Fashion Spotlight: Sooyoung of Girls Generation

Girls Generation are very well known for their fashion tastes. They especially wear the right kind of clothes for the right occasions. They’re airport fashion is a common headline in most news articles.

I wanted to do an article for all of them but it would take me forever to do that post so I decided instead to do a spotlight on Sooyoung. I think she has the most hits when it comes to fashion (actually, I like Sooyoung and Seohyun’s choices, maybe I’ll post about her next time).

Sooyoung is actually my favorite member among the 9 girls. I think she is the prettiest (though I know a lot will argue). I also think she has one of the best bodies among the girls and definitely the one with the best legs! But what amazes me about her is she looks good in absolutely anything she wears, though of course there were a few misses, but the hits were more than the miss. I especially like her airport fashion and the way she matches her get up with a bag! And this is where my babbling stops for the pictures.

Floral pants matched with a silky salmon blouse — only a few girls would look good wearing those pants!

 Wearing a black and gray top with faded jeans 

In a laurel green (color) dress with a sheer top. I love how she matched it with a darker green bag 

At a Tory Burch Event – skinny jeans!

At an H and M Event — I am not much of a fan for the color of the dress but I love how it fits her

Focus on the bag — I love how she finds the right bag for her get up! 

Winter Airport fashion – fabulous! glamorous!

 Oh and one more thing.. this girl looks fabulous in skinny jeans! Omo! I guess it must be her legs that does that.



I so envy her legs!

She’s pretty and glamorous and she has a good fashion sense. I can’t wait for more of ensembles!

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Introducing the Hanbok Fusion

It’s almost time for Seollal (Korean New Year) once again and sooner we would be seeing some of our favorite Kpop artists and Kdrama actors and actresses to send their greetings to their fans.. and so I thought I would post something about the Hanbok Fusion.

If you are a Hallyu fan, you would probably know what a Hanbok is. It is the Korean traditional costumes. We see it all the time in the Saeguk (historical) dramas. The Hanbok is a very colorful dress that comes in different designs and colors. Most often these dresses are won for special occasions like wedding, birthdays and traditional stuff. However, that doesn’t stop the hanbok from becoming modernized. Thus I give you the Fusion Hanbok.

Fusion Hanbok is like taking the traditional Hanbok and giving a new twist to it so it can be worn for other occasions like an office party, or a modern wedding, or at an awards show. You may have noticed some Kpop girl groups wear them before (like Secret).

Some of the designs include having the hanbok style cut like a cocktail dress, and some have the same hanbok style as well as the length minus the sleeves. These style added a touch of the contemporary style.

I’m posting up my favorites on this posts…

Which one would you wear?

Sandra Oh Wearing a Hanbok at the 14th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards 

John Galiano‘s Hanbok inspired gown presented at the 2011 Christian Dior Couture Fashion Show — I LOVE IT!!!!

I love the pastel colors in this modern Hanbok.. I would love to have one of this!

How the Hanbok would look like in the 1920’s….

Now let’s not forget the Kpop stars who look good with Fusion Hanbok… these are the ones I like… oh and I loved the Hanbok’s Secret wore (picture on top).. especially Zinger’s!

Zinger (Secret) – Love the Color!!

 Seungyeon (Kara) – I love love this.. it’s something you could wear to a party!

Eunjung (T-ara)

Jessica (SNSD)

I super love fusion hanboks! I wish I had one… I think this is all because of seeing Yoon Eun Hye’s clothes in Goong! kk

But if you would like to have your own fusion hanbok, you can visit this site:

They make hanbok.. but i’m not sure about the quality though. I haven’t ordered from them, but their designs are quite good, especially the cocktail styled hanboks.

Now I want my hanbok!~~~ kk

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The Boys – So Nyeo Shi Dae (Korean and English versions)

For all the SONES, I know they have been waiting quite sometime for their idols to make a come back.. And they just did with their new song The Boys.. and it’s released in both English and Korean versions!

Korean Version

English Version 

Hmmm… I can’t say that I like the song so much. Though it’s a pretty good track and definitely different from what they have done in the past, I think this sounded like a cheerleading song. Yes the verses sounded really good but I’m not digging the chorus too much. It’s like me singing “I said burn it’s cold in here it must be Toros in the atmosphere”.. oops Bring it on nostalgia..  But I do say I like the way they say bring the boys out!

