Too Perfect (Korean Version) – Super Junior M

Just a post before I go…

I cannot not post it! kk 🙂

This is the Korean version of Too Perfect by Super Junior M.

I like this better.. or maybe I am just listening to too much Korean songs these days so I prefer it.. kk ^_^


**credits: sment@yt


Perfection – Super Junior M

I’ve been lagging posting this… because I have to make a report.. make that 2 reports… but I finally found the time! kk

It’s the MV of Super Junior M‘s  new song Too Perfect / Perfection (太完美).

I think I need to get used to having Sungmin and Eunhyuk in this subgroup. It’s kind of different now Hangeng (Hankyung) is not there. But I think both of them could fill the gap. I’m pretty sure  both of them could do that. The song sounds a little different. I have to admit this is not the kind of song I am into, though I dig the rap part of Eunhyuk and Henry. But I know some of you will like.. just that it’s not for me. I like Super Girl better :). But I still like Suju! kk

And this is a bonus clip! I adore Henry! so I kinda like it every time he flaunts his piano and violin skills.. and this time we see it on Kang Shimjang (Strong Heart).

I think he is appearing more on Korean TV now… and that’s good!

**credits: sment and 1YSJ@yt


Super Junior M comeback!

Super Junior M (the SUJU subgroup for the Mandarin speaking market) will be making a comeback! Yay!

They are coming back with a new video called Too Perfect (太完美). Here is the teaser…

And when I saw their video, I thought I was seeing things when I counted 8 guys. Unfortunately, I haven’t been stalking them like I used to in the past (LOL), so I am not up to date with their activities. So when I did a little digging up I realized I was not seeing things, as there are 8 of them… its the original Super Junior M, minus Hangeng (Hankyung), but plus Sungmin and Eunhyuk. This is going to be a treat!!  And behold their concept photo…

Kind of like a Siberian prince concept… but they look great.. oh I can’t wait for Feb 25!!

I can’t wait ^_^

**credits: sment@yt


Some pics from the Concert..

I didn’t exactly have the best seat in the world during the concert.. I think, my friend and I were very lucky with that seat because Siwon (who by now you know is my favorite) almost always stayed near that place.. but still I wish I had closer seats..

Though I don’t have the best seats, I’m still sharing my pictures.. kk 😀

Wish it was April 10, 2010 again! 😀

i’ll post more tomorrow.. i’m sleepy now.. and tired ^^


Super Junior concert in Manila!!!


I’m sorry for not updating my blog for a few days.. but I had to fly to Manila to watch the Super Junior concert!!!

I am from one of the other islands in the Philippines and going to the capital entails me to take a one hour flight and an overnight stay there.. but all that was worth it! Because I absolutely enjoyed the 3 hour concert!!! I wish the concert would never end!

Last Saturday night, I saw 12 handsome boys…yes not all of them were present but seeing the 12 made me feel happy.. Leeteuk, Heechul, Yesung, Shindong, Sungmin, Donghae, Eunhyuk, Siwon, Ryeowook, Kyuhyun, Zhou Mi and Henry rocked the Big Dome (Araneta)!!

It was one of the best concerts I’ve been too! They sure know how to make fan girls scream! I know they are handsome but they are truly more handsome in person! (sorry for using too much exclamation points on this post… I’m too excited and I haven’t gotten over it!!!) Leeteuk looked different — he is not one of the striking Suju members when I usually see him.. but when I saw him in the concert.. he is really handsome.. Eunhyuk is not as thin like we see him on TV.. he’s physique is just right and he has really buff arms! Siwon is still uber handsome.. and the abs are something to die for ^^! Donghae is very energetic.. but among them all, the person I can’t help but notice is Kyu… Omo! He is very handsome! i think maybe his new hairstyle fits him.. and his voice is truly amazing..

anyway… I asked my friend to do a fan account for the concert.. so I will post it sometime.. so I will stop talking.. I think my mind right now is not functioning too well.. I still need to wind it up! I guess I’m still stuck on the thought of the Saturday night concert! 😀

but for now I leave you with 2 videos..

