Tic Toc No It’s the Clock Again

I wanted to post something different on my blog.. that is what I told a friend of mine. Though I will still be posting some new songs or videos or news that I am interested in, I want my blog to be different.

In the past year, there has been a lot of blogs about Kpop and Kculture. I love these blogs, they feed my addiction. Allkpop and sookyeong@wordpress are two of my favorite sources for my daily serving of Kpop culture. And since they are very good at doing their job.. I figured my blog should be about something else.

But anyway, this week is Super Junior week for me!! Why?? Because I am watching the Super Show II in Manila on Saturday, April 10!!! yay!!! I am soo very excited, elated and happy!!! I absoulutely can’t wait for April 10 to come! It’s just so sad because there is a rule that I can’t bring cameras… But but… whatever..

So like I said it’s going to be Super Junior week on my blog.. so expect a lot of Super Junior stuff that I will be posting! And the post will start with this.

Remember the Super Junior song back in December 2006 called Tic Toc.. The cute song the has.. beating in my head like a big drum.. Well that song is actually from a Norwegian group called Cape (S-Cape). However, they have disbanded already in 2002.

So tonight.. to start off my Super Junior week.. kk I am posting both versions of the song. Which do you like better??

Tic Toc – Super Junior (let’s start off with them)

Tic Tac – Cape (yes, it’s Tic Tac not Tic Toc)

I can’t be biased because I like both versions.. and of course I understand the English version 😀 but the Korean version is sung by Super Junior and… kk ok ok I’m blabbering!

More Super Junior to come!


Super Show II Pictures

I was browsing the Super Junior thread in soompi for pictures and I found a lot of goodies from the Super Show II. I also found some photos from their press conference for the concert! (Sorry no Kibum in the concert)

I will not be posting all of the photos, just some photo’s I like! ehehehe… but I’m sharing a link which has the compilation of all the photos I got… 😀






There are more pictures… especially solo pictures but I think it’s too many to post, just click on this link for the folder 😀

**credits as tagged + 3rd super junior thread@soompi (esp those who posted the pictures :))


Super Junior Super Show II Fancams

Like I promised! 😀 ehehehe.. but sorry this post will be a bit long!

Thank god for the pretty boy power blog (spazzes@wordpress)!!!

I found some fancams from the site… so I decided to embed some those that I liked! kikikiki (though some of them are  audio versions only :D). There were a lot more videos posted in spazzes, so you can click on this link to see the other videos :D.


Very very cute! From what I read in the Suju thread in soompi, everyone performed except for Yesung, Shindong and Kangin… ooh so cute! Babo! ahahaha if anyone sees a better version please tell me! kikikiki

Twins (Full Version)

I know this is their first single.. but I’m not much of a fan of this song.. ehehe I prefer Miracle over this… but watching this video, and seeing the boys new looks make me remember their debut video!

Ryeowook  Solo – Insomnia (Audio only)

He sang the English version! wohoo! Craig David version! It was nice hearing Wookie’s version… I just wish it wasn’t just the audio… there was a part when the audience was screaming loudly.. I’m a bit curious what happened.. kikikiki

Kyuhyun Singing  with Suju Drama

In some versions of the video, it’s labelled as Carnival… but I’m not sure.. coz when I hear the song it reminds me of a very old song.. Puff the Magic Dragon… but I’m not sure because I can’t hear Kyu’s voice over the fan’s crazy screams!

Sorry Sorry

White! that’s the color of the suits they were wearing.. and as usual they look so handsome.. so white so cute! ahh… I wish I was there!

Siwon Solo – Who Am I? (Audio only)

It’s just the audio version… but I had to include this post! 😀 Siwon! ohh… this song is a Christian Song… I loved the way he sang it and I love the fact that he chose this song to sing! 😀 Siwon-shi… 😀

Leeteuk Solo – Honey

Move over JYP! ahahaha kidding! Teukie! I’m at a lost for words.. couldn’t describe this video! But Teukie is soo amazing! pictures will be next! kikikiki

** credits spazzes@wordpress + kimtt HCCN + sj-partners.cn + Hankimvn.net  HyukGem, melliegrace16, sichee13 and EuNteUkseasoon1@youtube + as tagged


Super Show 2 – Sorry Sorry version (recorded audio)

Waaaa.. I found this on one of the youtube channels that I subscribe to! I’m going crazy!!

Though this is just the audio version of the song.. but it’s pretty clear! ahahaha..  According to the one who posted the video, this is one of the clearest versions of the song.. This was of course  recorded during the first day of the concert! 😀

There are 2 versions of Sorry Sorry during the concert.. one R and B version and another Remix version! 😀

R&B Version

Remix Version

Hearing the versions… I wanted to disapparate and apparate in the concert! Wae??? Doushite??? But one Korean friend told me it’s better to see the video (DVD) than the real concert because sometimes girls go gaga when they watch the concert. But I think the feeling of being in the concert and seeing them would be different ^-^ kikikiki.

