Another Late Birthday Post

This was is another late birthday post.. and I hope another friend of mine will not kill me!! kk kidding!

Actually, my friend Marj’s birthday was last January, and since I wasn’t up to posting something at that time.. I wanted to post something now… It’s better late than never right! 😀

So I asked today what she wanted… I wasn’t pretty sure who is the Asian star she liked now.. because before she held a flame for Jerry Yan (kk 😀 yes F4 days!). But maybe now she liked someone.. and it was a good thing I asked because I would have placed pictures of Jerry. And she sent me a message saying that she wanted Kim Bum (F4 – Korean F4) especially when he visited the Philippines… but because I did a post on that before so I decided to look for some other random pictures. And here is my present!

Hi Marj! Meet Kim Bum….

Kim Bum is a little confused now with what gift to give you for her birthday…

Hmmm.. should a text message be enough?? (what are you texting Kim Bum??)

Or should he take you out and take a stroll in the rain sharing an umbrella with him…

Or should he play you something romantic on his saxophone…

But in the end he settled for flowers for a wonderful beautiful lady like you.. awww.. how sweet of him!!!

Happy Birthday Marj!!! (“,)

Happy Birthday Marj! hope you enjoyed my birthday post for you!!! Though your miles away from us we love you! I can’t wait for your next vacation! Saranghae!

And pahabol… winking Kim Bum! isn’t he just adorable???

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Kim Bum in Philippines! :D

So most of you may have seen this news on the Korean entertainment sites. I actually saw this news on TV yesterday.. but I didn’t have the time to put it up last night so I’m doing it tonight! and I was still waiting for the pictures ^^

Kim Bum visited the Philippines yesterday (he arrived at 11 AM in Manila). He was here to shoot a CF with a local actress (Maja Salvador) for RC Cola. Oh lucky her! and she’s really one lucky girl because the news that I saw said that Kim Bum thought she was pretty!

I am not really into him during the Kkotboda Namja days ( i miss that drama)… I like Kim Hyun Joong better (Ji Hoo). But when I saw the news he looked really good.. but I think he looks too young :D… However since I know a lot of you like him very much… I’m posting the pictures of him visiting the country! Enjoy!

And i found this video on youtube..

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Kiss – Sandara Ft. CL (with Lee Min Ho)

So I figured most of the Boys over Flower addicts must be missing Lee Min Ho and the other guys. The boys have been busy I guess.. Just a bit of news — Kim Bum has just finished filming his drama after Boys Over Flowers, it called Dream.. then he will be heading off to England to have a photoshoot.. and the he will be coming to the Philippines to be a volunteer (ok fan girls.. you can scream now!) — Kim Hyun Joong has been down with the dreaded swine flu.. and he needs about 15 days to recover, poor Hyun Joong, I hope he gets well — Lee Min Ho just recently filmed a CF with Sandara! And that’s what this post is all about ^^.

The song I’m posting is the full MV of the song Kiss which Sandara sang and this song also features the 2NE1 leader CL. The song is for the CF of Cass Beer of which Lee Min Ho is an endorser. I saw the preview of the MV and I think the MV just came out maybe today. So Lee Min Ho fans, I bet your jealous at Dara  ^^ — ㅋㅋㅋ…  but kidding aside, Dara looked really pretty in the video!

The song was sung by Dara and it features CL. I think Dara is really getting prettier – without any biases.. I think she is the most beautiful in 2NE1 (definitely not biased because CL is my favorite!). This song from what I’ve read has beaten G Dragon’s Heartbreaker in some on the online sites! so Go Dara! 😀

If you haven’t seen the CF (teaser video), I’m also posting it here! Enjoy!

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Can’t Get Enough of Boys Over Flowers

I noticed that most of what is being viewed on this blog is related to Boys Before Flowers. And since people can’t get enough of the drama series.. I’m posting some of the photos I have.. some of them I already posted on the birthday post for my friend Sittie.. click here to view it.

Please copy the photos and do not hot link it!