Sorry Sorry

I envy this girl’s seat/location at the concert.. I bet she had a great time drooling over Siwon’s abs!! kk 😀

Super Junior Introduction

Yesung doing his handstand, Kyu’s moonwalk, Sungmin showing his karate moves, Donghae running around the stage, Leeteuk throwing a towel with his sweat and Shindong counting in Filipino and saying Ano Ba Yan?? (what is that? or what the heck?) ^^… ahh Shindong.. he is not as fat as he looks like and he is actually handsome in real life.. I should know.. when they started the show, his entrance was very near our seats!!!

I didn’t want the concert to end! like what I said I’m still stuck on Saturday night… But I am excited, because Siwon (when they said their farewells) said they are working on their fourth album!! I can’t wait for the next Super show!! ^^

**credits sharinuhness, ladyshin777@youtube


Super Junior M at 1th China Korea Song Festival

I probably can write on this blog during the weekends… but on weekdays its a hassle for me. Sigh ^^ In really want to post a lot of stuff but my schedule is making it impossible! But I still need to because this is my way of releasing stress (because I get to see some gorgeous stuff! ^^)

Enough of me complaining..

Anyway this is the video of the performance of Super Junior M during the 11th China Korea Festival last Friday, Oct 09, 2010.  I know most ELF fans have been missing the boys for quite some time since the promotion of their third album has long been over. Most of the members too are busy with their schedules. But not to worry because we can see some of them.. as promotions of Super Girl (from their sub group Super Junior M) are still on the go! kiki ^^

So I decided to put up the video here… and later I will be posting some fan cams of Suju from the Dream Concert ^^

Enjoy!! – I swear Henry is getting cuter! 😀

**credits Sujuthrusts@youtube


Super Girl – Super Junior M

I wasn’t thinking of posting anything in the blog today. But I cannot not post this! ^^

Super Junior M’s MV for Super Girl is finally out! It was released about a few hours ago!!!

My reaction when I saw this was OMG! ahahaha they looked soooo handsome! Nothing could go wrong if a guy wears a suit! kikiki ^^ Siwon no doubt was Super handsome! but what caught my eye in the video was Donghae and Hankyung (Hangeng), especially when he transformed to the hot guy! 😀 ^^ The song is an upbeat one… but I noticed.. the dance steps they made looks  little like the steps in Rainism.. not really exactly similar.. but there was a part.. but I don’t care! Oh and so I don’t forget to mention… Jessica of SNSD is in the video.. she looks really pretty too!

Waaa this made my day!

**credits sment@youtube


Super Junior M teaser – Super Girl

I am in the middle of doing something important, but I can’t help but post this!

It has been sometime since their third album promotions and some fans may have been missing them. After the success of Sorry, Sorry and Neorago, it’s time for another Super Junior comeback – this time the come back will be with the sub group Super Junior M.

For those who are not familiar, Super Junior M is the subgroup specifically targeted towards the Mandarin market. There was a lot of issue surrounding the creation of the sub group but I won’t go into details about that… what’s important is that this subgroup has become really popular and they even won some awards! The subgroup include 5 original Super Juniors (Hangeng – leader, Siwon, Donghae, Ryeowook and Kyuhyun) and 2 additional members (Henry and Zhou Mi).

I read maybe last week that the boys are going to be releasing their come back album by this month.. and true enough, the official teaser video has just been posted in youtube! and so I’m putting it in here too!

The song is I think called Super Girl. I will be waiting for this! ^^ When I looked at the teaser I noticed that Zhou Mi is getting… well  cuter now.. he looks like Eunhyuk — not really like him but a little. Hangeng is really handsome in this video and so is Siwon.. sigh can’t wait for the video!

Anyway found these photos too…

I can’t wait!

**credits  sment@youtube, from asianfanatics: yechulmin^^, Keynna and Lyh, and as tagged