I am not gonna lie that I am a huge Super Junior fan! But aside from them I love other Kpop boybands too.

And BIG BANG is one of them.

They are out with a new song called BLUE.


I like this song because Blue is my favorite color.. wahaha kidding. No I’m not that shallow. But I do truly love this song. This is the sound of Big Bang that I truly miss! There was a time when to me most Big Bang songs sounded the same (no offense to the VIPs). But I love how they’ve grown and how they have reinvented their sound adding a western touch to it. I love also that they experiment with other types of music. If you’ve listened to their past album, it’s very visible there. It’s not just hip hop but hip hop with other elements to it. I like the fact that they are willing to try other genre’s of music to give their songs some added spice! This is I think what is unique with Big Bang.This song has synthesizers incorporated to it. Though it has some similarities with Love Song, but it has a different feel to it. Maybe I’m just hooked to this kind of genre (a can hear a little of that electronic vibe there).

Another thing about Big Bang that I like is the uniqueness of their videos! They almost always come up with a new concept for a music video that has not been used by others. Look closely at the video and you will see that it fits the song perfectly. I love how the video is shot with a gloomy feel emphasizing the feeling of the song. I also like how they shot it in a secluded like place. It gives you a lonely feeling (thus you’re feeling blue). Very very nice!

And of course, I’m liking this come back because Daesung’s back after the accident! I wasn’t really a fan of Daesung, but after I watched tons of episodes of Family Outing (the original one), I can’t help but like him! And his voice seems to be more mature this time. Maybe because of that fateful accident. I do wish I would see him more on variety shows like before! But not just him but all the other members too. They don’t do too much variety anymore! I miss Big Bang and their parodies of dramas! They have to do it again!!!

Oh Oh and this post is not complete without writing about Taeyang!! kk Is he bringing back his bandana style?? kk I haven’t seen that in ages though! I mean if you’ve been following them for quite sometime, the boys have used that style way back 2007-2009.. i’m not sure.. but I love how it looks good! And love the hair!

So I wish to see more of the boys while their promoting! YG please let them be on a  lot of Variety programs! I miss their antics!!! *_*

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2011 Big Bang Big Show Clips!

Wohoo!!! Now time for Big Bang..

I know they have new songs, but I am a sucker for their old songs! Though they’ve released a new ones I still love the older ones.. Oh if only there was Haru Haru…




 And I love how clear the video is!! ^_^ swoon

More videos of the concert.. from another user on yt (bigbanglover2ne1)

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2NE1 Nolza Clips

Wohoo!!! I super love YG Entertainment for posting up the videos of the girls’ concert!

They posted clips of 2NE1‘s first concert NOLZA!

I Am The Best

Go Away

Only Look At Me – Wow Minzy!  

I’m sure all the Blackjacks who were not able to come to the concert were delighted!  And a note on the side… I love how the girls have individual colored microphones! kk I want one! kk

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Kpop Star’s Su Pearls


It feels so good to be posting on this blog. I really should be doing something now but I thought what the hell.. I’m gonna write a post on my blog! I can’t believe that this blog has come a long way from the first time i created it. But again thank you for visiting my blog 🙂

Anyway so I’ve been busy with work and everything so I haven’t caught up with the latest Kpop trends. I still have to watch the year end Gayos.. I downloaded them but I need to find time to watch them. I’m missing a lot of songs lately, and my playlist hasn’t been updated for ages.  So when my friend sent a video of a Kpop reality called Kpop Star, I didn’t know about it. And after I watched the performance she sent me I was literally  having goosebumps! I never saw something like this in Kpop reality search!

I am talking about the breathtaking, brilliant, astonishing, superb (I’m running out of adjectives!) performance of Su Pearls!

One word: BRAVO!

I am not kidding when I say that I have goosebumps! This is one of the best I’ve seen on Korean reality! Can you imagine being there when they performed live! Ok too many exclamation points. — that shows you how excited and giddy I am to talk about this audition video. It’s unlike any other..

A quick background about the show: its called Kpop Star and its a show on SBS. Like most Kpop star search shows, they are looking for the next big star. However, this time, the judges on the show are from the 3 big companies that gave us the idol groups whom we now adore. They are BOA (SM Entertainment), Yang Hyun Seok (YG Entertainment), Jin Young Park (JYP Entertainment). I would probably guess that they are looking for the next big name in the Kpop industry.

So anyway, they do the same thing having auditions and stuff, but I have to say most of the contestants on this show are really good… So on with Su Pearls..

The reason why I liked this group so much was because of the harmony they did to the song. I mean, yes its a pop song.. but they gave a soulful twist to the song which made me great! And it sounded totally different from the original. I liked “The Boys” when Girls Generation did it, and I loved it more when they made their rendition to this song. Girls Generation did the Pop version while Su Pearls did the Rnb version! Different genres of music, same song! Wonderful, just utterly wonderful!

Also, you might have recognized the third girl on the video as the girl that sang Rolling In the Deep on the same show.

The video went viral that it was even shown on the news! Park Jimin — OMG! she’s only 15 and she can belt like that! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!! This is probably one of the best Rolling in the Deep cover that I’ve heard! And her pronunciation’s great too. If I was closing my eyes, I wouldn’t have guessed it was a Korean singing it!

I’m watching out for these girls again! I like Lee Michelle too.. I’d love to see her sing.. I’m thinking she’s like the next Insooni.. kk I can’t wait to see more of her..

Looking forward to more of this show! (Su Pearls Fighting!!!!)

**credits: biropotter and Kpopstar@yt