We Are Now Strangers – Kim Kyung Rok (VOS) ft. Baby J

I remember one of my officemates bringing a selection of Korean songs to the office but since the titles of the songs were in Hangul, I could not understand it. There was one song in the selection which I liked but I didn’t know what the title was. Then last night as I was watching Pops in Seoul (Arirang TV), the song was one of the tracks that they played. The song is called We Are Now Strangers by Kim Kyung Rok. He is a part of a Korean group called V.O.S (Voice of Soul). This song is part of his People are People album. I like the melody of the song (though I did not understand the lyrics).

We are Now Strangers 이젠 남이야 (Romanization)

[Baby-J Narr.]
Charari man naji malgeol geuraet nabwa
Ige meoya…gyeol guk ireoge dwil geo myeon seo…
Uri geuman…heh eojija…

Urin sarang haji maraseoya dwae uri…
Urin sarang haji maraseoya dwae uri…
Geuman yeogiseo geut naeja

Uri sarang haeseon andwae seoya dwae uri…
Uri sarang haeseon andwae seoya dwae uri…
Seoro bandae roman salja…

*Urin ijen namiya
Nam boda domot hansa iya
Seoroga sangcheo man jugo nun mulman heurigo
Mi uman keojigo geut na

Sarang gateun geo anhae
Geugaji sarang ijen shireo
Dashi neun manju Chijima nae yaegi hajima
Urin nami nika*

[Rap By Baby-J ]
Suri chwihan neoreul naega gidaril piryo eopgo
Pigon haeha neun neoreul bada julil eopgo
Saengil daemada neo egeseo unhae halil eopgo
Amugeodo neo ege nan baral ili eopseo
Geunde chami sang haeji nigawae geojeong dwiji
Na eopshin amugeo domot haneun deh
Jeong malro gwaen chaneun ji… na eopshin gwaen chaneun ji…

Repeat *

Ireol geol wae saranghae ireol geol wae jal hae jungeo ni
It giman him deuleo jige jagu saeng gak nage
Nipumi geuri weo jige

Dashi sarang hajima
Na gateun saram man deul jima
Dogateun sangcheo jujima
Jal hae juji doma
gyeol guk nami nika…

Urin sarang haji mara seoya dwae uri…
Urin sarang haeseon mara seoya dwae uri…
Ijen urido namiya…

We are Now Strangers 이젠 남이야 (Translation)

[Baby-J Narr.]
We shouldn’t have met…what is this?
It was eventually going to end up like this
Let’s break up

We shouldn’t have loved, we…
We shouldn’t have loved, we…
Let’s end it here

We can’t have loved, we…
We can’t have loved, we…
Let’s live our separate lives

*We are now strangers
We are worse off than strangers
All we did was hurt each other
Make each other cry
Grow hatred and end it

I’m not going to love…
I hate love forever now
Let’s not meet again
Don’t talk about me anymore
Because we are now strangers*

[Rap By Baby-J ]
There is no reason to wait for your drunk butt
There is no reason to accept your tired butt
There is no reason for me to feel sorry on your birthday
There is no reason for me to expect anything from you
But it’s weird isn’t it? Why am I worried about you?
You couldn’t do anything without me…
Are you really okay?

Repeat *

If it was going to be like this…Why did you love me?
Why did you treat me good?
You only make it hard for me to forget you
Stop thinking about you, make me long for you

Don’t love me again
Don’t turn to someone else like me
Don’t give me the same pain
Don’t be good to me
When we are nothing but strangers

We shouldn’t have loved, we…
We can’t have loved, we…
We are now strangers

**credits to jreissoi90@youtube for the video, dolphin115@soompi for the romanization and xenojoey@soompi for the translation

** update.. please click here if you like the song

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