Xiao Xiao Ma Yi and UUU – Wilber Pan (MV)

This is going to be short…. I’m beat so I don’t have the energy to write a lot.

Just wanted to share 2 MV’s from Wilber Pan’s (Pan Weibo) new album.


Xiao Xiao Ma Yi

UUU is a cute dance track while Xiao Xiao Ma Yi is a cutesy song… 🙂 Cute 🙂 But you gotta admit, he is not the best dancer.. kk

**credits:  jaeurazn2010 and MVTaiwan@yt


Most Wanted – Wilber Pan (Pan Wei Bo)

Scream~~~ Pan Wei Bo is back! kk

This is his new song called Most Wanted (全面通緝).

Fan girl screaming right now!! I’ve been a fan since I heard Bu De Bu Ai..

About the song.. when i heard the verses it kinda sounded like Seven’s Better Together. But in the middle parts of the song, it sounds different. The beat is nice though. And the concept in the video is totally different from his past MV. I like it! Fan girl screams again! kk

Just a comment though, I know he has long been criticized by a lot of Kpop fans that he copies Kpop music (plagiarized even). Bu De Bu Ai was even one of them. But don’t you think he would be facing  charges by now if he did not acquire the rights to these songs?? Just a thought ^_^

anyways.. enjoy his new music!

**credits:  BESTofASIAN


Same Regret – Jeremy Ji (Jia Jia Song) ft. Wilber Pan (Pan Wei Bo)

I like Wilber Pan very much! ahaha ever since I heard Bu De Bu Ai. Sometime last year, Wilber Pan starred in a Taiwanese drama with Rainie Yang. The drama was called Miss No Good. I watched this drama from start to finish. It was one of those dramas where I would wait each week for the release of the subs. And the reason I watched it was because of Wilber Pan.

There was a song from that drama that I likes but since I do not speak Chinese I did not know what the song was. It was only last week that I knew the title of the song, thanks to my friend Joan. The song is called Same Regret (Tong yi ge yi han) and it was part of the album of Jeremy Ji (Jia Jia Song). The song also featured Wilber Pan.

jia jia song

I loved the melody of the song. And I loved it more when I read the translation of the song. The song is kind of sad though.. And for those who do not know, Jia Jia Song is the one  who wrote some F4 songs like Ask for More and I think Season of Fireworks. His voice is very pleasant to the ear. As for Pan Wei Bo… I will always like him! ahahaha 😀

Same Regret – Romanization

sheng xia wo men zuo zai an bian
kan zhe ta yue zou yue yuan
bai se xing xing ying zhe hai mian
sha tan hao yuan
er ta de xin qu le na li
wo men dou wu neng wei li
shi shui de shou neng qian ta hui lai

*Does she know
Don’t think so
ai shang le tong yi ge yi han
huang ran ming bai na shi hou
wei he yao dui bi ci wei nan

#Tell me she knows
I don’t think so
wo men dou bu shu yu ta de ai
bu neng chong lai de shang hai#
wo men dou xue hui le shi huai

liang ge peng you yi ge zui ai
bu ke neng you de wei lai
zhi shi jie ju que rang wo men ru ci yi wai
ta de jue ding zhong yu tai man
kan na wei xiao de an pai
ni guai shui de cuo shui de cuo
wo men dou wo men dou shi bai

repeat *
repeat #
er wo men xue hui le shi huai

repeat *
repeat #
er wo men xue hui le shi huai

Same Regret – Translation

We’re left sitting on the shore
Watching her walk farther and farther away
The white stars face the sea
The beach is so far off
And where has her heart gone?
Both of us are powerless
Whose hand can take her back?

*Does she know
Don’t think so
We’ve fallen in love with the same regret
I suddenly understand why, at that time,
Things were so awkward between us

#Tell me she knows
I don’t think so
None of us can be her love
Those wounds won’t return again#
We’ve both learned to let go of them

Two friends, one beloved
An impossible future
It’s just that the ending was so unexpected to us
Her decision was finally too slow
Looking to a smile to arrange everything
Whose mistakes, whose mistakes do you blame?
We’ve both, we’ve both failed

repeat *
repeat #
And we’ve learned to let go

repeat *
repeat #
And we’ve learned to let go

Same Regret – Pin Yin


*Does she know
Don’t think so

#Tell me she knows
I don’t think so

你怪 谁的错 谁的错
我们都 我们都失败

repeat *
repeat #

repeat *
repeat #

**credits starfall for the lyrics and fampar@youtube


Shuang Ren Wu – Wilber Pan

I’m posting this because it’s Wilber Pan! ahahaha.. I’ve read somewhere that he’s album is currently number one on the charts for the Mandarin albums.

