All For You – Cool (Lyrics)

I am going crazy over Reply 1997. And I am going crazier because they released a remake of Cool’s All For You!

This song is one of my favorites from Cool. It’s one of their slow songs. If  I am not mistaken it’s from their 5th album. Actually I like this song better than Aloha. I wanted to post this a long time ago, but there was no MV for this song, so I settled with posting Aloha. But as this song is getting more popular because of Reply 1997, I decided it’s time to post it.

Like I said there is no MV of this song, so I am settling for this live performance clip. I found better copies on naver but i don’t know how to post it here, so this youtube vid will do.

I really like hearing this song! It’s very sweet.. And it’s easy to sing a long with. I will not be putting a critic on this song, because no matter what someone says at the end I will still say I still love it!

Because it’s quite old, I could not find any good romanizations so I made on of my own. Please credit: chipskjaa@wordpress if you use it!  Thanks!

All For You – Romanization

Beolsseo meonchiljae jeonhwado eobneun neo
Eolmahomeon naui saengil-irangeol aneunji
Nunchido eobshi shiganeun jakkuman heulreogago
Nan mi-umboda geokjeongseureon mame
Mojakjeon chijagan neoui golmogeogwi-eseo
Saenggakji mothan useumyeon bangineun neoreul bwasseo

Sashireun marya na manhi gominhaesseo
Naege amugeotdo haejeul su oepneungeol
Ajik manhi mojarado gajin geot eobseodo
Ireon narado badajullae

*Neoreul wihaeseo neomaneul wihaeseo
Nan sesang modeungeol da angyeo jujin mothajiman
Nan neo-egeman ije yaksokhalkke
Ojik neoreul wihan naega dwilkke

**It’s only for you
Just wanna be for you
Neon geureoke jigeum moseub geudaero
Naegyeote isseumyeondwi
nNan dashitae-eonado yeonweonhi neoman barabolke

Yeongweonhi neowa hamkke han mirae naegyeote
Isseojun neoreul wihae neomaneul wihae

Neon moreujiman jogeumeun himdeureosseo
Naege eo-ullineun sarami nainji
Geuga naega anirado dareun nugurado
Ijen geureon maeum beorille

Repeat * and **

Love nae jakeun mamsoguel oh, love ni hyanggiro chi-ullae
Geu soge yeongweonhi gadhyeo beoreondedo
Nan haengbokhal su itdorok

Repeat *

It’s only for you

Yeonweonhi haengbokhal sumaneun eobgetji
Eonjenga apahal naldo itgetji
Hajiman jigeumcheoreomman baro jigeumcheoreomman
Seoro saranghamyeon amureon munje-eobji
Uh uh it’s all for you

All For You  – Translation

Already it’s been a few days, but you don’t call
Do you know that in a while, it’s my birthday?
Thoughtlessly, time only passes,
Instead of hatred, with a worried heart,
I went to your house to see you,
And I saw you, who smiled for me

Honestly, I thought a lot
I can’t do anything for you.
Even though I’m not perfect, and I don’t have anything,
Will you accept me?

It’s only 4 U, just wanna be 4 U
You? You just have to stay by my side like always,
And even if I’m born again, I’ll only look up to you.
The future I will spend with you, just for you.

You might not know, but it was a bit hard,
Am I the one that matches with you?
Even though I’m not, and somebody else is,
I’ll throw away that thought. ]

It’s only 4 U,
Just wanna be 4 U
You? You just have to stay by my side like always,
And even if I’m born again, I’ll only look up to you. LOVE
In my little heart, oh love.

Even though I’m trapped in your scent forever,
I can be happy, just for you, just for you.
I can’t get everything in the world,
But I’ll promise this to you,
I’ll be the one made for you.
It’s only for you,

We can’t be happy forever, one day there will be pain,
But, if we love each other like now, and look up to each other,
There will be no problems.

All For You – Hangeul

벌써 며칠째 전화도 없는 너
얼마후면 나의 생일이란걸 아는지
눈치도 없이 시간은 자꾸만 흘러가고
난 미움보다 걱정스런 맘에
무작정 찾아간 너의 골목어귀에서
생각지 못한 웃으며 반기는 너를 봤어

사실은 말야 나 많이 고민했어
내게 아무것도 해줄 수 없는걸
아직 많이 모자라도 가진 것 없어도
이런 나라도 받아줄래

* 너를 위해서 너만을 위해서
난 세상 모든 걸 다 안겨 주진 못하지만
난 너에게만 이제 약속할께
오직 너를 위한 내가 될께

** It’s only for you
Just wanna be for you
넌 그렇게 지금 모습 그대로
내곁에 있으면되
난 다시태어나도 영원히 너만 바라볼게

영원히 너와 함께 한 미래 내곁에
있어준 너를 위해 너만을 위해

넌 모르지만 조금은 힘들었어
내게 어울리는 사람이 나인지
그가 내가아니라도 다른 누구라도
이젠 그런 마음 버릴래

Repeat * and **

Love 내 작은 맘속을 oh, love 니 향기로 채울래
그 속에 영원히 갇혀 버린데도
난 행복할 수 있도록

Repeat *

It’s all for you

영원히 행복할 수만은 없겟지
언젠가 아파할 날도 있겠지
하지만 지금처럼만 바로 지금처럼만
서로 사랑하면 아무런 문제없지
Uh uh it’s all for you

**credits: ginaaax3@soompi +  daum + umpire0117 @yt


Author: chipskjaa

Certified Unnie / Jiejie who is crazy about anything and everything Asian! Currently fangirling over Chinese novels and Chinese dramas - but never forgets to watch Kdramas and Lakorns on the side. When she has time, she indulges in her favorite Bangtan Boys for motivation (",)

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  1. thanks for make this post.. I just download eunji and seo in guk song and find out that their song sound similar in my ear.. I ever heard this song in ‘audition’ but forget who the original singer.. And after read ur post i remember this is a COOL song.. ^^ thanks~ i love alot of cool’s songs too.. And already cover it on youtube.. Kkk.. Thx 4 made this post~ ^^


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