But hooray for their effort of making the English version of this song, that means their spreading their wings and trying a new market. The English version of the song, their English that is, is understandable, except maybe for a few awkward words, but you can make out what they were singing!

As for the video, well the first part, the song they used is just like a recycle of the Keep Your Head Down intro, except for minor changes. I mean it’s not the girls fault, but the record company could have done something special for them. It did suit their concept of the video, but its been used before, and it hasn’t been a year since that tune was used, so why use it again??

But but but.. I love their concept for this song. It’s definitely a bolder and sexier Girl’s Generation. I mean we’ve seen them sexy before, but this concept gives off a very strong aura of the girls. I love their outfits. It had a theme but it’s outfit was had its own identity. I love their new dance, it’s not cutesy at all. I’m glad they realize that they should reinvent themselves and give a stronger image.. It’s new but absolutely perfect for the girls who are no longer in their teens. Oh and the best transformation goes to Sunny! She’s shed off that cute image! I love the way they did her hair! It’s short! Yehey!! And boy does she look good. I had to do a double take just to make sure it was her. Kudos to her for being so brave in her new do!

But I’m hoping this release would be a good one for them! Though I think they would not have any problem with all the Sones from all over the worls supporting them!!!

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Mr. Taxi – SNSD (少女時代)

I’m really slacking on posting this song! kk I know this came out last week, and I bet a lot of SONES have posted this song on their respective blogs. I’m not really a Sones but I am joining the bandwagon to post this song! kk but don’t kill me.. I like SNSD 少女時代  ^_^

Anyway, this is their PV of their new Japanese single Mr. Taxi.

I posted the Dance version which was uploaded by Universal Music Japan. But if you want to see the longer PV,  click here.

Hmmm… the song is nice, but I think these days, a lot of autotune is being used in most songs, not only for SNSD songs. I have nothing against the girls, but I still think that Gee and Kissing You sound better. Both songs bring out the real voices of the girls. For the video, since this is a dance version, we do get to see them dance. But in the longer one.. there is not much of a difference with the dance version, maybe just the solo parts. But I’m not really liking it. With the girls, I would love to see a video with them doing some acting ala Gee video… so yes, Gee is still my favorite SNSD song! the best!! kk ^_^

But I did enjoy the song ^_^

**credits:  universalmusicjapan and grayfm@yt

Visual Dreams (Intel Collaboration Song) – SNSD (MV)

Didn’t have the time to post too much on my blog. In the last few days have been a whirlwind and I suddenly became busy. But tonight, though I need to sleep early, I couldn’t help but post some things on my blog! Oh writing this makes me want to wish it was the weekend!!!

Anyway.. I am posting Visual Dream (Intel Collaboration Song). This was sang by SNSD / Girls Generation.

Except for the metallic outfits I like the video! The video screams… this is Seohyun and Sunny’s song! ahaha hold your horses.. when I say it’s their song, it’s because I think they owned the song. In my opinion I think their voices fits the song best. The song was kind of a new side to SNSD. Though they did ok with the Robotic Dance… however, they had to do it since they are promoting Core Processors… and the dance fits the concept of the video and the song.. it’s just a little awkward to see the girls do it… but hey.. their good at what they do and they pulled it off smoothly.

Hurrah for the girls! ^_^

**credits: sment@yt


Dreams Come True and Now – SNSD

I stumbled across an old SNSD video in my subscriptions on youtube.

SNSD are like the hottest girl group now in Korea. And they are even taking Japan by storm. The video I came across with is one where they did their own version of Dreams Come True (originally by SES) and Now (originally by FinKL).

All the girls minus Yoona did a close to perfect rendition– close to perfect as there is nothing like the original one ^_^. It’s fun to see Kpop artists doing their own versions of songs that have been popular in the past! 🙂  And without comparing you can see the difference between the dances now and then. I think the moves from before were easier compared to the ones now. There are more movements of the hands and the feet now, whereas the Kpop dances before repeated most of the steps (or so I noticed). But nonetheless the group did well.

The video I found does not permit embedding so click on this link.

SNSD Dreams Come True / Now

This video has a higher resolution. The video posted above is the same video but of different quality.

**credits: CodeAnalysisSeason3 and ruccistyl@yt


Hoot – So Nyeo Shi Dae (Girl’s Generation)

It’s a bit late to be doing this post, but I had to post it.

