Fahrenheit Will Touch Your Heart

My addiction for anything Asian started with watching Taiwanese dramas. Who would ever forget the F4 boys. I distinctly remember that summer when they becamse quite popular in my country and how girls went gaga over them when they came to my country for a tour.

Now aside from F4 another Taiwanese group that I like is Fei Lun Hai or Fahrenheit as we non-Mandarin speaking people know. And the reason that I liked them was when they visited my country because of a drama. I used to remember wanting talking about going to Manila to watch a concert if they come back as a group. But because recently my addiction to Asian has evolved to liking Korean and Japanese stuff, I did know know any news about them, except when I saw this video.

Fei Lun Hai members have become the ambassadors to promote tourism in Taiwan with the video, Taiwan Touch Your Heart. The video also stars Goo Hye Sun who stars in Boys Over Flowers (in case she is not familiar, she is Geum Jan Di in the drama — you know her right?). Watching this video makes me want to go to Taiwan! We’ll not because of Fei Lun Hai but because of the sites to see. My Taiwanese friends have also recommended some of these places! I want to go there and I want to visit them. But if I was visiting a star from there it would have to be Pan Wei Bu! kk

Let Fahrenheit Touch your heart! Let’s Go to Taiwan!!!

**credits  ygfammv@youtube + eigna614@asianfanatics


Can’t Get Enough of Boys Over Flowers

I noticed that most of what is being viewed on this blog is related to Boys Before Flowers. And since people can’t get enough of the drama series.. I’m posting some of the photos I have.. some of them I already posted on the birthday post for my friend Sittie.. click here to view it.

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Kkotboda Namja

Kim Bum

Lee Min Ho

Boys Before Flowers Pictures

I also couldn’t resist posting these chibi images! soo cute!

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Seung Ri and Goo Hye Sun @ Lee Hana’s peppermint

Its a little late to post this, but I’ve been slacking and I’ve posted other entries…

I saw this video 3 days ago as I was browsing on youtube for some videos to post on my blog. But as I’ve said I’ve been slacking and I almost forgot about it.

I’m actually continuing my Boys Before Flowers craze! I’m soo crazy about this show! ahahaha… Since I featured some of the boys,its time for Jan Di’s time to shine! ahahaha.


If you have been diligently following the drama, you would hear Jan Di (Goo Hye Sun) singing during Jun Pyo’s party. Yes she does sing. I think she was even features on one of the OSTs of a drama (sorry I forgot the drama but I’ll look it up later). The video that I am posting features her and Big Bang’s Seung Ri singing on Lee Hana’s Peppermint last March 6, 2009. Goo Hye Sun was rapping in this video..

** credits to CodeAnalysis for posting the video

oh and in case you’re wondering where is my post for lee min ho… don’t worry i’ll be posting him next! 😀