New Jo In Sung photos (from his recent fan meet)

OMG!!! (screams from a fan girl!)

We all know that Jo In Sung has been discharged from the military right? So I decided to commence stalking mode to check what has he been up to in the days since the discharge.

Well apparently he had a recent fan meeting held last July 31 with the attendance of some 600 hundred fans! OMG! Can I like be there?!?!?!

So during the fan meeting, he greeted his fans who have been waiting for him and serenaded them with a song (I’m dying of envy now). He also informed his fans of the recent activities he will be participating, one is the filming of his new movie Fist Fighting. I can’t contain that giddy feeling of anticipating watching his movie! It definitely has been a long time.

And the fans also presented him with a cake to celebrate his birthday, which by the way is on July 28.

Hurray! He’s back.. He’s back!

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My Sassy Guy (My Sassy Girl parody)

Because I’m too excited to learn that Jo In Sung has been discharged from the military, I went on yt to check some old videos. I was planning on including some in my previous post but instead I just made a pic spam.

But from all the videos I saw tonight, this one is post worthy. And Park Kyung Rim is in the video too (yahoo!!). The video is called My Sassy Guy.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3 

Did the title ring a bell?? Of course it should if you’ve watched My Sassy Girl. That’s truly one of my favorite Kmovies (but only third after Millionaire’s First Love and the Classic). For an introduction to Kmovies, always start by watching My Sassy  Girl!! And in the true spirit of making parodies, this is one of the best I’ve seen!

If noticed, the video is kinda old as it is from an old sitcom called Nonstop 2. But the video is ok and there’s the English subs! It’s too funny that I am at a loss of words to describe the video. Better to see it!

Love love love ^_^

**credits: Merteuilx5815@yt


Jo In Sung is Back!!!!

I got all excited when I saw this news on allkpop! I mean who wouldn’t be especially if you were a fan who had to wait for 2 years before you see him active again!

Jo In Sung has finally been discharged from the military!!

According to the report, he was discharged from the military at 10 AM today, May 4. And some 400 fans went to the base to see him. Wishing I was there kk!

I backtracked on the posts I did on my blog and indeed I posted something about his entering the military. And now about two years later I am writing that he has been discharged… Maybe two years is not a long time… Time flies..

And now that he is back I couldn’t wait for his next projects! kk I can’t believe I can see his sheepish grin on pictures once again! kk oh how I love that trademark smile.

But for now I’ll just settle for a pic spam~~~ kk ^_^

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Jo In Sung enlists for the military

Today is the day we say goodbye to Jo In Sung as he leaves for the military.

I’m sure if you’re a fan of most Korean stuff you would be familiar with male stars leaving showbusinesses for 2 years — and Jo In Sung is one of them.

This was posted on dramabeans:

Another 28-year-old actor (or, in this case, he’s a few months shy of 28) — who’s been hyping up his army departure for months, with a “last movie” (Frozen Flower), a “last fanmeeting” (in Japan), and a “last photo shoot” (for a clothing ad campaign) — finally heads off to complete his roughly two-year service in the military.

Jo In-sung enlisted on April 6, sent off with the requisite camera crew and crowd of about 200 fans.

Jo had originally received his papers last November and planned to enlist in January, but then pushed the day back in order to complete promo activities for his last film, Frozen Flower.

He debuted in 1998 as a CF model, then rose to fame after roles on the MBC Nonstop campus sitcom, dramas like What Happened in Bali and Spring Days, and movies like A Dirty Carnival.

He’ll serve for 25 months as part of a special performers’ unit (military band) in the air force.

Some photos:

jo in sung goes to the army

jo in sung goes to the army2

jo in sung goes to the army3

jo in sung goes to the army4


Aww.. its official… he finally enlisted.. no more Jo In Sung for 2 years 😦

I’m sure fans will be waiting for his comeback! But good luck to him in the army… Jo In Su hwaiting! 😀

** credits to dramabeans and e dailyfor the article and credits as tagged for the photos


Now – Wonder Girls

KTF Ever’s X-Slim phone CF was launched last weekend I think (I’m not sure but it was the same time Anycall Bodyguard was launched). For the promotion this time it was the Wonder Girls that promoted the product. These girls are getting very popular not only in Korea but also around the world!!!


