Backtrack: Saranghaetnabwa (It Must Have Been Love) – Yoon Do Hyun

I didn’t know who Yoon Do Hyun was until I watched the show I am A Singer. Since then I knew who he was and I have am addicted to his songs and the songs he has with his band YB.

I’ve always been a fan of rock music all my life and it’s no secret that one of the downside to me listening to Korean pop songs is that it doesn’t have too many mainstream rock bands (though there are a lot of indie bands). When I heard Yoon Do Hyun sing, I was really impressed and glad to discover him and his songs. His voice reminds me of all the rock lead singers I used to listen to as a child.

Saranghaetnabwa (It Must Have Been Love) is a rock ballad and it was quite popular in Korea. I like the song for it’s melody (I just love the guitar plucking melody) and the lyrics. This song also displays how nice his (YDH) voice is. I have to say he has one of the strongest and powerful voices in Korea. Some people might not be familiar with the song yet, thus I am sharing it. The video posted above is from one of his live performances. I like this better compared to the music video, but if you want to see the MV click on this link.

Saranghaetnabwa (Romanization)

ibyeoreun mannamboda cham swiungeongabwa
chagapgimanhan saram nae ta kajyeogangeol
wae alji mothana pogoshipeun keu saram

saranghaetnabwa ijeulsu oepnabwa
chakku saenggakna kyeondilsuga eopseo
huhwehanabwa neol kidarinabwa
tto nado ollae kaseum seolleeowa
cheogi neol tareun twitmoseube

kieogeun kyecheolttara heuteojyeo kagetji
chagapgimanhan saram pin kaseum aetaeumyeo
nan kidarigetji eoseolpeun nae sarangeun

motdwege nundollomyeo wemyeonhan
ni moseup moreuncheok hallae
hanbeoncceumeun nan twidorabomyeo
apahaetda mideullae

paboingabwa hanmadi mothaneun
chaljinaenyaneun keu swiun insado
haengbokhankabwa yeojeonhan misuneun
chakkuman nal chagajige mandeureo
meoreojineun ni moseupcheoreom

eonjenga tareun saram mannage twegetji
neol tareun miso chitneun
hajiman keu sarameun niga aniraseo
waenji seulpelgeot kata ijeulsu eopneun saram

Saranghaetnabwa (Translation)

Parting with a loved one must be easier than the first encounter.
You have taken my heart with you… you cold person.
Why didn’t I realize sooner
The one I miss
It must have been love
I can’t seem to erase you from my mind.
I can’t bear it, you enter my thoughts all the time.
I must be regretting it…
I must be waiting for you
My heart is betraying me, beating faster at the sight of a stranger whom I foolish thought was you…
Memories will fade away as the seasons change, how can you be so cold.
I will wait for you with my aching and empty heart, with my foolish love for you.
I will forget how you have turned your eyes away from me
I will instead remember you as though you have reluctantly left my side with an aching heart.
I must be stupid, not being able to ask the simple question on your well-being.
You must be happy, your smile belittles me.
Your smile belittles me, like your silhouette that is walking away from me.
I suppose I will eventually meet somebody else, someone with your smile
But it still wouldn’t be the same, it will sadden me more since she isn’t you.
I will never be able to erase you from my mind

Saranghaetnabwa 사랑했나봐 (Hangeul)

이별은 만남보다 참 쉬운건가봐
차갑기만한 사람 내 맘 다 가져간걸
왜 알지 못하나
보고싶은 그 사람
잊을수 없나봐
자꾸 생각나 견딜수가 없어
널 기다리나봐
또 나도 몰래 가슴 설레어와 저기 널 닮은 뒷모습에
기억은 계절따라 흩어져 가겠지, 차갑기만한 사람
빈 가슴 애태우며 난 기다리겠지 어설픈 내 사랑은
못 되게 눈돌리며 외면한 니 모습 모른척 할래
한번쯤은 난 뒤돌아보며 아파했다 믿을래
바보인가봐 한마디 못하는 잘지내냐는 그 쉬운 인사도
행복한가봐 여전한 미소는 자꾸만 날 작아지게 만들어
여전한 미소는 자꾸만 날 작아지게 만들어 멀어지는 니 모습처럼
언젠가 다른 사람 만나게 되겠지 널 닮은 미소 짓는
하지만 그 사람은 니가 아니라서 왠지 슬플것 같아
잊을수 없는 사람

*credits: Vonnie + + waynew401@yt


Lee Sora’s Number One (Boa) version

One of my students is addicted to the Korean variety show I Am A Singer (나는 가수다). So when I saw him yesterday, all we talked about was what happened during the May 8. He knows I can relate to Korean music so he always feels comfortable when talking about it.

Among all the performances he described, I was most intrigued about the performance of Lee Sora. She did her own version of Boa‘s Number One.

Every time I hear Lee Sora sing, I always get goosebumps! I automatically associate it with an opera signer singing an Aria! Think Christine from Phantom of the Opera singing Think of Me.

Boa’s Number One an old Kpop song that I like since my early Kpop days. That was about the time Eat You Up was popular. I did a quick search on Boa and voila I found this song.

Now back to I am a singer… Lee Sora did a rock version of the song. Though the song brings out the best in her voice (man she could sing a rock ballad!), I still like her doing the ballad songs. I think I’m not used to her having to sing in this genre. But one thing she proves though, is that she can do a variety of genres.

Oh and in case you were wondering, this is the original Boa version:


Which version do you like?

**credits: iamasinger1234 and  sment@yt