Beautiful Target (Zoom Zoom Version) – B1A4

These boys are getting more and more popular.. and it hasn’t been a year even since they debuted. So this is off  B1A4 youtube channel, the new MV version of their song Beautiful Target.

I am not really sure what’s the difference between the two versions or why this is called the Zoom Zoom version (B1A4 fans please enlighten me). I thinks its the story part of the video and the dance sequences. But I actually liked this better than the first one. I have to admit though that this is more like a fan service video with their fans seeing more shots of the boys. Anyway, I think the song is pretty catchy! But I prefer Ok! compared to this one though. But but but.. there is one thing I really hope their producers would work out the next time.. Can they give the boys some English coaching please. I know I know, they are not native English speakers, but I know a lot of Koreans can speak English and are studying English for that matter. So I guess by now they know how to pronounce words properly or distinguish how to say Z or R. When I first heard this song I was like what’s joom joom? Is there are Korean word like that? My limited Korean knowledge told me NO.. and when I got online to google the lyrics.. its zoom zoom! OMG! I was like didn’t they have any language coaches? And the sad things is it gets repeated over and over throughout the song. And don’t forget the Locket.. umm isn’t that what we hang on our necks that has a picture of someone we love. I think their producers ought to do a better job at coaching the boys. I don’t think it’s their fault for not pronouncing the words properly, but if they had a coach it would have sounded better.

Oh Engrish…

But I still enjoyed the video and looking at them boys!! kk

**credits: chB1A4@yt


Author: chipskjaa

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