Woohyun (Infinite) and Lucia – Cactus (MV)

I don’t know what is it with me and feeling sentimental these days, but I am on a roll of ballad and sad songs.


But I am glad I found this song. I love it! It’s the new duet featuring Woohyun (Infinite) and Lucia 심규선. It’s called Cactus 선인장.

The Video

OMG! I love videos like this. I love it that Korean videos are now exploring this kind of story telling in their videos. Such a unique video for a nice song. I love how artistic it is. Whoever thought of this is pure genius!

The video shows two frames. And if you look at it closely and slowly follow the story of each frame, you would see that the top one tells the story from the girl’s point of view and the bottom frame tells the story of the guy. Both stories start at different times, the girl from the present (or could be the future) and the guy from the past. Both of the meet at a specific moment, when the guy was trying to break up with the girl. From the girls view, you will see that she is tracing back her steps, while the guy is moving forward. My take on the story is that the guy is sick and he was breaking up with the girl to keep her from feeling the pain. On the other hand, the girl can’t take the break up but later on realizes that the guy was really trying to protect her from being hurt too much. In the end the guy died, and the cactus is there to remind the girl of the love the man had for her.

I love how beautifully the story was made into the video. Especially with the frames telling different stories past and future, but were related to each other. This is effective story telling. I still can’t get over how nice the video was and how well the director played with the symbolism in the video. And let’s not forget the reference of the cactus in the video.

I’ve read that some would have liked to see both singers in the video, but I think this video is just the right thing the song needs. If they were present, they would have ruined the concept and story of the video… I think sometimes, you don’t need to see the singer of the song to appreciate a good song or video.

The Song

I love Infinite, so I was really looking forward to this collaboration. But when I learned that the title of the song was Cactus. I had to do a double take. But after listening to it, I couldn’t believe the symbolism of the song. The lyricist’s way of telling us the story of a cactus — and giving it life is very beautiful. Who would’ve have thought of relating that feeling to the cactus! (Also, we have to thank Loenent for making the translation!)

The melody of the song though, is a bit simple. Something that we might have heard before. But, the feeling of sadness is still there. Also, though I love Woohyun’s voice, I would have loved listening to more of Lucia in the song instead of just the last part. I think the part where they did they’re blending, Woohyun’s voice was too loud that I could barely hear Lucia’s voice. Their blending would have been nice if both had the right volume.

Final Verdict: I’d never thought I’d listening to a song called Cactus. But don’t let the title of the song fool you, because the lyrics are very meaningful. This is one of the best videos I’ve seen (so far) for this year. I love that Korean MVs are trying out new concepts and not just the same old things they done in the past.

**credits: LOENENT@yt + as tagged


Hoya’s Dancing to Deux (from Answer Me 1997)

I know Answer Me 1997 (Reply 1997) has ended but i still can’t get over it and I haven’t watched too much drama because of it (except for Nice Guy).

I’ve been rewatching several episodes and I forgot that I didn’t post this on my blog. Well better late than never! haha

It’s Hoya of Infinite (who plays Jun Hee in the drama) dancing to Deux 나를 돌아봐 (Turn Around and Look at Me).

Dancing machine Hoya!! Daebak! I know he dances well among all the Infinite members.. and I think I like him more now than L! lol but Sunggyu’s still number one!

Hoya was also good for this drama, especially since it’s his first drama and to play such a role as he did (no spoilers first, will be doing a recommendation later!) is commendable, especially from an idol!

Will be watching out for more of Hoya! kya~~ ^_^

**credits: Dancemachinehoya@yt


Cover Girl – Infinite (with lyrics)

I hate being sick because I can’t do things that I want to do :(.. but though I am sick I can’t stop myself from posting this song. Though Infinite has released a new album and are promoting a single, I’m kind of stuck up with their past albums. This is my second most favorite (as of now) Infinite song after Be Mine.

It’s called Cover Girl.

They did not really promote this song. I actually heard it first while listening to their album. It had a fun melody with a mixture of bubble gum pop as well as a kind of retro feel with the key boards. And I think that part got to me. It sound reminded me of all those boy band fanaticism of the 90’s! Nowadays, I don’t hear this too much in Kpop songs, so I guess that’s why I liked it.

