Torete – Moonstar 88

This is an old OPM that features one of my Pinoy rock bands. I kind of miss this kind of OPM song so I posted it up. It’s a song called Torete by Moonstar 88.

In Filipino, Torete means speechless. The song talks about the shyness that overcomes you when you see the love of your life. You want to tell them but basically the words won’t come out. I’m not sure about the video though, maybe the band wants to say that if you don’t tell someone about what you feel you go crazy, thus you might be going to the mental hospital and you might end up wearing a straightjacket. But anyway, I love the song for how it is, just wish they made a better video out of it though. But this was made sometime 2006 or 2005 perhaps.. so that was a weird time for OPM rock bands! kk

Lyrics can be found anywhere online (google search will help you).

*credits: maruelkyle@yt