Jun Matsumoto’s new drama

I think Jun Matsumoto’s last drama was Bambino (if I’m not mistaken). But now he is going to star in a new drama alongside Yui Aragaki (the girl from Koizora, the movie version). It’s going to be entitled Smile.

jun aragaki_yui

Jun Matsumoto plays a half-Filipino whose father has died and mother has disappeared. Despite his misfortune and the issues he deals with, such as race, he lives his life positively with a constant smile.

Similarly, Gakky plays a young woman living cheerfully despite losing her ability to speak due to an accident. Her character is said to be modeled after a real actress in the theatrical troupe that Takuma runs.

“Smile” will air on Friday nights at 10:00pm, starting in April.

I hope this one would be nice πŸ˜€ ehehe can’t wait!

** credits to tokyograph and meoinkie2@asianfanatics


Author: chipskjaa

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12 thoughts

  1. “the issues he deals with, such as race”….hmmph….
    I’m so trying to calm myself.
    wonder what sort of issues he had to face… o.O


  2. grabe… napanood ko yung 1st episode ng smile…well wala pang subbed.. pero gosh ang ganda hehehe..yun nga lang parang pinakikita dun na napaka stupid ng mga pilipino haist !!!….


  3. This dorama is all about the racial discrimination… Dini-discriminate ang mga filipinos sa Japan… Tulad nito, kapag nalaman nilang may dugong filipino ka, may possibility na hindi ka mananalo sa kaso… 😦 Pero kahit na filipino ako, I love Japan pa rin and this dorama won’t make me back out of planning to go to Japan for a tour! πŸ™‚ Good luck, MatsuJun! Sana magsalita ka pa ng tagalog!!! πŸ™‚ KONBANWA… “Anatagasukidesu,MatsuJun-san!”


  4. wah! meron pala nito! tsk. badtrip., bat may discrimination sa japan about sa mga filipinos! >;-(

    gusto ko na tong mapanuod


    1. discrimination* sorry for the typo!

      And we, FIlipinos, love Japan very much. Don’t make us disappointed by hearing that there’s discrimination in Japan. 😦


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