I Will Show You 보여줄게 – Ailee (MV)

Yay! I’ve been waiting for this!! 🙂 I was really anticipating another song from Ailee and now she is back with her new track I Will Show You 보여줄게.

The Song

For this post, I’ll talk about the song first.

OMG!!! I love this girl and I love her songs. Actually I’ve been a fan since she was still doing her covers on youtube! This girl is very very talented. And actually I am not disappointed in the song. I don’t know why I am liking girl power songs. Like the title says, it’s a song about a girl telling the guy (who I assume broke up with her) I’ll show you I can’t live without you! Yay for girl power!

The thing I like about this song is the transition from the slow beat to a fast one. I don’t know why I like songs like these, maybe its these! But maybe it’s because of Davichi’s 8282! Ha.. But actually, to me this song doesn’t sound too much of a Korean pop song. I think it sounds more like Gloria Gaynor’s I Will Survive. It has a western touch to it. I think maybe it’s because those are the influences Ailee has with her music.

I have always liked Ailee’s voice and this song showcases her talents, that she can belt a ballad as well as do a fast song. She did prove that when she showed her versatility on Immortal Song 2. I just love this girl!! And I think she could make it big internationally especially because she can speak English.

The MV

When I saw the teaser, I was like OMG it’s G.O! Sorry Ailee, I love you but G.O caught my attention first! But this is Ailee’s song not MBLAQ so I’ll stop talking about G.O. He plays the love interest in the MV.

So the story of the MV is quite simple. It’s something you will most likely see for a song like this. No need to explain really! Haha.. But Ailee was really pretty  with the transformation! I’m so envious of how good she looks with that minidress!  This video is screaming how pretty this girl is!

But what’s up with the ending! I thought you were telling the guy you will show him! Why did you get back with him! Girl you need to keep your head high and not get back with him! ok ok so I am complaining. Oh well maybe her purpose for showing him was to win him back.. but but… ok i’ll stop.

Final Verdict: I love how Ailee showed her versatility in this song! I can’t wait for the broadcasts!

**credits: LOENENT@yt


Can’t Open Up My Lips – K.Will (MV)

I knew it!!! When I first saw K.Will‘s new MV, My Heart is Beating, I noticed that there is a guy buy of no significant role. He was just a visitor in the cafe IU works in… I thought… I think he has a role but eventually the video did not let us see more of him!

And yes oh yes! Apparently he does have a purpose… in K. Will’s second single Can’t Open My Eyes (입이떨어지지 않아서).

To watch an HD version, click on this link…

So he is the guy who admires IU from afar but can’t say what his feelings are because IU (in this video) like Lee Joon of MBLAQ’a character. It’s a little predictable but I like how they waited for the next video before they tell us why the heck he is there!

Compared to My Heart is Beating, this is a slower ballad and is leaning toward a heartbreak song. And from the comments in the video, I guess a lot of people are wondering who he is. But I have to say he does look good.. so I guess maybe he is a trainee of Starship entertainment and we could be seeing more of him soon! kk

**credits: starshiptv@yt


My Heart Is Beating – K. Will MV

I love watching music videos with stories in it. And I love K. will.

So if you add those two you will have this video… K. will’s recent song My Heart is Beating (가슴이뛴다).

The video is from StarshipTV (the company where Kwill is signed). So if you want to view the HD version click on this link.

As usual I love the sound of this song. Actually I have a particular bias for K. will. He is one of the best Korean ballad singers for me and I especially look forward to all his new songs… blame it on Love 119! This is such a sweet song and it is definitely going to go on my playlist!

Anyway, there is a cute story in the video and it features my favorite girl IU!!! IU is really really cute! and I always love it when she acts in a video or in a drama. I reckon in case she gives up singing, she can be an actress. But please don’t give up singing! kk  I love this kid since I saw her youtube videos and her first song Mia. And she is very lovable! And yes MBLAQ fans would also be delighted to see that Lee Joon is in the video. I’m not so much of an Lee Joon fan as I prefer G.O.. kk

The video’s story is cute and lovable and something that I can’t help but smile after I watched it. Though K-will does not appear on this video, it’s his song, so I am just happy to listen to his voice.

Oh and as a bonus… here is the video of IU’s dance in the video… kk.. I think this is a practice time.. cute cute IU!

**credits:  starshipTV@yt