I’ll Be The – Spica (MV)

I am a kid of the 1990s. I grew up adoring girl bands and boy bands — not the Asian ones though. I don’t know if you remember the Bewitched and S Club 7, but this song remind me so much of their songs back then!

It’s Spica‘s I’ll be there.

The MV

I have to admit, I was checking Spica out because I read an article that Junjin’s (Shinhwa) new girlfriend is from Spica. I was curious! Haha.. but she is pretty! Who is she? She’s the rapper in this song. She kind of reminds me of the younger Yoon Mirae (Tasha) with a mix of Park Shiyeon. But anyway, I’ll stop about it because this post is not about them ๐Ÿ˜›

I know of Spica because I kind of liked their debut song Russian Roulette (though I called it the “bang bang bang” song). I was intrigued by that song because it was different at that time. And now, I like Spica more because of this song. I think I will be watching out for them.

Except for the intro of the video and the cow, I like it. I think the introduction was a bit too long and the eerie sound didn’t fit such a happy song. ย And what the heck was the cow doing there?? But you go girl for still rapping even with the cow at your back! I would go crazy if it was at my back! The video itself was simple and its kind of nostalgic to see a video like this. It reminds me of the videos of Western girl groups in past. It showed the playful side of the girls without being too cute. I think that’s why I am liking them. I don’t have anything against girl groups being cute and all but I think it’s too overused. I all for the concept of the video!

Another think I like about it is the simplicity of the dance. It’s so 1990! It reminds me of all those Spice Girl dances back then. Though there were some elements added in the dance that will let you know is 2012, but you can’t deny most of the simple movements were the dances kids of the 90s are all too familiar with! I like the circle dance thing the most!

The Song

Can I just say I love it?! This kind of song is not common as of the moment in Kpop (you would know what I mean if you’ve been listening to Kpop songs). When I first heard this song I felt like I was transported to the time I was 10! I could not stop listening to this song! And I don’t even mind the engrish parts because of the melody!

It was brave of them to release a song like this. This is not like all those mainstream Korean songs that are way way popular there. It’s also another reason why I like this song. Because it’s different. All the previous songs that they had were a bit mainstream and this is something fresh, but I’m afraid it would not be popular though.

These girls are also very talented! It’s nice to finally hear a song with very little autotune. Frankly, I think this is what Kpop needs more. Bring back all the songs with no autotune!! I personally like the voices of these girls compared to the ones who debuted with them. It’s a mixture of strong and sweet voices that make good melody. I do wish these girls would become really popular especially because they are very talented.

Final Verdict: This song reminds me of girl groups of my past so I like it. It’s not mainstream Kpop which is good! This group is talented and I’m going to watch out for more of them!

**credits: LOENENT@yt


Author: chipskjaa

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