Shinhwa and Shinee on Shinhwa Broadcast


If you’ve read my blog, you would know that I have been obsessing about Shinhwa since they made their comeback. I know a lot of you will say they are old idols.. but it’s exactly because of that that I like them 🙂 Not to mention the fact that they are so funny when they are in a show together.

So Shinhwa has this show on a Korean cable channel called Shinhwa Broadcast. And for the past two weeks Shinee has become their first idol guest! So what do you get when you put them together in a show? A very noisy, crazy, funny show!  And that is why I am sharing.

Click on the links ^____^ (only part 1 and part 2 for the moment, will edit this post when part 3 is up)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

I did not do the subs for this, nor did I upload it on yt. That’s all been made by  Jeannious1128@yt ( Big big thanks to her for subbing all Shinhwa broadcast and feeding my Shinhwa addiction!


**credits: Jeannious1128@yt + as tagged


21 comments on “Shinhwa and Shinee on Shinhwa Broadcast

  1. That episode was so damn hilarious XD mentally there is not a huge difference between ShinHwa and SHINee. I was really impress my MinHo and his jump, but I found him too competitive for the show… but it’s MinHo and we can change him ^^’. I can’t wait to see the next episode, they will do a hidden camera for Eric, it promise to me hilarious.


    • ikr! my stomach hurt after watching the show. i like jonghyun the most when they do variety shows.. he’s very funny! and yeah that’s what i don’t like about minho.. he’s too serious if it’s a game in all variety shows (dream team, 100 points out of 100).. i am actually waiting for that hidden camera!


      • MinHo can be funny, but when come to competition is another thing….Just thinking about that hidden camera make me smile…I’m rally looking forward to it XD


        • ahaha yup he can be! just don’t make him go crazy in a contest.. but sometimes it could all be an act.. you never know..


          • ahaha it’s possible! 🙂 most variety shows are scripted (a student of mine told me) but sometimes they have adlibs…


          • knowing minho competitive spirit that why I wonder, i know that JunJin always have great facial expression XD so with can’t trust his expression when come thing like that .


          • exactly! he’s very very good on variety shows!! oh i miss him in infinity challenge!!!


          • I know, when I watch a varieties and he is in it, it sure that I will laugh, just cause of his expression, like when they did Beatles Code 2 XD
            I still didn’t watch any of Infinity Challenge….


          • i saw that too!!! 🙂
            i didn’t really watch infinity challenge before but a lot of my korean friends recommended it and i watched the ones with junjin and i couldn’t stop after that! 🙂


          • i’m not really sure with the ep numbers (i saw it a long time ago, like 3 years ago..), but it’s the one in 2008-2009, before he did his military service.. the most memorable would be the one they made the parody of big bang (haru haru) and BEGs Abracadabra!


          • You’re awesome ^_^
            I’m watching WinWin with them right now, I always knew JunJin was a variety king, but being able to leave Tak JaeHoon speechless it’s a gift XD


          • your welcome! 🙂
            i know.. but i think he was a bit more funnier in the past.. he is a bit controlled now. Junjin, Minwoo and Dongwan are the funniest on variety shows!


          • Totally XD Dongwan have the thing to say random thing…but the time he make me the most laugh it’s in the “Eloquence” episode XD I was dying when he did he speech XD.
            Guess the army give him a bit more maturity.


          • dongwah is still the witty guy.. but he is more controlled now.. and that smile betrays him all the time! oh updated this post with part 3 ^_^


          • He smile but still serious, while all the member are laugh out loud he just keep smiling, which make me smile. I can’t help but each time he speak I just smiling like an idiot XD….it’s awwww Oppa your soo funny. after Shinhwa ( hope it will never happen) Dongwan and JunJin should make a stand up comic show thing.
            thanks for telling me ^_^


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