I updated my photobucket account and you may view the pictures in their original size. Password is chipskjaa. Again DO NOT HOTLINK! Albums you may view are the following:

Kkotboda Namja

Kim Bum

Lee Min Ho

Boys Before Flowers Pictures

I also couldn’t resist posting these chibi images! soo cute!

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Happy Birthday Sittie!

This is a very late post! And I’m super sorry I wasn’t able to post this earlier! 😀

But anyway… I want to greet a friend of mine belated Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday to you… Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday.. Happy Birthday… Happy Birthday to you!!

I asked her whow photos she wanted me to post for her birthday.. and she said she wanted to see pictures of the f4 (korean f4) boys.. so I’m granting her wish 😀

If you enjoy the pictures… please copy them and do not hot link! thanks.. 😀

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Kim Bum Singing (random post)

This was actually posted by a friend on our other blog.. and I decided to copy the video posted! hahahaha 😀

Missing Kim Bum?? Have you heard and seen him sing??? If not you should watch this video! ahahaha the video I’m posting is a fancam when the F4 cast visited Japan (i think). Adorable! ahahaha

Posting random photo’s of Kim Bum too… some of which are from the OZ CF photos :D.


I’m just making a random post so there would be something to read on my blog! ahahaha

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OZ Generation Song Version CF

It’s been a hectic weekend :D! I haven’t posted anything…  I’m also getting a little busier these days as I’m doing something now… and unfortunately I can only access the net when I’m at home… 😦

So today I finally had the chance to log in to my blog and all my other favorite sites :D. And when I was on youtube.. I found the this…

It’s the Song version of the Oz generation Cf – with the stars of the commercial (minus Kim Bum) singing the OZ Generation song. If you missed Kibum then you should see this! Ahahaha we finally hear him sing in this version! Yay!! ahaha…

And here’s a plus… the making of Kibum and Kim Bum’s Oz version

And another one :D… We Live in OZ (We Start) – Making of OZ Generation Print CF… you have to watch this to the end to see kim bum and kibum 😀

I might be able to post that much on weekdays.. I will be busy 😀 I can only post on weekends so expect my posts to be a little late than usual! hmmp 😦

** credits to wondersmurf@youtube for all the videos


We Start LG Telecom CF 090502

Fresh! Fresh! Fresh!

Ok so I’m doing an oveload of entries today! ahahah I can’t help it… There are a lot of post-worthy entries today!!

We’ve all been excited and we are all waiting for this commercial! I’m particularly excited because we will be seeing Kibum! I’m talking about the LG Telecom commercial.. Since it’s May 2.. the video is finally out! ahahah.. lots of thanks to SJ3jib@youtube for all the videos that she has been posting!

We live in OZ! ahahaha Kibummie.. we miss you!

I also found a CF making video… from the note on the video.. this is from the OZ generation website…

The CF includes Super Junior Kim Kibum, Lee Yeon Hee, Kim Bum, Kim Minji, Yoo Seung Ho, Choi Ara.

Edit: Kibum’s version of the making of LG Telecom Oz Generation… Kibummie.. we miss you! ahahah

** credits to SJ3jib@youtube, OZ Generation website +


Section TV “We Start” CF (Full Interview)

I posted the 14 seconds Kibum cut yesterday. And today I found the full interview from section TV! wohoo!!

The CF will star Kim Kibum, Lee Yeon Hee, Kim Bum, Kim Minji, Yoo Seung Ho, Choi Ara… since its May 2 today, they will probably launching the commercial (since that’s the date place on the picture I posted earlier). I can’t wait!

** credits: SJ3jib@youtube


Kibum @ Section TV 090501

Since we are missing Kibum, most news about him is essential! ahahaha

This was posted a few hours ago on youtube! The clip is a bit short (only 14 seconds) but Kibum is there! The Kim Kibum we’ve all been missing. And I think this video confirms that he is doing a commercial for LG Telecom. Can’t wait! He’s as cute as always!

Ohh.. and I found some pics of him for the commercial! 😀 And Kim Bum is there too!





** credits SJ3jib@youtube for the vid and sj-market