The video is from their concert. I think the second invasion. Quite impressive considering that it’s a live. On a side note, their company did a good job keeping the voices of the audience at a low volume. You can still hear some of it, but at least it’s not that unpleasant! Seeing them perform this, I would have wanted to see them perform the song on those live (bangsong) broadcasts. Though I’m not sure if this kind of bubble gum pop is still a hit. I think most Kpop audiences prefer songs with a faster beat! (it’s good as long as it’s not autotuned!!!!)

And because I like this too much, I’m sharing the lyrics!!

Cover Girl (Romanization)

 Rap> majuhago sipji anha geu eotteon areumdaun ibyeoldo
eonjengan tteoreojigetji dasin bol su eopgetji
ireon yaegihagien jjarpji love journey
tak teuin gilgeorie sumanheun
“love is pain” munteokdo da neomeul
honja gandago da doel iri aninteora
eosaekhage jabeun son negeoya

neoneun neomu yeppeo neoneun jeongmal bitna
mae sungan neoneun naui Cover girl
naman bomyeon utji hwareul naedo utji
eotteoke naega neol sirta hagesseo

nan hanamyeon dwae nan hanamyeon da dwae
neodo da alji ppeonhangeol
wanbyeokhi mideo naman mideumyeon dwae
geureom nan ni geoya hangsang

Rap> apa bon jeok eomneun cheok
saranghago huhoe
namanochi anheun jeok
saenggakhada pihae
jul pillyo eobtjanha neowa naya
ttak durimyeon doejanha baby love ya
ajikdo meoriga gyesaneul hae ?
mwoga jeongdabinji hollanseureowo hae
gandanhae jeoldae nochi motae
seoroga animyeon an doeneun ge haedabi dwae

han nun palmyeon alji (bebe) ttan mam meogeum alji(bebe)
geuttaeneun nado eojjeolji molla (neoneun naui Cover girl)
sarang haneun mankeum sarang badeun mankeum
sangcheodo geumankeum deo keo jilgeoya

nan hanamyeon dwae nan hanamyeon da dwae
neodo da alji ppeonhangeol
wanbyeokhi mideo naman mideumyeon dwae
geureom nan ni geoya hangsang

igeomyeon dwae eoryeoul geot eobseo
seoro majuhan simjangi ttwieojundamyeon
naui moksoriro neoui ireumeul bulleojumyeon sijakdwae

neon naui cheonsa namanui Cover girl(naui Cover girl naega gajilge)
deo keuge oechyeo nae geoya (keuge malhaedo dwae)
taneun nae simjang nege siseon gojeong
nae nunen neoman dameulge(nae maeumen neo hanaman)

nan hanamyeon dwae nan hanamyeon da dwae(gieokhaeya hae)
neodo da alji ppeonhangeol(baby my girl)
wanbyeokhi mideo naman mideumyeon dwae
geureom nan ni geoya hangsang

Cover Girl (Translation)

I don’t want to face any kind of beautiful separations
Someday we will grow apart, we won’t see each other again
It’s too short of a love journey to say this
Passing over the countless doorways that say “love is pain” in the open streets
Going by myself is not the solution
The awkwardly held hand is you

You are so pretty- you really shine
Each moment, you are my cover girl
You smile whenever you see me, even when you’re mad, you smile
How can I say I don’t like you?

* I only need one, I only need one
You know it, it’s obvious
Completely trust me, just trust me
Then I am yours, for always

Pretend that I never been sick
Pretend that I don’t regret after I love
There’s no need to be hurt by thinking
Just you and me- just us two is enough- baby love ya
Is your head still calculating?
Are you still confused on what the answer is?
It’s simple- I can never let you go
The answer is that we can’t go on if it’s not us together

If you let your eyes wander, you know what will happen (bebe)
If you have other feelings, you know what will happen (bebe)
Then I don’t know what I will do either (you are my cover girl)
As much as you love, as much as you receive love
The scars are bigger as well

* repeat

This is it- it’s not that hard
If our hearts for each other are beating
If I call your name with my voice, it starts

You are my angel, my only cover girl
(My cover girl, I will have you)
I shout louder, you are mine (I can be loud)
My burning heart has focused on you
My eyes will only hold you (in my heart, there’s only you)

I only need one, I only need one (please remember)
You know it, it’s obvious (baby my girl)
Completely trust me, just trust me
Then I am yours, for always

Cover Girl (Hangeul)

 Rap> 마주하고 싶지 않아 그 어떤 아름다운 이별도
언젠간 떨어지겠지 다신 볼 수 없겠지
이런 얘기하기엔 짧지 love journey
탁 트인 길거리에 수많은
“love is pain” 문턱도 다 넘을
혼자 간다고 다 될 일이 아닌터라
어색하게 잡은 손 네거야

