Like This – Wonder Girls (MV)

Missed posting a lot of videos so I am making up for the lost…

No Bashing please!

Let’s start off with Wonder GirlsLike This MV.



This was released 2 weeks ago. When the teasers came out, I was genuinely excited to see that the Kpop world is venturing out to making a flash mob music video. I thought it would be really great if they pulled it off. I am a fan of flash mob videos and anything to do with flash mobs. I think it’s a very unique concept, if you get the right people and if you choreograph it properly.

However, this when I saw this video after it was released, I got a little dizzy! One moment it focused on Lim then in a split second it suddenly panned to the mob and then to another angle and then to another place. Maybe it’s just the editing or something but I think they should give sometime to let their audience see what they were doing. To me, it doesn’t look like flash mob! I am sorry Wonderfuls, but I think they could have done better if they watched how Fox TVs MOBBED was edited. Also I think they forgot that the concept about a flash mob is like having a few people start dancing then others would follow suit gradually. But in the video once they saw the Wonder Girls dancing, everyone started dancing as if they memorized the steps! It was not very natural. I think they could have executed the concept better, even if its a very short song.

But I do commend JYP for being the first to ever thought of using this concept in a Kpop video. Flash mobs are a trend all over the world and a lot of people feel happy when they see it. I also know that it’s not easy to organize people to be part of the music video, especially when there are about 200 or 300 of them, of which 70 to 80% are not professional dancers. It’s hard enough to organize them much less teach them the steps and put them in the right place. Round of applause for JYP.


I’m glad that they decided to do a song without too much of a retro feel. I was getting a bit tired of that. The song is a very  likable. Not a favorite of mine though (Nobody is still my favorite!) but it’s a very catchy song with a very catchy feel. It’s a song that fits the flash mob concept had they made it work. This is also a new style for the Wonder Girls in terms of the song and I am glad that they pulled it off!


I always like watching all Wonder Girls dances and this is another one that I like. It’s a very fun dance! Lim looks really cute when doing the dance! The best thing about their dances is that it looks so complicated when you see it in their videos but the steps are actually very simple. Though I think this is the most difficult among their dances! But I loved it!! I saw them  perform in the live broadcasts and it looks so good! I think I should start watching tutorials now…

Final Verdict: A catchy Wonder Girls song with a must learn dance, but the flash mob video makes you dizzy!

**credits:  wondergirls@yt