Tei and Na Yoon Kwon on Chocolate

My last post for tonight ^^.. grr.. I still need to do something else..

Anyway, I was looking for some Tei videos on youtube (I wanted to see the video of his song). And from my search results, there was a video of him an Na Yoon Kwon performing on Chocolate last Sept 25. I think performances on Chocolate are really interesting so I watched it… and I’m glad I did.. so I wanted to share! They sang Superstar (Carpenters — but they sang the rnb version of the song), Hot Issue, Abracadabra and I Don’t Care.

I like Tei! And Na Yoon Kwon is a very good singer also…  It was fun watching them do the covers and it was especially interesting to see Tei do the Abracadabra dance! ^^

Ok so I have to go now… I’ll be blogging again soon!

**credits lemonloveai@youtube