I’m still searching for fancams from the concert so fancams to follow in another post!

**credits Sup3rJunior@youtube + kiza


Sorry Sorry – Japanese Version

😀 making a short post…

I think I don’t need to describe this post.. the title says it all… just listen to it… but I still think  the Korean version is better… kikikiki…

**credits  yukky3@youtube


Super Junior @ Golden Melody Awards 090627

I was doing my usual Pretty Boy Power spazzing.. And they posted that Super Junior were on Golden Melody Awards (GMA) last Saturday!! For those who are not familiar with Mandopop, the GMA is like the Grammy’s of Mandopop music.

And thanks to youtube.. there is a video of the boys performing It’s You and Sorry Sorry during the awards.

It’s You and Sorry Sorry

I cannot understand Chinese nor Korean so I absolutely no idea what they were talking about. But what I noticed in the video is that Teuki seems pretty happy now! ahaha he smiled! The boys looked so smexy in their suits! I miss seeing them wearing their suits! I think I can’t get enough of Sorry Sorry! But my heart went out to Sungmin. Apparently he was injured during the rehearsal in the Music Bank performance last Friday (0626). But he still did his best to perform! Though you couldn’t see him dancing, but there was one point in the Sorry Sorry performance where he was with the other guys! Sungmin Hwaiting! Is it just me — but I think his voice really did improve, I started to notice it since the Music Travel lalala performances…

Spazzes@wordpress also had these pictures up.. so I’m reposting it!

**credits spazzes@wordpress (pretty boy power) + cody610817@youtube + as tagged + moniicax3 & 16candl3s @ sj-


Sorry Sorry and Neorago @ Music Bank 090626

I wasn’t able to post anything yesterday as I wasn’t home..  And since I was on hiatus for about 5 days.. I will be posting like crazy today for all the updates that I missed.

Last Friday, Super Junior performed the last of Neorago and Sorry Sory at Music Bank last Friday June 26. I was watching Inkigayo earlier and the boys were not there – so missing them now…

The boys looked handsome in their suits as usual. However in this performance, you will notice that Sungmin is not dancing. I’ve read somewhere that during that performance he was sick. Aw.. Sungminnie get well ^-^. I’m sure Suju fans are missing them now! But the boys will soon be having their second Super Show concert… Awwww.. lucky for those who are in those countries that they are visiting and who can watch the concert — but no worries — I’ll be waiting for the fan cams kikikiki.

And speaking of the Super Show Concert, I’ve read in soompi (in the Suju thread) that Kibum will not be participating in the concert in Korea. Apparently because he fractured his left foot on June 13, he will need to rest and it will require 6 weeks recovery. Sad 😦 Kibum get well! – for his fans.. just hope he can join the other super show concerts 😀

**credits  CodeMonmonSeason2@youtube, damfino@soompi


Super Junior Goodbye Stage @ Inkigayo 090621

It’s impossible for me not to post this ^-^. Though I was very busy today, I had to find the time to post this! — Especially because I couldn’t post anything next week.. so I’m spamming!

So today is the officially the last performance of Neorago and Sorry Sorry in the usual kpop shows. Like I said in the other post, the boys have been promoting for 3 months now.

I will be missing them!

I really want to watch this!


**credits CodeMonmonSeason3@youtube


It’s You + Sorry Sorry (Good Bye Stage) @ Music Bank

I was sad when I knew about the news last week…

Unfortunately Super Junior has to end their promotions for their third album as it has been three months since they started promoting it.

I wasn’t able to watch their performance yesterday on Music Bank and I couldn’t post the video earlier as things are really busy for me this weekend… because we are preparing for a vacation… And next week I couldn’t post anything on this blog — so gomenasai… I’ll be back by back by next week probably..

But I’m posting the video from yesterday’s performance.. I missed it.. sigh but thank god for youtube! 😀

The guys were wearing suits this time.. Unlike their usual Neorago outfits… it’s because they also performed Sorry Sorry..  They looked soooo gorgeous! wahaha.. In the last part of the video there was a banner raised.. and according to SugarUmma@youtube, the banner says..

I love you, thank you, we’ll remember you.

Cry a lot when you are watching it!

I swear I’m gonna miss the boys.. but then again they will be busy preparing for the Super Show concert.. I wish I could go… I’m definitely in the wrong country! sigh…

**credits SugarUmma@youtube


Neorago Dance Version

OMG I almost miss this video!

Like what I said my new job is keeping me a bit busy these days… It’s a good thing that I don’t have work tomorrow.. so I had time to browse some of the videos… and I almost missed this.

This was uploaded and released yesterday I think… and most of you might have seen the video already. But I had to post this on my blog no matter what! ahahaha… And the video is the dance version (complete dance version) Neorago by Super Junior! I sooo love this!

I just loved the video! I wish I could see their Super Show concert! – I really am in the wrong country.. kikikiki 😀

**credits Sup3rJunior@youtube