Tonight – Jay Park (MV)

I love the new Jay Park video!!!

Though Abandoned is really great, but I like Tonight 오늘밤 better. It also features Kan Minkyung of Davichi.

I actually thought at first it was a cutesy video. But I loved the video… all the dance moves in the video are definitely…. AWESOME!!!! DAEBAK!!! I love Prepix!!!

I love how Jay Park is making a mark on his videos through the dance sequences. It’s very very different from Kpop videos we see (though sometimes 2PM has dance sequences but it’s not as long and as awesome as this!) I really really really like the way the dance moves are so simple, like it’s something you would do normally, but blended together it makes up an extraordinary choreography. And did I mention how great a dance Jay Park is!!! Love Love Love Love Love this video!!!

So let’s dance dance to the song! (ain’t it addicting!! ^_^)

We need more Bboy dances in the world!! kk

**credits: jaybumaom0425@yt


Abandoned – Jay Park (Dance Version MV)

Jay Park has recently released a dance version of his new track Abandoned.

I actually like this better than the original video. kk I’m not sure why it’s more appealing to me.

While Jay Park made his debut last friday on Music Core, he performed another song, Tonight (오늘밤). I actually like this song better, though the sound is common to most idol songs.  But I guess I’m after a happier Jay Park song. I am also anticipating the video of this song, but for now all we get is a teaser.

Can’t wait for it 🙂

**credits: jaybumaom0425@yt


Abandoned – Jay Park (MV)

I was waiting for Jay Park to post his new video on his YT site, but apparently his site had been deleted. So luckily i am subscribed to sidushq and they have uploaded his new video! yipee!!

This is the video of Jay Park‘s Abandoned.

The song sounds like an American rnb song but the lyrics are in Korean. It sounds good though. Though, the video looks very common (sorry ^_^) but we get to see him dance again!  I think at the moment it’s just good that Jay Park has come back to the Korean Music Scene.

I wonder what will happen if 2PM and Jay Park meet in the variety shows. I can only wonder.

**credits: sidushqpr@yt + as tagged


Can’t Take My Eyes Off You (Cover) by Jaebum!

Who misses Park Jaebum??

I do! kk 😀

So I am posting this latest post from his youtube channel!!

It’s kind of sad that he has officially left 2PM but 2PM will continue to be a hot hot boy group in Korea while Jaebum or Jay Park as he is called in the USA is going to have his own projects in the USA… maybe!

When I saw the video I kind of wanted the 7 guys to reunite and sing Again and Again.. though 2PM manages their activities fine.. it’s still not the same without Jaebum… especially because he has a distinct voice…

But oh well, good luck to him in America..

And as for 2PM Taecyeon and Nickhun are still there so it’s ok! kk ^^

**credits jayparkaom@youtube