Say Hello, Goodbye… a fanmade series

In my attempt to looks for videos featuring Song Joongki, I found someone on youtube who has made a very nice fan made series for Song Joongki and Min Hyorin‘s characters from the drama Triple.

I found her videos about 2 months ago and I’ve waited until she finished editing it.

The series is called Say Hello, Goodbye (안녕, love). And in her videos, she mentions, “What if you knew the ending of the story? Would you still take the chance… for that ephemeral happiness? on love?” Nice tag line! The series is composed of 5 parts. You can see all of them in order below:

Click here for the teaser. Click here for the playlist on youtube.

It was a fun to watch fan made series. I am very amazed at how she edited it. She got her materials from a lot of different sources, not just the drama Triple. The music that she chose for these videos just make it perfect. The cuts of the scenes make you feel you are watching another drama. And for a Song Joongki fan I know they would love it! I know this is such a tedious work, and I think she deserves a round of applause for it! And because sharing is caring, I’m putting it up on my blog! kk

Kudos to you ch0uxpastryheart2!!

Please visit her channel on yt: