Hoot – So Nyeo Shi Dae (Girl’s Generation)

It’s a bit late to be doing this post, but I had to post it.

For as few weeks now, the girls, I mean Girl’s Generation, have been doing there thing on music shows. They are currently in the middle of promoting their new Korean single Hoot. Though they were quite busy in Japan, the girls surprised their fans by releasing a new Korean mini album, one that fans did not anticipate. And I must say I was shocked to know they were promoting a new single even when they were busy in Japan.

Hoot according to what I’ve read is not an English word (like most of us thought), but instead its a Korean word, and you use it when you sniff or snort a laughter because someone said something you don’t believe or something absurd. The song sounds like one from an Austin Power movie, and the video looked like that too (their costumes did too!). It gives you that Charlie’s Angels feel mixed with a little of Austin Powers. The songs beat is catchy and easy to sing a long. I liked how it sounded the first time I heard it! And the music video features Super Junior’s Siwon. kk will not be putting details into it as it may be biased!ย  ๐Ÿ™‚

However, I do not like the wigs they used in the video!!! It’s too obvious that it’s fake. Maybe it was there to give a feel of the 60’s/70’s theme that the song has, but they could have done better (disclaimer: ok so don’t bash me for this comment, it’s just 2 cents ^_^)

Not long ago, SM entertainment has also released the dance video of the song. Well I think it’s nice that they did, for once again, the girls have made us want to learn the dance.

I guess the arrow dance is kinda new. It’s another one of those dances that stick. And I think it’s pretty easy to catch on.

Over all, to me this song nailed it — as a good idol song that is! I can feel them having another set of triple crowns up their sleeves ๐Ÿ™‚

*credits: sment@yt


Author: chipskjaa

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