Oguri Shun Alert – Rich Man, Poor Woman SP

OMG!!! Scream! Rich Man, Poor Woman is going to air and SP on April 1!


Screaming fan girl on the loose!! kya!!!!

Ok.. so I haven’t watched J-dorama for sometime, the last two that I’ve watched are Lucky Seven (because of Matsumoto Jun) and Rich Man, Poor Woman (because of Oguri Shun). — can you tell Hana Yori Dango has it’s side effects! lol

But really I haven’t watched a J-dorama in a loooong time.. maybe because I am not familiar anymore with the actors. Every time I see a new Japanese actor, I am at a loss because I don’t know who they are anymore.. there are just too many of them to keep up. And too many dramas that I haven’t watched in awhile.

Last year though, I was looking for Oguri Shun’s dramas and I found Rich Man, Poor Woman. And I love it!!!! I watched all 11 episodes in 1 day!!! I miss J-dorama but I don’t know where to start watching!

rmpw sp

So when I read in another blog that they were doing a Special! I can’t help but scream! I can’t wait to watch Hyuga and Makoto!

rmpw2 rmpw3

From the pics that I have seen, it looks like they are shooting it in New York. You can read and see more pictures in koalasplayground’s post.

Omo… Oguri Shun is just too handsome here! I have to post it!


I can’t wait!!!

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Recommended Drama – Hana Kimi (Japanese)

I haven’t posted any recommended dramas in awhile. So while I was doing nothing, I decided it was time to put yet another recommended drama to my blog. This time, I’m recommending the Japanese live action version of the manga Hanazakari no Kimitachi e (For You in Full Bloom), or more commonly known as Hana Kimi.

hana kimi


This drama was based on a manga of the same title. The drama is about a girl, Ashiya Mizuki, a Japanese girl from the U.S, who enrolls in all boys school, Osaka Gakuen, to be close to Sano Izumi, a high jumper whom she idolizes. She disguises herself as a boy. The drama tells of her adventures being in an all boys school — she is trying her best to keep her identity. She also is trying her best to keep the true reason for her being in the school is not only to be with her idol but because she wants to repay Sano because she blames herself for the accident that happened to him (oops, that was a spoiler).

The drama starred Horikita Maki (Innocent Love) as Ashiya Mizuki, Oguri Shun (Hana Yori Dango) as Sano Izumi and Ikuta Toma (Honey and Clover, Maou) as Nakatsu. Mizushima Hiro is also in this drama playing the head of the dormitory (Nanba Minami) where Ashiya, Sano and Nakatsu are staying.

Why I liked it?

This is probably the funniest drama that I have seen. Its like watching an anime that came to life. I couldn’t stop laughing – there was never a boring episode. Though there were times when the story was a bit serious, but still you’d end up laughing. This is the most entertaining (so far) drama that I have seen.

Oguri’s character was a serious one except for the part when Nakatsu and Sano had a contest for Ashiya’s “love” – but it was  fun to watch. Horikita Maki did good with this drama too, she even won a best actress award for it. But my favorite of all the characters has to be Nakatsu! Ikuta Toma did justice to this character. I especially loved the monologue scenes — Nakatsu talking to himself with matching hand gestures. It was funny watching him blush (though I know computer graphics were added to it) everytime Nakatsu comes in contact with Ashiya. This to me is one of the best roles done by Ikuta Toma.

The soundtrack of the drama is also a good one. I loved the ending theme – Peach by Ai Otsuka (see my previous entries for the video and lyrics of this song). It was a fun song!

There is a Taiwanese version of this drama called Hua Yang Shao Nian Shao Nu. It starred Ella of S.H.E and Jiro Wang and Wu Zun of Fahrenheit. I saw the the Taiwanese version first. It was funny. But if I compare both dramas, I think I liked the Japanese version better. 😀

This is a much watch drama!

Oh and by the way just a trivia, check out the picture that I posted above — Ikuta Toma is not part of the picture (in the picture in the drama, he is supposedly on beside Horikita Maki, on the left). That’s because there is some copyright stuff if he is in the picture.

To watch it online here.