For as few weeks now, the girls, I mean Girl’s Generation, have been doing there thing on music shows. They are currently in the middle of promoting their new Korean single Hoot. Though they were quite busy in Japan, the girls surprised their fans by releasing a new Korean mini album, one that fans did not anticipate. And I must say I was shocked to know they were promoting a new single even when they were busy in Japan.

Hoot according to what I’ve read is not an English word (like most of us thought), but instead its a Korean word, and you use it when you sniff or snort a laughter because someone said something you don’t believe or something absurd. The song sounds like one from an Austin Power movie, and the video looked like that too (their costumes did too!). It gives you that Charlie’s Angels feel mixed with a little of Austin Powers. The songs beat is catchy and easy to sing a long. I liked how it sounded the first time I heard it! And the music video features Super Junior’s Siwon. kk will not be putting details into it as it may be biased!  🙂

However, I do not like the wigs they used in the video!!! It’s too obvious that it’s fake. Maybe it was there to give a feel of the 60’s/70’s theme that the song has, but they could have done better (disclaimer: ok so don’t bash me for this comment, it’s just 2 cents ^_^)

Not long ago, SM entertainment has also released the dance video of the song. Well I think it’s nice that they did, for once again, the girls have made us want to learn the dance.

I guess the arrow dance is kinda new. It’s another one of those dances that stick. And I think it’s pretty easy to catch on.

Over all, to me this song nailed it — as a good idol song that is! I can feel them having another set of triple crowns up their sleeves 🙂

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Dance Tutorials Anyone

I am postponing the Get to Know them post.. I am still on the process of finding the right kind of pictures to post.. I don’t stay too long online and I don’t have much time these days as I have lots to do.. so.. those posts will have to come later

But that doesn’t mean I am not posting anything…

I can post something still…

So one friend asked me if (because she knows how crazy I am about Kpop) I learned to dance all those K-dances also… my answer is no! wahaha… though the dance steps are familiar but I prefer to sing than to dance ^_^

I suddenly remembered that conversation today and so I made this post to include some of the dance tutorials of Kpop artists..

After watching all those videos of Ingkigayo, Music Bank and Music Core (which we missed for a month now), I’m pretty sure you want to imitate your favorite idols.. so I present them to you… and this will come handy when you sing in the neoraebang! 😀

Tell Me (one dance I would love to learn! kk)

Gee (kk i know the chorus a little.. but then again i would rather sing it!) – 2 parts

Mister (butt dance baby!) – 2 parts


Genie (Tell Me Your Wish)

**credits yukarilovesrika and SuperInfectedmushroo@youtube + crazy girls and NewEcho



I am not a crazed fan… but their songs are cute.. and it gets to you the more you hear it… I still haven’t gotten over Gee…

But I’m posting something for the Soshi fans… which two of my friends are ^_^.. they are guys so go figure! kk

This is from their latest CF. They look cute :D… the song sounds familiar right! ahaha… to me this song is the over used song for most cheerleading routines! kk  (Oh micky you’re so fine, you’re so fine you blow my mind hey micky! kk)

**credits AsianMusicVideoHD@youtube


Falling Slowly Versions

I have written sometime last year on this blog that I liked a song called Falling Slowly from the movie Once. Inspired by this and because I just saw a clip of Yong Hwa (CN Blue) and Seo Hyun (SNSD) perform it on We Got Married,  I decided to feature the different covers of this song done by Kpop idols…

Yes, this song has been sung a lot of times and I think it’s very popular in Korea.. But though a lot of K-artists have been doing their version of the song, I’m still not tired of hearing it! I get all giddy when I hear the first few chords of the song.

So who do you think did the best cover??

Yong Hwa and Seo Hyun (Sweet Potato Couple)

Jo Kwon and Ga In (they sing during the 1:21 mark)

Jinwoon  and Jo Kwon

Kim Hyun Joong (singing to Hwang Bo.. aw I miss this We Got Married Couple – Lettuce Couple!)

Sungmin and Sunny

And just a plus.. he is not a Korean idol but this kid is korean and he can play the guitar!!! He is Sungha Jung..  check out his youtube page for more of his videos…

So which one do you like?

**credits: lolii361, airplanetobu, qtjena13, umbilicalsushi, joyceeishungee9, jwcfree @youtube