너는 너무 예뻐 너는 정말 빛나
매 순간 너는 나의 Cover girl
나만 보면 웃지 화를 내도 웃지
어떻게 내가 널 싫다 하겠어

난 하나면 돼 난 하나면 다 돼
너도 다 알지 뻔한걸
완벽히 믿어 나만 믿으면 돼
그럼 난 니 거야 항상

Rap> 아파 본 적 없는 척
사랑하고 후회
남아놓지 않은 적
생각하다 피해
줄 필요 없잖아 너와 나야
딱 둘이면 되잖아 baby love ya
아직도 머리가 계산을 해 ?
뭐가 정답인지 혼란스러워 해
간단해 절대 놓지 못해
서로가 아니면 안 되는 게 해답이 돼

한 눈 팔면 알지 (bebe) 딴 맘 먹음 알지(bebe)
그때는 나도 어쩔지 몰라 (너는 나의 Cover girl)
사랑 하는 만큼 사랑 받은 만큼
상처도 그만큼 더 커 질거야

난 하나면 돼 난 하나면 다 돼
너도 다 알지 뻔한걸
완벽히 믿어 나만 믿으면 돼
그럼 난 니 거야 항상

이거면 돼 어려울 것 없어
서로 마주한 심장이 뛰어준다면
나의 목소리로 너의 이름을 불러주면 시작돼

넌 나의 천사 나만의 Cover girl(나의 Cover girl 내가 가질게)
더 크게 외쳐 내 거야 (크게 말해도 돼)
타는 내 심장 네게 시선 고정
내 눈엔 너만 담을게(내 마음엔 너 하나만)

난 하나면 돼 난 하나면 다 돼(기억해야 해)
너도 다 알지 뻔한걸(baby my girl)
완벽히 믿어 나만 믿으면 돼
그럼 난 니 거야 항상

And as bonus! Here is the group’s Dance Version for the song The Chaser 추격자! side note: cool moves but not as cool as BTD’s dance!

Hope you enjoyed it!

*credits: wooliment@yt +  romanization@wordpress + infotaip@blogspot

The Chaser – Infinite (MV)

I was supposed to make two other posts yesterday but sleep got the better of me.

So Infinite has come back with a new song called The Chaser 추격자.

I wasn’t really an Infinite fan when they first started out. A friend of mine was and was trying to make me like them. But I did like how graceful and well coordinated they are when they move. But when I heard Be Mine, that song blew me off and now I’m rooting for them! Though I still have to get to the part where I have to identify their names… I can recognize their faces though I only know Sunggyu, L and Hoya.

I was expecting a lot from this song, but I was a little bit disappointed that it did not match up to Be Mine 내꺼하자. The song does sound a bit like Be Mine. I think this is the sound that Infinite want us to recognize that it’s theirs. When I hear something like this I get the Be Mine feeling. I think Be Mine had a much stronger sound that sticks to your head. But don’t get me wrong, I like the song, maybe I was just expecting a song that could top Be Mine. That being said, Be Mine is my favorite Infinite song (then Cover Girl and Amazing!).

Now on to the video… well there’s this thing about the car that was tumbling over… its to put it in a nice way, not edited properly. There was nothing wrong with L’s acting just that it was ridiculous to see that same car tumbling over and it’s not even convincing for me. It’s like they just replayed, rewind, fast forward it, took it from another angle. I think they could have done better! The dance as usual was flawless. I think that’s why I like watching them boys because they are so in sync when they dance. Now I want to see the dance version of the MV.

So to conclude, though this was a good song, to me it isn’t their best song. I still think Be Mine is the best release Infinite song!

**credits: wooliment@yt


Paradise – Infinite (MV)

Wow! This group never stops to amaze me with their songs! I mean whoever gets to pick their songs should be commended because whatever they choose sounds different from all the other Kpop tunes I’ve heard over and over again.

This is Infinite‘s recent track called Paradise.

At first it sounded like Before the Dawn, but it was only the first few strings of the song. When you listen ti it, it’s different from all the common idol songs. I guess the reason why I’m drawn to it is because it has a little bit of the new wave sound with all the synthesizers and stuff. At least its not autotune! Another thing that I like about it is that it’s a slow song but it’s danceable. As usual I love how this group dances during their live performances. The only disappointment is that they do not have the usual dance break in their performance! Oh well I will forgive them this time because I really like the song. I haven’t even gotten over Be Mine and now this group gave me another good song.

