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Zettai Kareshi Special

Zettai Kareshi (Absolute Boyfriend) returns!!! Yay!


I saw this article on asianfanatics. The drama is coming back with a special episode. The special will be entitled “Zettai Kareshi ~Kanzen Muketsu no Koibito Robot”. According to the article that I’ve read, the special will continue from where the drama ended. Hayami Mokomichi (Regatta) will be coming back as Tenjo Night (Nighto-kun!). Aibu Saki (Regatta) and Mizushima Hiro (Hana Kimi) will be reprising their roles. This will be broadcasted by Fuji TV sometime this spring.


I can’t wait for Nighto-kun to be back! I miss this series!!

** credits to tokyograph and  meoinkie2@asianfanatics



    1. there’s no confirmed date yet…
      but don’t worry i’ll be updating my blog when if there will be news about this 😀


  1. i’m late already????huhuhu….
    i’m really looking forward to it….
    my fav zettai kareshi…..
    impatient ryte now……


    1. i think you can stream them online 😀 i watched it on… is almost always updated! 😀


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