Try To Copy Me (MV Only) – 2NE1

It’s impossible for me not to post this!

When I saw this video, I liked it on the spot! I really like this girls and whoever is making their concept I would have to say he or she is doing a pretty good job at it!

During the past few months, one of the reasons why I did not have the energy or the want to post something on this blog is because most of the Kpop songs all sound the same and their videos look the same. Like I mentioned in a previous post, most videos had a black or dark background. And then the artist would be singing and dancing while there are lights flashing. I know I like Kpop music but recently it’s as if eveyrthing was the same and all had the same concept.

But when I saw this, it was a wonderful and invigorating sight to see! Now I understand why most of my Korean friends like them. They always tell me that 2NE1 is different from most of the idol girls that are very famous in their country. At first I never understood why, because to me they are just the same.. well maybe before I thought 2NE1 had better and more catchy songs and they just dress differently from others. But when I see this video, it’s very clear! like crystal! These girls are indeed different and they do set a trend. I can’t wait for their next video! I hope it’s something unique again…

I am not posting any lyrics on this entry.. you may find them online.. I just figured that it’s impossible for my blog not to have this video! SO even if it’s quite old.. I’m still posting it..


You and I (MV) – Park Bom

This is Park Bom’s first Solo single.

The story in the video is kind of sad… I was a little confused at the beginning of the video about the story.. so watch it more carefully. She looked pretty in this video ^^

Sorry… don’t have much time to write a lot of things these days.. just posting interesting videos and things 😀

**credits urasiansourceKpop@youtube