Back! ^_^

So I am back after a long hiatus… and yes it was a little difficult to stay away from writing something on this blog. It was tempting… very tempting.

I actually did not go somewhere but I had to do some sacrifices for the Holy Week. I had to give up some of my favorite things to do in the world.. (1) watching 2 days 1 night (Il Bak Ee Il), (2) watching Running Man (OMG I didn’t even know Song Joongki changed his hairstyle!!), and (3) writing something on this blog.

I’m way behind all my favorite things to do… and I have to do a lot of catching up! kk

But I’m back and I have a lot to post on this blog! kk

And because I’m back I’m posting a real wicked video! kk Itaewon Freedom by UV ft. JYP (kk 80’s feel!!!)

credits: jypentertainment@yt