The song used for the video is a remake of the Fin KL song called Now. According to wondersmurf (who posted the video on youtube) there isn’t much difference with the song just that the beat is slower and Yoobin’s rap. In this post I’m putting up the Wondergirls MV,  KTF Ever commercial. I haven’t found the lyrics yet. But I’ll be posting it as soon as I find it :D.  I’m also posting the Fin KL MV so you can check it out. Fin KL did the song almost 10 years ago and it sounded really good. The video also features a very young Jo Insung (sigh — he’s entering the military today… double sigh).


For those who are not familiar with Fin KL, they were a girl group who was launched in 1998. Their name stands for Fine Killing Liberty (read wikipedia to know why). Lee Hyori (who sang Hey Mr. Big and U Go Girl) was part of the group.

KTF Ever Commercial

Now – Wondergirls MV

Now – Fin KL Version

** credits to wondersmurf  and  gomdoriii@youtube for the videos.


Jo In Sung off to serve

This is sad.. I wouldn’t be seeing my favorite (my ultimate favorite) Korean actor for 2 years as he is off to serve the army.

From the news that was posted sChiZoO14@asianfanatics, Jo In Sung will report for duty to the ROK Air Force on April 6. He has met 700 of his fans at the Gwangjin Naru Art Center in Seoul in what was described as a tearful farewell.


For those who are not familiar who Jo In Sung is, he was the one who starred with Ha Ji Won and Soo Ji Sub in What Happened In Bali (Memories in Bali). He was also in a Dirty Carnival and my favorite Korean movie, The Classic.

Another actor who will also be off to the army is Kim Jae Won, who starred in Wonderful Life and Hwang Jin-Yi.

Aw.. this is so sad.. I have to wait for 2 years… but Jo In Sung Hwaiting! 😀

source:  sChiZoO14@asianfanatics, Korean Herald

** credits to francesca@asianfanatics for the photo (I’d accept those flowers anytime! ahahaha)


Upcoming Military Enlistments

I have been a Korean addict from the time I’ve seen Lover’s in Paris. I remember I was in college at that time. It shown on TV right after the Meteor Garden fever. Because of this show, one of the Korean actors I adore was Lee Dong Gun. But he has nothing to do with this post — at least not yet. We’ll not yet since he hasn’t enlisted for the South Korean army.

According to wikipedia,  South Korea has a mandatory military service of 24 to 27 months. as mandatory military service of 24 to 27 months. There are no alternatives for conscientious objectors except imprisonment. So in general, most Korean males have to serve the army for about 2 years or so.

Apparenlty even actors and singers are not exepmt from this military service. As many of you may know  Gong Yoo (from Coffee Prince) is currenlty in the army. A friend of mine adores him and she just can’t wait for the time when he finishes his service so he can make more series! ahahah — 1 more year to go!

I recently found an article on asianfanatics about actors who will be enlisting in the army. Two of the are my favorites…

The actors mentioned in the article who will be enlisting are

Kim Jae Won  (he’s the guy from Wonderful Life and 100 days from Ms. Arrogant) kim-jae-won

Jo In Sung (awww… no more jo in sung for 2 years, he’s my favorite number 1) — he is the guy from Memories in Bali


Kim Rae Won (favorite number 2) , he’s the guy from My Little Bride and Love Story in Harvard


Other actors mentioned in the article were Jo Han-seon of Sweet Lies, Choi Ji-woo’s Star’s Lover co-star Lee Ki-woo, and Choi Ji-woo’s real-life love Lee Jin-wook.

I’m sure most fans will find it a little sad, but you just have to wait for 2 years and they come back. 😀

credits to DOLCE@asianfanatics,  source: Star News, Hankook Ilbo, Newsen
translations: dramabeans


Pretty Guy Ranking – 090206

I found this list while browsing through the news on asianfanatics. This was posted by Dolce. Credits to credits: HarueKorea + andie39martinez @ soompi. The list was based on ‘Pretty Boy Ranking’ held by MBC.

1. Kim Hyunjoong (SS501)


2. Jo Insung


3. Lee Minho


4. Jang Geunseok
5. Jung Ilwoo
6. Jang Donggeon
7. Kim Beom
8. Kang Dongwon
9. NichKhun (2PM)
10. Kim Wonjoon
11. Kim Hyeseong
12. Kim Heecheol (Super Junior)
13. Lee Junki
14. Jaejoong (DBSK)
15. Won Bin
16. Kim Jaewook
17. Lee Hongki (FTIsland)
18. Park Sihoo
19. Taemin (SHINee)
20. Lee Seunggi