Haru Haru (Day by Day) – Kim Bo Kyung

No this is not a remake of the Big Bang song… I thought it was one when I saw the title. This is a very different song.

This song, Haru Haru is sung by Kim Bo Kyung.

Kim Bo Kyung is one of the contestants of Superstar K season 2. Superstar K is like the Korean equivalent of Americal Idol and this is produced by Mnet. She did not make it to the top 11 but she did make it to showbiz when she signed under Sony Music.

This girl has got the voice!! She became uber popular when she sang Because of You (originally by Kelly Clarkson) during the Grand Finals of Superstar K2. So popular that she recorded her own version of the song! And she can play the guitar!! And she can write songs.. I think she is a singer-songwriter in the making.. and I do hope she succeeds! I’m looking forward to more of her songs!

**credits: TonyKPOPMV@yt