Shinhwa and Shinee on Shinhwa Broadcast


If you’ve read my blog, you would know that I have been obsessing about Shinhwa since they made their comeback. I know a lot of you will say they are old idols.. but it’s exactly because of that that I like them 🙂 Not to mention the fact that they are so funny when they are in a show together.

So Shinhwa has this show on a Korean cable channel called Shinhwa Broadcast. And for the past two weeks Shinee has become their first idol guest! So what do you get when you put them together in a show? A very noisy, crazy, funny show!  And that is why I am sharing.

Click on the links ^____^ (only part 1 and part 2 for the moment, will edit this post when part 3 is up)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

I did not do the subs for this, nor did I upload it on yt. That’s all been made by  Jeannious1128@yt ( Big big thanks to her for subbing all Shinhwa broadcast and feeding my Shinhwa addiction!


**credits: Jeannious1128@yt + as tagged


Author: chipskjaa

Certified Unnie / Jiejie who is crazy about anything and everything Asian! Currently fangirling over Chinese novels and Chinese dramas - but never forgets to watch Kdramas and Lakorns on the side. When she has time, she indulges in her favorite Bangtan Boys for motivation (",)

21 thoughts

  1. That episode was so damn hilarious XD mentally there is not a huge difference between ShinHwa and SHINee. I was really impress my MinHo and his jump, but I found him too competitive for the show… but it’s MinHo and we can change him ^^’. I can’t wait to see the next episode, they will do a hidden camera for Eric, it promise to me hilarious.


    1. ikr! my stomach hurt after watching the show. i like jonghyun the most when they do variety shows.. he’s very funny! and yeah that’s what i don’t like about minho.. he’s too serious if it’s a game in all variety shows (dream team, 100 points out of 100).. i am actually waiting for that hidden camera!


      1. MinHo can be funny, but when come to competition is another thing….Just thinking about that hidden camera make me smile…I’m rally looking forward to it XD


        1. ahaha yup he can be! just don’t make him go crazy in a contest.. but sometimes it could all be an act.. you never know..


          1. I wonder if that “Shut Up !” he shout to JunJin was in the script….^^’


          2. ahaha it’s possible! 🙂 most variety shows are scripted (a student of mine told me) but sometimes they have adlibs…


          3. knowing minho competitive spirit that why I wonder, i know that JunJin always have great facial expression XD so with can’t trust his expression when come thing like that .


          4. exactly! he’s very very good on variety shows!! oh i miss him in infinity challenge!!!


          5. I know, when I watch a varieties and he is in it, it sure that I will laugh, just cause of his expression, like when they did Beatles Code 2 XD
            I still didn’t watch any of Infinity Challenge….


          6. i saw that too!!! 🙂
            i didn’t really watch infinity challenge before but a lot of my korean friends recommended it and i watched the ones with junjin and i couldn’t stop after that! 🙂


          7. i’m not really sure with the ep numbers (i saw it a long time ago, like 3 years ago..), but it’s the one in 2008-2009, before he did his military service.. the most memorable would be the one they made the parody of big bang (haru haru) and BEGs Abracadabra!


          8. You’re awesome ^_^
            I’m watching WinWin with them right now, I always knew JunJin was a variety king, but being able to leave Tak JaeHoon speechless it’s a gift XD


          9. your welcome! 🙂
            i know.. but i think he was a bit more funnier in the past.. he is a bit controlled now. Junjin, Minwoo and Dongwan are the funniest on variety shows!


          10. Totally XD Dongwan have the thing to say random thing…but the time he make me the most laugh it’s in the “Eloquence” episode XD I was dying when he did he speech XD.
            Guess the army give him a bit more maturity.


          11. dongwah is still the witty guy.. but he is more controlled now.. and that smile betrays him all the time! oh updated this post with part 3 ^_^


          12. He smile but still serious, while all the member are laugh out loud he just keep smiling, which make me smile. I can’t help but each time he speak I just smiling like an idiot XD….it’s awwww Oppa your soo funny. after Shinhwa ( hope it will never happen) Dongwan and JunJin should make a stand up comic show thing.
            thanks for telling me ^_^


          13. you’re welcome! the MT episode is sooooo funny!!! omg! laughing my heart out!


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