Will You Marry Me… A Gentleman’s Dignity Style

Awwww… is so cute!!! I was jumping like crazy after I saw this!

It’s the proposal scene from A Gentleman’s Dignity.

I’m sure fans of this drama have see this scene already, but I just finished watching it last night! And this scene is so cute. I guess drama writers are now using ideas from proposals popular on the internet!

But this was is so cute!! And they chose such a perfect song for this part! I love love love this song! It makes the situation more romantic. And how cute it is to see the other members of F44 dance! (If you haven’t watched the drama, A Gentleman’s Dignity lets us take a peek at the lives of four men in their 40s.) I think Kim Min Jong nailed it, but he is after all a singer so I think he is capable of doing that! Kim So Ro!!! waaaa..  being adorkable! If Jang Donggun danced that would have been icing on the cake, but I guess his character would not permit it.. sigh 😦 (i just want to see him dance! lol)

The only problem I had with this scene was Kim Ha Neul’s reaction to the proposal. It was not so convincing though.. shouldn’t you look both happy and surprise at the same time, just like all those proposals we see on the internet?? Where’s the feeling girl?

Anyhow… this drama was a fun one to watch.. a breather from all those usual F4s (the younger ones). We will always remember the F44!

**credits:  go mblaqlover@yt