For the video.. well I’m not much of a fan of it though because there was nothing new.. Same old concept like what most boybands have in their videos. Though I know most fans may say oh he is so handsome and stuff.. I think I couldn’t say that because I haven’t memorized them yet.. kk There are just too many boyband names to remember (but I do know who L and Sunggyu are.. kk)

Infinite keep all those good songs coming! I’m always anticipating for your fresh songs! kk 🙂

**credits: CJENMMUSIC @yt


Be Mine (Dance Version) – Infinite

So this song has been released (and promoted) by Infinite for a few weeks now, but I am more excited to see the dance version!

This is the video of the dance version of Be Mine (내꺼하자).

Why the dance version? Actually I was hoping for one and so I delayed posting it. To me Infinite is one of the best Kpop boy groups who can perform a new, fresh, well choreographed and well coordinated dance routine. They are one of those boy bands who look very fluid, charismatic and graceful when they dance. I have seen their performance in several music shows already and have been wanting to see a dance MV version. I’m happy that Woolim Entertainment made one!!

I absolutely love the fact that this boy group is always doing something new and fresh, and not something too cutesy. So far they only did it with She’s Back. But I think this concept looks and feels right with them — they don’t look too young and not to mature either.The sound also reminds of late 80’s and early 90’s songs i used to listen to (think New Wave). New Wave music sounds good to me, so I immediately liked the tune of the song. And it gets to your head especially the “Haja” and “Oh” parts. And did I tell you I love their dance. An Infinite song is not complete without the dance sequence that usually works like Bridge in the song (only its instrumental). They have it in Come Back Again and Before the Dawn. I love how they incorporate a little of Bboy style to it.. Kya.. I’m actually almost always anticipating that part during live broadcasts.

I am definitely looking forward to more of their music — and of course their dance!

Oh and if you want to see the other video’s version, click on this.

**credits: wooliment@yt


Can U Smile – Infinite (Live Performance)

I’m getting a little lazy to post something…

But wanted to share the song because it’s a different Infinite… it’s them just singing, no dance this time… This is their live performance of the song Can U Smile.

I think their making a statement that they are not just a dance group. They prove that they can carry a ballad/acoustic song. I was actually a little shocked when I saw the performance because I know the original of this song has a dance tune. It sounds nice though.

But poor L (am I right??), he’s just carrying the guitar.. so he can’t stand up and do the choreography part… it looks kinda awkward for him to sit alone. Umm I think whoever made the choreography for this performance ought to not leave him alone with his guitar…

Anyways… enjoy!

**credits: SBSMusic1


Nothing’s Over – Infinite (MV)

Umm well, I’m not sure why I am posting this but I guess I like Infinite.. but I have to say this is not their best MV…

It’s their new track, Nothing’s Over.

Actually, the song is ok. It’s the video that I am not satisfied with! I was expecting a powerful dance like they always do. But in this video, yes they did have a dance, but it’s not what I expected it to be! I want more Infinite dance!!! kk And also, their costumes, the one with the skinny jeans — looks like the costume of Girl’s Generation Gee… but just the boys version.. and it also reminds me of Shinee’s costume in Juliet.


Well anyways, I still like the boys, though I am still struggling to know who’s who. I hope there would be a more powerful dance when they go on music programs.

**credits: woolliment@yt


Before the Dawn – Infinite (MV)

I can’t believe I forgot to post this!

It’s Infinite‘s Comeback single, Before the Dawn (BTD).

I think this group deserves more recognition. I think they are great especially when it comes to their dancing skills. I could not see another group that could move the way they do. They do some kind of magic with their synchronized  movements and I noticed that since they did Come Back Again (Dashi Dorawa). With the vocals, good but I think there’s still room for improvement.

I’m still struggling with their names though, but a friend of mine and I’m getting trained! kk Their new song gives off a different concept from their cute image before and I think it’s a good start at people viewing them as more manly! 🙂

Couldn’t wait for more Infinite! ^_^

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New Look!!!

Just a random post..

I decided to change the look of my blog… For quite some time I had the green blog.. but I changed it.. and..

Will try to post more! this is my stress reliever.. kk

and just a random video for the day…

The New MV from the group Infinite ~~ She’s Back

it’s a summer song but i still like dashi dorawa better ^_^

credit: XxDevxX@yt