someone like you

I’m sorry, I hope you understand
I just want to be with you… again

At the back of the school, in Nanang’s store
I first encountered love
All the memories, I hope you all remembered
One’s problem becomes the problem of the group

I’m sorry, I hope you understand
I just want to be with you… again

To all whom I’ve truly loved.
Those who are still here and have gone, You’re still in my heart
You’re still living, you’re still in my heart.

**credits:  S6Flipto @yt

** you can copy the rough translation.. just credit me kk


Author: chipskjaa

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    1. Di ko alam kung sino – couldn’t find answers online din.. but he sure looks like gio alvarez to me (sorry 90s kid :))


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