Talay See Dum – Lula ft. Tar Paradox

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Now, I’m sharing a Thai song. It’s called Talay See Dum (The Black Sea) by Lula ft. Tar Paradox.

I actually first heard this from the OST of Nadech and Yaya’s drama Game Rai Game Rak. It sounded kind of cute that time but I did not pay attention because when that drama was shown I was still new here. But my students sing it a lot and they taught me how to sing it and now it’s one of my favorite Thai songs.

This song was released in 2008. Though it’s not new, it’s very good to hear and the video is not as odd as some of the Thai videos now. I like the simplicity though the concept maybe a bit like Lucky (Jason Mraz and Colbie Caliat). I like the vintage concept though and it looks like it was shot in Paris. Also love the concept of like the guy is in the billboard. It’s cool! But the wrong thing however is that they are singing about the sea (talay means sea) but their video is shot in a city.. hmm talk about having a video that does fit the song again. I hate things like that the most, but I’ll try not to ruin my happiness towards this song because of the video.

Anyway, here are the lyrics.. credits goes to my favorite resource for Thai lyrics Tahmnong.

Talay See Dum

ทะเลสีดำ ไม่มีแสงไฟ
Talay see dum mai mee saeng fai
The black sea has no lights
มองไม่เห็นทาง เธอกลัวหรือไม่
Maung mai hen tahng tur glua reu mai
Looking, we can’t see the way, are you scared?
ได้ยินเสียงเธอ จะกลัวอะไร
Dai yin siang tur ja glua arai
I hear your voice, what’s there to be scared of?
จับมือฉันไว้ ฉันก็อบอุ่นหัวใจ
Jup meu chun wai chun gor aup oon hua jai
Hold my hand, it warms my heart

(*) เธออาจเหน็บหนาว ทุกคราวที่เจอะคลื่นลม
Tur aht nep nao took krao tee jur kleun lom
You might be cold every time you face the ocean winds
Gor hom jai chun duay kwahm aup oon kaung tur
So envelope my heart with your warmth
Aht maung mai hen sen kaung kaup fah glai
We might not be able to see the far-off horizon line
Yung mee saeng duang dao ja koy tum tahng hai rao gao pai
But we still have the starlight to lead the way for us to step on
Tur nae jai
If you’re sure
Chun nae jai
I’m sure

(**) ทะเลสีดำ
Talay see dum
The black sea
Mai nahn gor chao
Soon it’ll be morning
Kum keun nep nao
The night is cold
Jup meu chun ao wai
Hold my hand
Talay see dum
The black see
Mai dtaung wun wai
There’s no need to be nervous
Ja tum chen rai
Whatever you do
Gaut chun wai tur
Hug me

ทะเลสีดำ ทำให้ฉันกลัว
Talay see dum tum hai chun glua
The black sea makes me scared
อาจทำให้เธอ นั้นต้องลำบาก
Aht tum hai tur nun dtaung lumbahk
It might trouble you
ไม่เห็นเป็นไร อย่าไปคิดมาก
Mai hen pen rai yah pai kit mahk
I don’t see any trouble, don’t go thinking so much
มันคงไม่ยาก เพียงเธอจับมือฉัน
Mun kong mai yahk piang tur jup meu chun
It won’t be difficult, just take my hand


**credits:  iamanchale@yt + deungdutjai@wordpress