Yoon Eun Hye’s Goong Fashion

I was watching Goong the other day. Though I have noticed it a long time ago when I first saw Goong, I am just posting it now. I Super Love the clothes that Yoon Eun Hye wears in the drama.

When looking at her dresses in the drama, you have to remember that this drama was made in the late part of 2005 and was shown in early 2006. So the Hallyu fashion today is very different from the Hallyu fashion at that time. But I love the pieces that she wore especially the hanboks. I think watching this drama was the first time I saw I saw the fusion hanbok style.

I want to do screencaps but I’m too lazy to do them, so instead I will post most of the official pics from the drama as well as pictures I found while lurking in the internet.

So tell me which one is your favorite?

I remember wanting a Korean school uniform because of this drama! 

These were the Hanboks she wore

These two were my favorites

Compilations of what she wore (i did not compile it so credits to whoever did it :))

And did last but not least.. I so love these shoes!!!

If you have more pictures to share, please write it in the comments below 🙂 Thank you!

** credits: as tagged (pictures are not mine) + afspot.net


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  1. @chipskjaa
    Hi chipskjaa! It’s me again…I couldn’t resist replying to you about YEH’s fashion from Goong. There were a lot of outfits that I really like too, but then again there were just a couple that was like…wt? I laughed when I saw your comment about wanting to wear a school uniform. I wore one when I went to my private Catholic school, but it didn’t look as cute as YEH’s. But, then again that was in the 60’s. I’m giving away my age here. I wish I could’ve had such a cute uniform like hers.
    I know what you mean about the hanboks. I really like Goong because it made me so interested in the Korean culture and language. I loved the hanboks she wore. They were so beautiful. I didn’t like the huge headpieces that the women had to wear in the drama. I would not want to have to deal with that on a daily basis. OMG…too heavy and distracting.
    Being the ahjumma that I am, I’m not sure how to upload pics or else I’d add some to my reply.
    One of my favorites was the dress she wore at the classical music opening that her and Shin went to. She looked so pretty…and the kiss on the cheek was too cute. But, then she wore that same dress at Yul’s birthday party and that babo Shin had to force kiss her because he was jealous. Whenever I watch that episode, it never fails, I cry when she sheds the tear because she didn’t hear the whole conversation between Shin and Hyo-Rin. Chae-Khung was babo for not listening to the rest of the convo. If she had listened to the convo, I think she would’ve flipped for joy, but OH NO…of course being a drama, they had to have another miscommunication.
    Getting back to Goong fashion…yeah I love the dresses. Maybe, you should have a blog about Shin and Yul’s fashion too. Now, there was a lot to complain about with the guys outfits. TOO MUCH PINK! I shouldn’t talk, I had my husband wear a pink bowtie and cumberbund with his tuxedo. It was very fashionable in the 80’s.


    1. i wanted a uniform like that so badly.. i studied in the philippines in high school and our skirt should be below the knee, its basically the same rule for public and private high schools. but by the time goong was shown, i was fresh out of college so i really don’t need it anymore haha 🙂
      i’ll try to write about their fashion.. but my problem is i’m not really an expert on men’s wear.. haha so i can’t really appreciate it much. but i do know why they wore too much pink.. actually, men wearing pastel colored clothes are quite popular in korea even during the time when goong was shown.. it’s more popular there now. i know like the initial reaction for a westerner would be what?? pink is for girls! — this is a reaction people in the philippines would do before… but i had the chance to ask some korean men about why they’re not bothered to wear pink.. they said that if you wore pink or pastels it’s like they are real men because they are not afraid to wear something like that. they enjoy it because its nice to the eyes.. i was gobsmacked with their answer! but that’s kind of my view point now..


      1. The Japanese and Korean dramas make their school uniforms look so cute and cool! I wish I had killer legs like YEH too! My legs were too skinny as a kid! Now, they’re too fat. Oh well…that’s life. Every time in Kindergarten we teach the colors to the kids and each day is a different color. So of course, one of the days is pink day. We tell the boys that they can wear pink too if they want, but we rarely get boys coming to school in pink. There might be 2 or 3 at the most. They have no problem wearing any of the other colors. Isn’t that strange how pink is considered feminine? I had my husband wear pink for our wedding and he said he was thrilled about wearing pink, but he wanted to marry me, so he said, “OK!.” It was in fashion in the 80’s in America. I saw it in a bridal magazine and the style back then was pastels. Now, I laugh when I look at our wedding pics because I think it would have been better if he wore the traditional black tux with a black bowtie and cumberbund. Again, oh well…can’t change the past. I’m still married to the guy. It’s been 29 years so far and counting. The men who do wear pink or either very confident about their masculinity OR they just are really feminine(gay). Either way, I’m okay with men wearing pink. It’s just in the drama Goong, for Yul the style of clothing didn’t look right and for Shin, it looked okay on him. I don’t know why I think that. Maybe because Shin is definitely very masculine looking and Yul looks more like a girl to me. That’s just my opinion. Yul is very cute looking. Shin is handsome. That’s just my opinion. Take care and enjoy your vacation. I know the some schools in California have already started like me, but I will be done with school earlier – May 2013. Already, counting the days…just kidding.


        1. wow that’s nice!! that’s so amazing.. maybe i should let my future groom wear pink! hahaha but i still have to find one! lol
          i think for Yul.. I think they were trying to make him look like a guy from England, but I thought they were trying too hard with the fashion statement.
          Also I think not all clothes fit the guy who is playing Yul. Some of the pieces were just plain ridiculous! sorry
          But with JJH, and I am not saying because of my bias, he looks good in what he wears, I think probably because he is a model first before he became an actor and his built is quite masculine.


  2. wow! i love those pics. you can practically see YEH growing up in front of you. i also love the school uniform, sooo cute compared to what i wore in hs. the nuns would have us line up going up the stairs from lunch with their rulers. man, they would rip the hem of the skirt if they think it too short. a ripped hem for pleated skirt – it was so embarassing to have to wear that skirt the rest of the day. in that compilation, i like the 3rd one most. she looked more matured, sophisticated, and so sexy in that one, but i hate that she only got to wear it for a short time and shin was mad at her. he can’t even ogle at her for being so damn hot! i don’t like the bottom second dress in the bottom compilation. i guess it’s because it really shows the age of the drama in that style. the other clothes are timeless, but that one was a trend at the time, as well as that floral dress with the blue fur. i don’t like that either. other than that, thank you for all these pics, and that back hug, (shin almost fell, lol) from my favorite episode 23.2. cheongmal, kamsahamnida.


  3. Well, I just finished teaching the colors to my Kindergarteners and again only the girls wore pink. Oh well, someday, pink will not be such a stigma hopefully, for boys in the U.S. Some of the other teachers had boys wear shirts with a slight pink stripe. I had none. I expected that actually. I think pink looks good on some guys. It really depends on the style. I’ll keep watching Goong still for the story and the chemistry between Shin goon and Chae Keung.


  4. OMG!!! FINALLY!!! i’ve seen Goong back in 2006 and since then i’ve already been on search of YEH’s outfit collection there because i loved them all! I was too lazy to watch it again just to get snapshots. After so many years i was reminded of how i loved YEH’s clothes there and FINALLLLLYYYY i saw your page. Thank you!!! my years of searching has finally come to an end. =))))))


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