This video is his new song from his new album called 007. The song features Korean actress Lee Da Hae in the video. If you noticed he speaks perfect English in the song! ahaha He actually grew up in the States and went to Taiwan to be an VJ before he became a recording artist. I liked Will Pan since I heard Bu De Bu Ai.. I even watched his first drama… Miss No Good.. I remember waiting for the subs to be released everyweek! Ahaha..

wilber pan and lee da hae

I didn’t post the lyrics as I only found the translation as well as the Chinese lyrics… But I liked the beat of the song so I’m posting it. and besides.. its Wilber Pan!

If you would like to take a look at the lyrics click on this link

**credits thenotebookscene@youtube and jpopasia


Bu De Bu Ai – Back Dorm Boys and Wilber Pan versions

I know its a little late to post something about the Back Dorm Boys but I’m posting anyway. It has been about 4 years since I first saw their video on youtube. We were sulking around a friends house when she showed to us their version of Backstreet Boys’ I Want it That Way. And from then on our circle of friends loved this boys!!

The Back dorm boys, as what they are often called, are two Chinese boys who made their own versions of popular music videos. They recorded it on their dorm room and later on posted the videos on the internet. They became very popular that they were offered to do a commercial for Pepsi. They did a version of As Long As You Love Me (BSB) and  Superstar (S.H.E) to name a few. One of my favorite videos that they did was their own version of Wilber Pan’s Bu De Bu Ai. I’ve loved Wilber Pan since then. I’m posting their version of Bu De Bu Ai as well as Wilber Pan’s version! Happy watching!!

edit: please see in the comments below for the better translation of the song! many thanks to W for providing it! 🙂

Bu De Bu Ai –  Back Dorm Boys

Bu De Bu Ai – Wilber  Pan

Bu De Bu Ai (Romanization)

tiān tiān dōu xū yào nǐ ài
wǒ de xīn sī yóu nǐ cāi
I love you
wǒ jiù shì yào nǐ ràng wǒ měi tiān dōu jīng cǎi

tiān tiān bǎ tā guà zuǐ biān
dào dǐ shén me shì zhēn ài
I love you
dào dǐ yǒu jǐ fēn shuō de bǐ xiǎng xiàng gèng kuài

shì wǒ men gǎn qíng fēng fù tài kāng kài
hái shì yào shàng tiān ān pái
shì wǒ men běn lái jiù shì nǎ yī bàn
hái shì shě bù de tài guāi
shì nǎ yī cì yuē dìng le
méi yǒu lái
ràng wǒ kū de xiàng xiǎo hái
shì wǒ men jí zhù zhèng míng wǒ cún zài
hái shì bù ài huì fā dāi

bù de bù ài
Fôu zé kuài lè cóng hé ér lái
bù de bù ài
Fôu zé bēi shāng cóng hé ér lái
bù de bù ài
fǒu zé wǒ jiù shī qù wèi lái

hǎo xiàng shén bù yóu qí bù néng zì jǐ hěn shī bài
kě shì měi tiān dōu guò de jīng cǎi tiān tiān dōu jīng cǎi.

Bu De Bu Ai (Translation)

I need your love everyday
My thinking is for you to guess
I love you
I just want you to let me live an everyday joyful life

I want you to say I love you each day
What is true love?
I love you
How much do you love me? Your words are faster than I thought

Are our emotions too intense and rich,
or were we predestined by heaven?
Were we meant for each other,
or can’t we just be too nice?
There was a certain time
you didn’t come
It made me cry like a child
are we too eager to show I exist
or is it that I don’t want to be dazed

Gotta love
Where could I find happyness otherwise?
Gotta love
where could I find sadness otherwise?
gotta love
Otherwise I’ll just lose my future

It seems I just can’t help myself, nor be myself; I’m a complete loser
But I’m having days full of joy.

Bu De Bu Ai 不得不爱 (Chinese)

I love you

I love you ,


不得不爱 否则快乐从何而来
不得不爱 否则悲伤从何而来
不得不爱 否则我就失去未来


** credits to chinatown@blogspot for the lyrics, importweed and b123@youtube for the videos

will be posting the download links later