JYJ on Guerilla Date (with Subs)

OMG!! How come I did not see this! kk

But I wanted to share it still!

JYJ on Guerilla Date (with subs)!!!

They should get more spots on TV! Nice to see them again! A big thanks to christabel88@DBSKnights for subbing it! weee

**credits: Crystal8872@yt


JYJ at 2010 KBS Drama Awards

Look what I found on the KBS World official youtube channel!!!

JYJ at the 2010 KBS Drama Awards.

I know this is old news and the videos of their performance have been placed youtube awhile back. But I decided to post this now as I’m pretty sure this video won’t be taken down since it’s from KBS!

This was the boys as JYJ’s (Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu) first appearance on TV. They have never promoted on a live broadcast. And though we do not hear them singing Ayy Girl or Be Mine, it’s nice to hear them sing Found You (OST of Sungkyungkwan Scandal). Waaa I soo love their performance. Sigh makes me wish having all of them together again. Now I’m anticipating the time when JYJ will be performing more of their songs on broadcasting networks.

Enjoy Cassies! Always Keep the Faith!

**credits: kbsworld@yt


Missing TVXQ ^_^

I found some videos today on youtube and I suddenly miss TVXQ… all five of them performing together on stage..


Wrong Number

This was from roughly 2 years ago… These two songs were what started my Kpop craziness.  It was because of them that I watched Music Bank, Music Core and Ingkigayo. Back then, there were only a handful of websites that let you in the Kpop realm. There were only some websites that gave you some information in English about the Kpop world. Back them, youtube did not ban English subbed videos! I had a ball using youtube back them.

That was back then…

Seeing those videos make me feel nostalgic.. because before I was struggling identifying who was who. I can’t wait for the day when all five of them would perform once again, together, on one stage! ^_^

**credits: AsiaHolicKpoplive6@yt (thanks for sharing the vid!!!)


Found You – JYJ

I’m posting a lot today! kk 🙂

I would not have posted more but I got excited when I saw this video that I am sharing.

Sungkyunkwan Scandal might be over but I think this video is a reminder of the drama I recently got addicted to. It might not have done good with the ratings, but the drama had their own share of fans and I am one of them. Well apart from the story, I got addicted because of  Song Joong Ki (because he’s Gu Yongha!).

But another thing that I am excited about is that this is a song from 3 TVXQ/DBSK members.  Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu or simply JYJ has sang the song for the OST of Sungkyunkwan Scandal. It was nice to hear their voices again. When I heard it I so missed DBSK. I wish they would perform together someday soon.

Oh and just some news, DBSK is coming back, just Changmin and Uknow, but I read that they are still using the name DBSK. They will be releasing something sometime early next year. I hear the Cassies rejoicing! But still it would be nice to have all 5 of them together! 🙂

Just like old times…

**credits: kbsworld@yt + as tagged


Picture of You (MV) – DBSK

It’s been a long time… since I posted something (the previous entry to this doesn’t count! kikiki). Like what I said.. the past month has been a little topsy turvy and busy for me.. But I found some time to post on the blog after a very very long hiatus. And I can’t imagine all the things I missed!

I’m sure most of you have heard about what happened to DBSK and SM entertainment. However I will not be posting anything about that news as it will make most of the Cassies sad. But from what I read in allkpop.com, the boys haven’t split up so girls don’t worry!!

And since many are sad because of the issues of DBSK , I am posting something that will make you smile! I found this video while I was looking for something good to post at on youtube. I think this may be posted on other sites a long time ago.. but I don’t care. I’m posting it because this blog hasn’t had any update in a long – and i mean long! – time! Also I’m posting it to ease the Cassies worries and to drool on the boys!

This is the video of Picture of You (Afterglow) from the All About DBSK DVD. It’s in High Definition! kikiki! If I am not mistaken this was the video shot in Saipan. The boys looked really really handsome in their summer outfits!! I am not posting the lyrics of the song as I posted this long long ago.. just click on this post for the lyrics. This song is a cover of North’s Picture of You and the Korean lyrics was translated or maybe made by Xiah Junsu.

Ok ok so it’s time for me to stop blabbering and post the video..

Keep the love!

credits: TVXQnights4misc@youtube


DBSK featured in OronaminC CF

I’m supposed to be doing something else, but I can’t help but post this!

I read from allkpop that DBSK was recently featured in a commercial in Japan! Yipee for the them! The boys are getting very popular in Japan!

Just last weekend the boys have made their concert in Tokyo Dome. According to my Japanese friend, artist who have the privilege of doing the concert are really popular artists! And if the concert is not enough, the boys topped the Oricon charts with their new single Stand By U. I have to say they deserve it as this is another good song! Now they have a new CF with actress Aya Ueto. Kudos to the boys!

I’m posting the videos of both 15 second commercial version and 30 second commercial version:

15 second version

30 second version

Don’t they look cute??

And if you guys are itching to watch an HQ version of the Stand By U music video, click on this link – the video was officially posted on the aves net youtube channel so I think there will be no copyright issues 😀

**credits allkpop.com + iscreamshinki@youtube + avexnetwork@youtube + oronaminC website


Stand By U PV (DBSK Version)

OMG! I can’t believe this was uploaded 2 days ago and I posted this just now!

But I have to stop whining and admit that these days I’ve really been busy and with my upcoming trip somewhere.. I know I will be missing some posts! Grr…


Anyway.. this is the DBSK version of Stand By U! I posted the drama version before.. I really enjoyed the song.. but you couldn’t see their faces in that version.. but this time — it’s all DBSK! wahaha..

I have to say that I really enjoyed this version – not because of my favorite boys but because of how the PV was made! I’m really loving their Japanese ballad songs they never fail me (and my favorite DBSK song is actually one of their Japaneses ballads – Doushite Kimi wo Suki ni Natte Shimatan Darou?)! It’s a sad song with a nice tune!

The single will be released July 1!

**credits abareusagi@youtube


DBSK in Music Fair 090620

I miss my boys! Since they were in Japan, most videos we have of them are the fancams from concerts. But this time as I checking on updates  in allkop, I saw some videos of the boys!

DBSK recently performed in Music Fair… And I’m reposting their performance here! 😀

Stand By U


Share the World

My Destiny

I miss my boys.. and this is the first time I heard them sing Stand By You live! According to the article, the single will be released on July 1. I miss seeing them guys! ahaha. Micky’s doushite hair is back! ahaha… Junsu looks soo cute! His hair is longer now… miss hearing his voice! And he’s dancing!!! weee

**credits YoDubu1@youtube and allkpop.com and as tagged in the video


Jaejoong’s Heaven’s Postman Preview

Yay it’s the weekend… Now I have time to post lots of stuff! ahaha

I know you might have seen this (especially if you’re a DBSK fan — most especially if you’re a Jaejoong fan!) and its a little to late to  post… but I’m still posting it!

This is the preview of Jaejoong’s upcoming drama Heaven’s Postman..

I like Jaejoong but I still prefer Xiah Junsu ehehehe… 😀 but I will still be cheering for Jaejoong! ahahaha

**credits yuulinajoongie@youtube and 100yrs.kr