I Will Forget You (sung by Park Shin Hye)

I love watching dramas, especially Korean and Japanese ones. And almost always I get addicted to the OST of the drama. Recently I have been watching a drama called You’ve Fallen For Me (Heartstrings) in some websites). I wasn’t really interested at it at first, though I wanted to see it because it’s another musical drama. But now I’m hooked to it, especially because of Min Hyuk (CN Blue’s drummer).

Now in the recent episode of the drama, Park Shin Hye sang my favorite CN Blue song (sorry not giving spoilers). Though it has a different feel, but I love the song! So I am sharing her version.

I have posted the lyrics of the song I Will Forget You sometime last year. It still is until now my favorite CN Blue song. For those who are not familiar, this song is not sung by Yonghwa, but by their other vocalist, Jonghyun. Most people don’t really notice him much because all the attention is on Yonghwa, but he has a good voice too (but in a different way). I found this video, a fancam taken from their showcase last year.

Jonghyun still had that wavy rockstar hair, but I think he looks better with his new hair now.

Anyway, up until recently, I learned that the song actually has an English version from their Japanese album, Thank You. Unknown to most people,  CN Blue had released an album in Japan before they released one in Korea. It has the same melody, but a different feel though, but their English is quite audible.

No matter what the version is of the song, I still love it. Though it’s a sad one, but definitely people should hear this song especially if they’re mending a broken heart.

**credits:  xomegxo1989x2 and  sk8ergalx@yt


L.O.V.E Girl – CN Blue

While I was on hiatus from the blog, CN Blue has released their new single Intuition. I know rock will always be my ultimate favorite genre of music (but sigh I don’t get too much of that kind of music with Kpop) , but this song wasn’t doing it for me. Maybe because it sounded like I’m a Loner.

But but but… I am elated that they released this single! It’s called L.O.V.E Girl.

Me likey the song. Why? Because it has the certain CN Blue sound but in a different song. It’s a rock song, but you can dance to it at the same time. But not those girl group dances.. kk.. It’s also a new sound for them because you can hear the drums more. It has hints of a 1960’s  rock song… a little bit like Beatles sound… And boy am I happy when I heard a Jongshin bass guitar solo! He deserves recognition for his talent!

But the video wasn’t really doing for me. Yes, it was nice to see gominam boys (and I have to say all of them looked so fresh in this video). But, how can she not see them!! Girl there’s a man beside your fridge in broad daylight!! Couldn’t you see him?? Ok I might be convinced if she really couldn’t see them all throughout the video, but she did see them at the end.. hmm ok so suddenly she sees them at the end of the video… weird! But anyway this is a music video so anything could happen… so I’d better leave it that way!

But I really recommend this song!! ^_^

**credits: cnblue@yt


Falling Slowly Versions

I have written sometime last year on this blog that I liked a song called Falling Slowly from the movie Once. Inspired by this and because I just saw a clip of Yong Hwa (CN Blue) and Seo Hyun (SNSD) perform it on We Got Married,  I decided to feature the different covers of this song done by Kpop idols…

Yes, this song has been sung a lot of times and I think it’s very popular in Korea.. But though a lot of K-artists have been doing their version of the song, I’m still not tired of hearing it! I get all giddy when I hear the first few chords of the song.

So who do you think did the best cover??

Yong Hwa and Seo Hyun (Sweet Potato Couple)

Jo Kwon and Ga In (they sing during the 1:21 mark)

Jinwoon  and Jo Kwon

Kim Hyun Joong (singing to Hwang Bo.. aw I miss this We Got Married Couple – Lettuce Couple!)

Sungmin and Sunny

And just a plus.. he is not a Korean idol but this kid is korean and he can play the guitar!!! He is Sungha Jung..  check out his youtube page for more of his videos…

So which one do you like?

**credits: lolii361, airplanetobu, qtjena13, umbilicalsushi, joyceeishungee9, jwcfree @youtube