This Christmas – JYP Nation

If there is SM Town… and then there’s YG Family… now we are introduced to JYP Nation.

This is how the artists under JYP Entertainment call their group. And they have recently released their MV “This Christmas“.

Yes, Christmas is in the air!!! Oh well.. it should be since it’s December! But I love the coziness of this video… And I think its good because they captured the true meaning of what Christmas is.. being together with the ones you love.. be it romantic or not. Oh and I love the way they had Nichkhun do the last part of the song! very very good!

Christmas is actually my favorite time of the year! I’m so excited for Christmas!! Thank you JYP Nation for making me start to feel the Christmas season… so I think I’d better start doing my Christmas list!

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Rainy Days – One Way (MV)

I posted before that One Way had released their teaser video for Rainy Days.

Well now their fans (like me :)) need not wait any longer as they have released the full English (Acoustic) version of Rainy Days!!

What do I think about it??

NICE!!! It has that certain One Way sound that I really love and like what I’ve been saying, their sound is refreshing. Power vocals by Chance and Peter. And if I am not mistaken, Junsu of 2PM is also featured in the video. Girls be patient as you can see him somewhere around the 4:10 mark. I like Young Sky’s rap lyrics — actually I like the words of the whole song. And I am not saying this from a biased fan’s point of view. I think that’s one of the things that I really like about One Way is because they write their own music and the words in their songs really make sense and are really GOOD!!

What they released is just the English version. They still have the Korean track coming up. And according to the announcement the boys made, Junsu is taking part in the song! I can hear 2PM fans rejoicing. kk I must say though that Junsu can really sing, so I guess him lending his voice to this track would make it uber good!! Their album will officially be released sometime in December. Can’t wait for the Korean version ^__^

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Found You – JYJ

I’m posting a lot today! kk 🙂

I would not have posted more but I got excited when I saw this video that I am sharing.

Sungkyunkwan Scandal might be over but I think this video is a reminder of the drama I recently got addicted to. It might not have done good with the ratings, but the drama had their own share of fans and I am one of them. Well apart from the story, I got addicted because of  Song Joong Ki (because he’s Gu Yongha!).

But another thing that I am excited about is that this is a song from 3 TVXQ/DBSK members.  Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu or simply JYJ has sang the song for the OST of Sungkyunkwan Scandal. It was nice to hear their voices again. When I heard it I so missed DBSK. I wish they would perform together someday soon.

Oh and just some news, DBSK is coming back, just Changmin and Uknow, but I read that they are still using the name DBSK. They will be releasing something sometime early next year. I hear the Cassies rejoicing! But still it would be nice to have all 5 of them together! 🙂

Just like old times…

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More Junsu fan cams…

I was trying to check if the other F4 videos were up already.. but I found none.. instead I found this…

More Junsu fancams…

Sweet Yoosu “TSC” 4th live tour @ KOBE

Junsu with his Aeygo @ TSC Tour Live At Kobe (2009-05-05)

Stand By U Live

Arrival at Kimpo Airport

Also… Xiah-sshi Forums is currently doing a get-well project for Xiah to wish him support for his speedy recovery. They will be sending a card with get well wishes and messages from Xiah-sshi members. The messages will be printed off onto colored paper and than joined together to form a collage in the shape of a dolphin within the card. This project will run from today May 6th, 2009 to May 10th, 2009 (12:00 AM Pacific Time) and sent out the next day.

If you want to send a get well message to him.. register on the site and leave your message. Please click on this link to know more about it..

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More Junsu from Secret Code tour

I posted yesterday that Junsu was in a wheelchair during their Secret Code concert in Japan. I found a video of him on youtube from his performance. This time he was standing (yay!) while singing Bolero. Though I miss seeing him dance its better than seeing no Xiah Junsu at all :D.

As always he sang from the heart 😀 ehehe… Also found some pictures of him in the concert.. I hope he will be feeling better during the next concert!

secret code1

secret code2

secret code3

secret code4

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Junsu’s Oyagi Gags

I know it’s a bit old and most of you are familiar with Xiah’s Oyagi Gags. But I just can’t help it! I love watching him do those gags ^^!! Thus I’m posting a collection of some of the Oyagi Gags he did.


Xiah not only has a wonderful, power voice; he doesn’t only dance; but he is a funny guy who does these gags! Love them!!

Collection of Junsu’s Oyagi Gags

Sorry no subs… But I can share 2 oyagi gags… 1. Kamo, Come on -> kamo means duck.. so it translates to duck, come on… 2. (Boku Wa) Tamago no kimi mo suki desu kedo kimi mo suki -> play of words.. kimi in japanese could mean I or egg yolk, same pronounciation but different characters, sentence means I like egg yolks but I like you :D… this this my favorite Junsu Oyagi gag! ahaha I love the way he says KIMI MO SUKI! waaaa…

Clip From Hey!3x Phonebooth

This clip is a little old and it was subbed by DBSJ. Anyway, Junsu does his usual gags again and it was hilarious when the phone (or the somebody they are talking to) says enough already! ahahah Junsu is so cute 😀

** credits to KeitaBunnie and 14ambot14@youtube for the videos


Xiah Junsu’s solo concert

I am a self confessed DBSK addict. Thanks to my friends shiira and whirpool — they introduced them to me last christmas, and since then I was addicted to them. Among the 5 gorgeous boys, I like Xiah Junsu the best, because love the way he dances and to me he has the best voice!


I found an article that I wanted to share about my favorite boy! Apparently he will be having a solo concert 3 days before the DBSK concert this Febuary. It will be called XIAHTIC. XIAHTIC produced by Junsu, will show an awesome solo performance where he specifically created the song, and also dance.

One of his guest will be Key from Shinee (this band is good to, they sund Amigo and Stand by Me – featured in the OST of Boys Before Flowers). He will be rapping in the concert.

DBSK’s concert –  TVXQ THE 3rd ASIA TOUR CONCERT MIROTIC – will be held at Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium.

source: NEWSEN + DNBN
Translations: L4uRa
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source: NEWSEN + DNBN
Translations: L4uRa
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