Minhyuk (CNBLUE) Cam!!!!

Pardon me for this post will be written like a fan girl!

While I was browsing videos earlier, I happened to see this video and I can’t help but squeal with glee! It’s not everyday you get to see this! hahaha


It’s Minhyuk‘s Cam from when CNBLUE was playing I’m Sorry.

Yes I am a Minhyuk fan girl! Hahaha I really really like this kid! (swoon!!!) We don’t really get to see him up front because he plays the drums so most of the time he stays at the back and the other three boys are in front. But I’m really happy they posted a video like this. It’s kind of like a fan service for those shipping him especially because we don’t see a lot of him. And because of this I am one happy fan! 🙂

I don’t what is it with me and drummers but I always have preferred always drummers over the lead vocals or the guitarists. I think maybe because to me they are a bit mysterious so I like them. And I’ve always like the drums/percussions over guitars — so no wonder I was drawn to him. From this cam we see that he does play the drums well (I daresay! I think BOICEs will agree too!). My heart is fluttering seeing him twirl those drumstick. (sorry if I made you throw up.. I did say I was going to write this like a fan girl!) I’m really a very very satisfied fan! Oh you boys know how to make your fans happy! hurray for good marketing! 😛

I hope they’d be more videos like this so we can drool over him! Don’t you agree girls!

**credits: cnblue@yt + as tagged